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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Koi dano Ai dano

Koi dano Ai dano

This is another new series that I have been reading! So happy to be able to read interesting manga series....

I have in my collection the prequel to this series, Warau Kanoko sama and I love it. You may want to read the prequel before diving into Koi dano Ai dano.

This series is relatively new, 2 volumes thus far in Japan. Mangafox has posted 3 chapters.

Story Outline:

Kanoko, a plain girl who wears glasses, thinks she is a loner and spends most of her time observing people. Due to her parents' occupation, during middle school, she was transferred from school to school. However, at the start of High School, she decided to put a stop to this and requested for her parents to allow her to stay on her own. Due to her brilliant academic results, she was enrolled into Takara no Tani High School. Tsubaki, Kanoko's 98th middle school classmate, was enrolled into the same school and class. Tsubaki, with his good looks, was immediately noticed and people wondered why the two of them were always together.

I like the series for its sense of humour and interesting characters. The heroine, Kanoko, reminds me of the characters of Tonari no Kaibutsukun (And I really love Tonari no Kaibutsukun!). She is a combination of Haru and Shizuku. Clueless when it comes to relationships but brilliant in other aspects. If you are looking for a good laugh (cos there are plenty of funny characters in the series), I highly recommend this series.

Let me know how you feel.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hana no Kishi

Dear All,

I will not be covering chapters 23 and 24 of Kanajo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru. You can find it at Kat's blog. Will cover Chapter 25. Have it with me now. Will post when possible. ^_^

Btw, I have been reading another series. Hana no Kishi (see cover above). Love it. Ran Kurono is the First Knight of the next head of Ohtori family, Sei Ohtori. On the outside, Ran looked every bit the dashing knight and all the female students in St Rogress Academy (where Ran and Sei study) falls heads over heels in love with Ran. However, Ran remains faithful and committed to protect and serve Sei. Unbeknownst to all, Ran is actually a female in disguise! Ran's older brother was killed protecting Sei. For centuries, the Kurono's family has served the Ohtori family as the First Knight and thus Ran took over her brother's role and dedicated her time to perfect her skill so that she can one day become the First Knight of Ohtori family.

Both Ran and Sei are tested at the St Rogress Academy. Ran is constantly being challenged to defend her title as the First Knight. 11 other Knights with ulterior motive of taking control of the Ohtori family's fortune vie for her position as the First Knight. Sei, at the same time, is being tested for her suitability as the head of the Ohtori family.

Enters Ibara, Sei's fiance. In a chance encounter, he found out Ran's secret that she is a female. On the outside, he seemed carefree and clueless to Ran's and Sei's concerns. However, he was always around when they needed a helping hand...

I like the series for it's interesting story line. I cannot help but feel the chemistry between Ran and Ibara. I wonder whether anything will develop from there...

Mangafox has scanlated 27 chapters. Read and let me know whether you enjoy the series!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Hiyo Koi

Thank you for those who have posted their concerns and well-wishes. Much appreciated. ^_^
I am thankful that the accident, although scary and I am still wary of driving again (reckless drivers abound), but God's grace is sufficient. I am thankful.

I have a few chapters of Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru to catch up with. Please be patient. Need time to collect magazines.

Meanwhile, thought to share another new series I have been reading recently.

Hiyo Koi (ひよ恋). It is drawn by the assistant of Stardust Wink mangaka. I found the art very similar to Stardust Wink . I like the art work. Kawaii desu ne! The story is a mix of Kimi ni Todoke and Strobe Edge. Shoujoish and very innocent, although the female lead can get a wee bit annoying.

Hiyori, the female lead, is a small size (140cm) girl. Due to a car accident on the first day of school, she was absent from school for quite a while. This accident compounded by her timidness and extreme shyness, made her dragged going to school. On her first day of reporting back to school after missing almost a whole year of school, she met her classmate, Hirose (male lead). He is tall and big (190cm). He has a big heart to match too. He was gentle and kind towards Hiyori. He played an important role in helping her make friends in school. The story details Hiyori overcoming her shyness and willingness to face her own growing feelings for Hirose.

Mangafox has scanlated 16 chapters of it and Chinese Scanlations has updated it to Chapter 21.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Dear All,

I apologise for the lack of posting recently. Was involved in a traffic accident, and am thankful that no one is seriously injured. However, due to that, I have less time for posting. Will not be likely to post anything for the next 1 month or so. Hope to be back in action soon. Take care all!