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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Faster than a Kiss Chapter 38

Hi Fans of FTAK,

Sorry to keep you waiting. The cover page of this chapter says it all. Fumino in a Wolf costume and Maa-Kun in a rabbit costume. ^_^ She is like a devouring wolf hungry for a bite off the delectable bunny! XD

Fumino has not been sleeping well since the date at the amusement park.

At home, she is avoiding eye contact with Maa kun and he notices it too. Maa kun asks her but she refuses to answer or look at him. He holds her face and make her stare into his eyes. Looking into his eyes, Fumino is remindered of kissing Maa kun's neck and the kiss (thru his hands, please refer to previous chapter if u r confused).

Both of them blush as they look into each other's eyes. Not knowing how to handle the emotions Maa Kun evokes in her, Fumino pushes Maa-kun away. She is shocked she is having lewd thoughts of Maa-kun. XD
Maa kun has fallen asleep at the desk. Fumino covers him with a blanket. Looking at Maa kun's sleeping profile, she cannot help herself but stretches out hand to touch him...

... Fumino in a bid to control herself, stops herself from touching him. She turns around and tells Teppei if he sees her reaching out to touch Maa-kun, he is to blow the whistle to stop her.

Scene switches to the swimming pool. Fumino looks so irritated. XD
At the swimming pool, Teppei blew the whistle several times to stop Fumino from touching Maa kun. Fumino wonders how she can calm herself down... suddenly, she spots a cigarette butt.

She passes it to the coach in charge. Before she leaves the pool, Fumino overhears the coach asking Oka san to stay back to practice swimming...

Scene switches back to home with Maa kun... Maa kun asks Fumino about the cigarette butt. Again, Fumino avoids Maa kun's eyes. Maa kun envelopes her in his arms and tells her that he will not let go unless she answers his question. Maa Kun ask her whether her behaviour is due to something done by Shouma.

Fumino is surprised. Maa kun explains that her behaviour was similar to the kissing incident with Shouma. She cannot tell Maa kun the real reason... She turns around plants a kiss on his cheek. Maa kun is shocked. Teppei blows the whistle. Realising that she has kissed him, Fumino apologises profusely and runs out...

Fumino bumps into Shouma. Shouma passes a gift to Fumino, a peace offering to apologise to Maa kun for his behaviour. As they were talking, a beach ball bounces off Shouma's head.

Looking into the swimming pool via the gate, Fumino sees Oka san being harrassed by two men. Without warning, Fumino dashes into the swimming complex to save Oka san.

Fumino recalls the cigarette butt she found in the pool earlier. She suspects these are the ones who dirtied the pool. Fumino uses her handphone to take photos of the 2 men in the swimming pool as evidence.

Shouma and Fumino are caught by the two men. Fumino takes a photo of one of them upclose. They chase after her.
One of them takes her handphone and throws it into the pool. Without thinking Fumino jumps in to save the handphone as it is a gift from Maakun.

Both Shouma and Maakun jump into the pool and save Fumino as well as the phone. Maa kun angrily stares at the 2 men and demands what they have done to his lovely students. He further exclaims that he will execute due punishment on them. XD He is very protective when it comes to Fumino...

The police are called in. When they are left alone, Maa kun asks Fumino for an explanation of her recent behaviour, why did she run from him and was found with Shouma.
Finally, Fumino explains that she is too embarrassed to tell Maa kun of her own responses towards Maa kun and she has been trying to endure. Maa kun is surprised to hear this, looking at her intently, he tells her she need not feel guilty and she may do as she likes. XD

Maa kun closes his eyes and Fumino leans forward. At that moment, Shouma douses a pail of water on both of them. Maa kun asks Shouma whether there is a need for him to do that...

Ok. I apologise for the brief summary but I have been rather busy and I know many of you are waiting for this. Thought to get it out for you and not hold on to it anymore. This chapter details Fumino's awaken desire. Just when I thought they will finally kiss, Shouma has to interrupt them... Sigh... I believe the mangaka has the intention to tease us and we will never get to see the kiss until the last chapter of this series.