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Friday, November 12, 2010

迷雾中的蝴蝶/Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru Chapter 19

Hi Fans,

I apologise for the long wait. Very busy schedule... Anyway, let's begin...

Chapter 19 continues from Chapter 18.

Shinya takes the opportunity to tell Riko that Shun is not dating Mari. Aki is the one who is dating Mari. He asks whether they are shocked to hear this. Riko stares blankly ahead as she recalled what Aki has told her sometime ago in passing.

Riko recalls that Aki had mentioned to her that he kept company with a woman who sings.

Suddenly Riko bursts out laughing. Everyone stares at her in shock. She apologises to everyone. She tells them its nothing. Thinking to herself, she feels that that is what Aki would have done.

She thinks again that it is Aki. She realises that she has confirmed that Aki was dating Mari. Tears begin to flow.
Shinya is caught off guard again seeing her cry and he extends his hand to comfort her. Yuu puzzled by her behaviour asks why she is crying...

Riko sudddenly shouts for Sou. Sou responds and hugs her and explains to Shinya:"Please don't mind this." He explains that Riko is too happy.

Shun realises that Shinya is looking into the room and he closes the door...

In the room, Aki who has overheard the conversation thinks that Riko has cried and he's the one who made her cry...

Riko recalls the lyrics of the love song Aki has written. It is about his love for someone. Riko cannot help but feel pained as she thinks about that song and the meaning of it. She is sure that the song is written for Mari. It is a song about how much he can't help loving Mari.

Back at the recording room, Shinya passes a can of drink to Riko. He asks her whether she is ready to sing. Riko replies that she wants to sing. She is thinking that she needs to get rid of that song that is playing in her mind.

She wonders then, will her love for Aki disappear. Riko begins to tear thinking of that and she thinks that will be unpleasant... Suddenly, Shinya reaches down and takes away her guitar.

Shinya volunteers to play any of Riko's favourite song for her. Riko blushes and is surprised that that Shinya wants to play her favourite song for her. She is so taken aback she wonders out loud what should she do... Riko closes her eyes to think of a song she likes...

An image of Mari comes into her mind. Shinya tells her that one of the songs he likes is Cindy Lauper's "Time after Time". He asks whether Riko can sing that song. Riko replies that she is familiar with the melody but she can't sing it in English.

Shinya asks her to sing Andou Yuuko's song "Texas". Riko begins to sing...

Scene switches to Aki and Shun. Aki uses the analogy of going to the toilet to pass motion as a way of describing his songwriting process (makes me think he doesn't quite like his talent).

Shun digresses and makes an observation. He tells Aki that it could be observed that Aki loves Mari...

Shun asks Aki where he gets his inspiration from whilst penning his songs. Aki claims that the content and feelings in his songs are not recognizable. He goes on to say that as for that song, it was not describing Mari. But still during that time when the song was written, he loved Mari. And he recalls that as a bitterly shameful incident.

Scene switches back to Riko and Shinya. Shinya is still playing the melody and having Riko singing along.

Sou makes a comment that Riko's mood improve when she gets to sing and she looks so happy. Yuu stares at him. Sou wonders why.

Yuu is jealous of Shinya's abilities...

Well that concludes Chapter 19. Shinya seems to have achieved his intent of separating Aki and Riko. I wonder why Aki chose not to approach Riko when he found out that she was crying. Also, Yuu seems more aware of the danger Shinya can post. Hopefully Yuu will cause some trouble between the two.


I was re reading the manga again slowly and carefully and I realised that the song Riko recalled and the one Aki was talking to Shun about is the same song! Both of them talked about the "wearing duffle". I think the song is written for or inspired by Riko!