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Thursday, April 8, 2010


Bought the whole series today. 12 volumes altogether. (Click Ardour icon for summary) Although the style of drawings is not my type but the story line is funny and interesting. Having said that, I found the first few volumes rather disorganised at certain juncture.

Albeit, the male lead, Shen Ye, is interesting. Seemingly uncaring and cool (but actually kind and sweet). In fact, the other characters grow on me. The love story is sweet too. I have a soft spot for men who r focused.

Those with the means may want to support the series.

You yi was told (by her father) to be the assistant of the band group, Ardour. Ardour, the current hottest band, consists of 3 great looking guys (I have to use my imagination course the drawings are not so convincing). The story tells of how You yi works with the seemingly uncaring men and to each, she became indispensable, especially to Shen Ye. Shen Ye was from an important and rich Japanese family. His family was dysfunctional. Grandma, is this cold, iron lady who forces her decisions on everyone. His parents were separated due to this. Shen Ye was brought up in such an environment. To him, You yi's loving and giving nature is a breath of fresh air. The rest of the volumes detailed out their relationship and further developments of the characters.

I like Shen Ye and You yi's love story. As the story develops, she realises that his love for her is serious and unwavering (>__<). Sigh... will read it slowly to savour the sweetness.

Highly recommend this to anyone who loves a sweet love story.