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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Secret Garden

(oooohhhh... hotness!!!!!)

At one point, I was so tired of the recent Korean drama series, I could not bring myself to watch any. Then lo and behold, I got wind that Hyun Bin, one of my fave Korean actors is starring in Secret Garden, I was tempted to steal a glance. I never looked back.

Although the storyline is a little cliche... the usual, rich guy falls in love with the penniless girl... But the delivery is less than cliche. Hyun Bin's character insists that his love for his poor, lower class fellow human being is part of noblesse oblige. Talk about denial! To add to the hilarity, a strange sequence of events resulting in them swapping bodies! Gosh it was so much fun to watch them trapped in different bodies! To top it all, the songs of this series are beautiful...

I'm so in love with this drama. Love the sense of humour, special little moments (eg. the walks he takes imagining she is beside him, how the titles of his books form a poem...). This series is really made for die hard romantics! Most importantly, the chemistry between the 2 leads is sizzling hot!

Here's one of my fave MV from Secret Garden.