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Monday, October 11, 2010

Dakara Koi to Yobanaide Chapt 11

Fans of DKY, I will briefly describe Chapter 10 before going into Chapter 11. I was thinking of starting at Chapter 12 but thought Chapter 11 is too important to miss.

In Chapter 10, Kokoro and some classmates (3 other girls), together with Jirou Sensei went for Hatsumoude (first Shrine visit of the year). There Kokoro prayed for Jirou. She prayed that he will be intimate and happy again with someone he loves. She made that prayer thinking that she wanted him to be in love and happy even though that person he loves is not her. As she prayed, she began to tear. (Kokoro really loves Jirou)

Whilst looking to meet the rest of the class again, Jirou and Kokoro bumped into Kokoro's younger sister. As fate would have it, Kokoro's sister's was with her teacher. And her teacher was Mizuki (Jirou's elder brother's girlfriend). Jirou had a crush on her when his brother was alive. Kokoro put one and one together and figured that Mizuki must be someone who is very important to Jirou. Kokoro tried to convince Jirou that meeting Mizuki was not by chance and she tried to encourage Jirou to cease the opportunity to meet up with Mizuki again. As she spoke, she suddenly began to tear again (thinking that her prayers are answered so immediately and Jirou will fall in love with someone else). That ends Chapter 10.

Chapter 11 begins with a snapshot of Jirou's meeting with Mizuki. Kokoro is crying and Jirou wonders what causes Kokoro to suddenly tear. Trying to cover up, Kokoro tells Jirou that she has not been very stable emotionally as she is fast approaching her final year and she worries about the courses she can take in university. Jirou is confused as Kokoro still has about 3 years before graduation. In a bid to control her emotions, Kokoro puts on a smiling face and tells Jirou not to worry about her. Jirou does not know what to think or say... After that incident, Kokoro puts on a happy expression and soon they meet Kokoro's classmates who were sitting on a bench waiting for them. Jirou bids all of them farewell as he decides to leave first.

Kokoro and the her classmates decide to go to the Karaoke box to sing. Even as they are singing and enjoying themselves, behind Kokoro's smiling facade, she's thinking about Jirou and whether he had left to meet up with Mizuki.

At the restroom, Kokoro is reminded of Jirou and feels sad again thinking that she really loves him. She tries to control her emotions and puts on a front before going out to meet her friends again. Her friends observe that Kokoro seems beside herself. When they asks her, she bursts into tears... After saying goodbye to Kokoro, her friends wonder about Kokoro and Jirou Sensei's relationship. One of them thinks that it is ok for a student to like a teacher. Another one comments that the problem is that who does Jirou Sensei like. They talk about the lady that Sensei and Kokoro met at the shrine and wonder who she is. One of friends feels that Kokoro lacks confidence and she should transform herself to gain confidence. Yet another of them thinks that this should end before Kokoro falls too deeply in love. They were thinking that it was better when Kokoro liked Fuwa. However, before they know it, Kokoro stops talking about Fuwa and starts talking about Sensei...

Meanwhile back home, Jirou is feeding Saburo (the dog). As he looks at the dog eating happily, he cannot help but thinks about the meeting with Mizuki. He is reminded of his brother's death. He thinks it is no use seeing Mizuki again. He wishes his brother is alive again...

End of winter vacation and everybody is back in school. As Jirou enters the class, Kokoro cannot help but feels happy to see him.

It is time for everyone to pick a number to decide their sitting positions. Kokoro's friend picks 2 numbers. Jirou tells her that each person is allowed to pick only a seat number. Her friend explains that she is picking another one for Kokoro. Jirou wonders if Kokoro is still feeling emotionally unstable. Kokoro's friend tells Jirou that she can't tell him the reason. Jirou wonders why...

In the new sitting arrangement, Kokoro gets to sit beside Fuwa. Fuwa takes out a card and passes it to Kokoro..

As Kokoro stares at the envelope. She cannot help but notices that Fuwa has very nice handwriting. Fuwa tells her that the drawing and the word "Rabbit" is written on the card but... Embarrassed and thinking she must appear rude, Kokoro quickly denies looking at what was written on the card... Fuwa continues and says:"Rabbit is to thank you for I have burdened you by being a terrible trouble last year." Kokoro looks at Fuwa in surprise and replies:"I have never felt you were trouble." and she smiles at him as he looks at her.

Jirou passes a notice of an interview he will conduct with his students individually...

It is Kokoro's turn to meet Jirou sensei. Jirou asks Kokoro about her choice of studies and university she is thinking of going to. Kokoro says that she is thinking of doing arts/humanities in a private university instead of applying for a national university. Jirou feels that it is his duty to help her do well and offers to give her tuition to help her do better. Kokoro replies to say that her parents agrees with her to go for private university too. Jirou leans forward and holds her shoulders and asks whether it is because of his teaching... At the same time, Kokoro flinches away... Kokoro:"Please, leave it alone..."

Realising that she has overreacted, Kokoro tries to ask Jirou about his meeting with Mizuki. She suggested that they can continue from where they left off. In a serious tone, Jirou cut her off before she can finish her sentence:" There is no continuance..." Kokoro wonders why. They are both teachers thus they should be well-matched.

Jirou:"Teacher? Do you think so?" "I don't seem to get along well with people. With my father too... Mizuki cared for me because I was the younger brother of my elder brother. Because of that I hated my brother...I was thinking wouldn't it be great if he disappears... I'm the worst type of person."

Kokoro is shocked to hear this. She disagrees with Jirou and tries to tell Jirou how she sees him. But Jirou continues to put himself down. Kokoro, not being able to take Jirou putting himself down anymore, shouted: "Stop!" With tears streaming down she cries out:"Please don't slander the person I love. Stop slandering the person that I love very much..."

Kokoro realises that she has confessed her feelings to Jirou. Blushing, she tells Jirou to forget what she has just said. Jirou is dumbfounded... Looking at him and blushing at the same time, Kokoro tells him that she wish he would stop putting himself down... and she runs off. Unbeknownst to both of them, Fuwa overhears the conversation...

Scene switches to Jirou cycling... He is thinking of Kokoro as he cycles. He remembers that Kokoro was serious when she confessed to him and the confession was an unusual one... It is a first for him...

That is the end of Chapter 11. I believe that Jirou has never felt good about himself. It will be good if he can see himself as how Kokoro sees him. Things are getting interesting as now Fuwa is also aware of Kokoro's feelings for Jirou. Nice chapter. Story is moving along very nicely. ^^


Earlier, I shared on my dilemma. Which comics magazines to get: Betsufure or Margaret? Many of you have contributed your suggestions and thoughts. This is the results of the poll. Seems like most of you prefer Betsufure. ^_^

Which magazine should I subscribe to? Margaret or Betsufure?
Margaret 62 votes
Betsufure 84 votes
143 voters
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I went to the bookshop recently and bought a copy of each magazine (Margaret's and Betsufure's October issue) to sample.^_^. Sigh... such a difficult decision. I think the reason is that I'm following most of the manga serialised in these 2 magazines. I really wish space is not a concern for me. Sigh... After much struggle, I going to subscribe to Betsufure. Main reason, Margaret is published fortnightly (a definite hazard to my already crammed shelves).

Reading the October issue of Betsufure, I was disappointed that Kare wa Diablo (thank you Kanade for recommending this manga) was on hiatus. The series seems very interesting. It should be up in the November issue and I'm a few days away from getting the magazine! \^^/

The Nov issue of Betsufure looks so yummlicious! I am likely to summarise Shiro no Eden & Kare wa Diablo. Look out for them.

As for Kinkyori Renai's fans, I'll be missing about 9 chapters if I start summarising from the magazine, thus I will probably wait for the tankubon before summarising.