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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mi Shounen Produce Chapter 13

I LOVE this chapter of Mi Shounen Produce. Apart from the artwork (yummilicious is the word that first came to mind), I love how the story is developing. Sigh... Kousei is sizzling HOT, oouucch!!!

Kako, face flushed and hands clasped against her chest:" Kousei... that... I... about you..."


Kako reaches out to switch off her alarm clock. It was a dream.

Kako is briefing Kousei on his schedule. She has planned for the publication of a book entitled "Up and Coming Young Actor: Yagami Kousei". He will be taking photos and doing an exclusive interview for this book. Kako cannot help but notice Kousei seems aloof. She realizes that his mood has been like that for sometime.

Kako and Kousei are at the photographer's preparing for Kousei's photoshoot. Kako is reminded of Tomoe Senpai telling her that he is aware of her feelings for Kousei and that it shall be a secret between them. At that moment, the bentou arrives and Kako tries to get Kousei to eat but he claims he isn't hungry. Kako thinks that Kousei is upset because he is not privy to the secret between Tomoe and her. As she looks at Kousei posing for the photoshoot (XD I just love this pose...), she thinks that she has no reason to tell him her secret.

During the interview, Kako cannot help but is pleased with Kousei's performance as he has remembered all the answers she has crafted in preparation for the interview. Kousei is asked whether there is any fellow actors he likes or dislikes. As Kousei gives his answers, Kako realises that in time to come, Kousei will not have the freedom to have a girlfriend and date without the public knowing about it.

Editor-in-chief turns up and tells Kousei that he met Tomoe some time ago and Tomoe claims to be his good friend as they are from the same school and have done several projects together. Kousei quickly denies and says that he has no recollection of such good relationship with him. Kako quickly intervenes and explains that Kousei is kind of afraid of Tomoe...

Kako explains clearly (for the benefit of the reporter) that in truth, Kousei is very respectfully fearful of Tomoe. When they are alone, Kousei tells Kako that with regards to his previous answer to the reporter, Tomoe falls under the type he dislike. In addition, he tells her that he dislike (from the bottom of his heart) persons who keep secrets from him.(XD Kousei is jealous!)

That night Kako dreams that Kousei tells her he dislike her from the bottom of his heart...

Tomoe tells Kako that Kousei is being ridiculous getting all peeved over one or two secrets. Kako tells Tomoe that Kousei's mood is still not good and thus requests that he not listen to the things Kousei says. Tomoe assures her that he will not disclose their secret or be affected by him and that she should not be bothered.

At Kousei's dressing room, Kako tries to pretend that nothing is amiss and talks about the people waiting to meet Kousei and asks him to eat the bentou. Again, Kousei refuses to acknowledge... Kako replies:"I understand..."

Kousei:"This time, there is much stubborness but I am not giving in as that matter is of great importance." With that he takes a bite from the bentou. Kousei adds on:"You are a fool, Kako."
Blushing, Kako rebuts: "You are a jerk, Kousei."

At that moment, Tomoe enters with a bouquet of flowers. Tomoe claims that he is nearby and decides to drop by to congratulate him for launching his new book. At the same time, Tomoe expresses that he has heard from the Editor-in-chief that Kousei is full of respect for him.

In reply, Kousei expresses that it is a misprint. Tomoe ignores him and presents the bouquet of flowers to Kako. He tells her that their date was interrupted and he wishes to continue with it. Kousei sweeps his flowers off and tells him to leave. Tomoe calls him a person who gets carried away easily and tells him to exercise some control.

Kako steps in a drags Kousei away. She apologises to Tomoe and claims that Kousei is late for his book launch. Alone with Kousei, Kako reprimands him and asks him why he made such a speech and not consider the consequences. Angrily, Kousei wonders why Kako is siding with Tomoe and he asks whether she finds her date with him enjoyable. Kako denies. Kousei asks in exasperation what Kako thinks is the reason he is very upset, in the first place. Kako, concern that others may hear their conversation, pleads with Kousei to lower his voice. Kousei tells Kako that it is not possible for him to be calm and quiet unless she tells him what their secret is.

Without knowing, Kako blurts out to Kousei that she cannot tell him the secret of she liking him as he will not be pleased with it. Thus, there is no benefit in telling him. Kousei asks her to explain what she has just said... at that moment, Editor-in-chief enters and tells them that it is time for the book launch and meeting of fans... Kako realises that she has blurted out her secret and her feelings to Kousei...

As Kako looks at Kousei when he steps out to greet his fans, she asks herself what has she just said... She is reminded of their past together when they were happy although insignificant; how things have changed... she realises that in truth she likes that time very much...

Kako realises that she misses her past spent with Kousei... at that moment Kousei enters and passes the bouquets of flowers he receives from the fans. Their hands touch, he holds her hand and lingers... Kousei: "Thank you..."

Kousei tells the Editor-in-chief that he needs some rest time and disappear behind the curtain leading to his dressing room where Kako is standing waiting... Kousei tells her he wants to know what she meant by her earlier statements. Blushing and with tears in her eyes, Kako confesses her feelings:" I love you, Kousei."
Kousei:"You are slow..."

He bends down and kisses her...
As the kiss ends, Kako slowly becomes aware of what has just happened. Kousei:"Do you know how long I have to endure the nervousness and irritation thinking about Tomoe meddling and knowing things before I do?" He tells her that despite the fact that he is happy with her confession, he had to deliberately force her until she tells him so.
Kousei assures her that there is no reason for him to be unhappy with her feelings and no reason for her to explain her feelings.

Meanwhile, Tomoe tells his aide that he is very impressed with Kako...

I really love the artwork. To me the story and the artwork is rather breathtaking. I especially like their kiss. Very nice. The chemistry between Kousei and Kako is electrifying to say the least. Will definitely post the latest chapter soon...