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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Kami-sama Hajimemashita Chapter

Oooohhh... I like this series. I like that the mangaka takes time to develop and detail out the 2 leads' romance. I'm not crazy for fantasy, supernatural shoujo type of manga but this is funny and interesting. Will follow the series. : )

Nanami's father is a recalcitrant gambler. He accumulated a huge amount of debts and left Nanami to fend for herself. Nanami was made homeless and met a strange man in a park. The man offered his place (including his position) to her. Out of desperation, she followed his directions and ended at his place. To her surprise, it was a shrine and he was the god of the shrine?! She has inherited his position as the god of the shrine. Her body guard cum servant is this fox-earred person (Tomoe). The manga captures Nanami's misadventure as a god and Tomoe's duty to keep her safe.