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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Strobe Edge Special Chapter (Curtain Call Chapter)

Yes. The special curtain call chapter of Strobe Edge. T _ T ...
I apologise for taking so long. Firstly, I was blinded by the electric currents Ren sent out. Also, I couldn't help but hyperventilate seeing their kissing scenes... *_* In addition, there were these fainting spells brought on by seeing Ren looking so intently and holding Ninako's hands to his heart... It is a miracle I could get this out!
Nevertheless, it is with such mixed feelings that I write this summary. I love every minute of it, yet I can't help but feel unbearably sad... this is my last entry for Strobe Edge. T _ T

Thank you Sensei for putting up a drawing of Ren with glasses! I love him with glasses. *faint*

The chapter opens with Ninako calling Ren. She thinks to herself that she has no special reason to call him. She just wants to listen to his voice...

Ren picks up the call: " Yes."

Ninako:"Good evening."
Ren:"Good evening."

(Kyaaaa! Ren in glasses again!!! *double faint*) Ninako asks Ren what he is doing currently. Ren replies he is studying Maths. Ninako is surprised to hear that. She wonders why he is studying Maths as the test just ended today. Ren explains that he is studying Maths because he likes Maths. (Ninako is so cute, she blushes when Ren mentions the word 'like'.)

Ren asks Ninako the reasons for her to call him. As she listens to Ren's voice, she is thinking about how great it is to be Ren's girlfriend. Ninako bids Ren goodbye and Ren wishes Ninako a good night's rest. After they hang up, Ninako stares at her handphone and thinks about Ren's voice over the phone and that she likes it... (she is so smitten... *__* me too...)

As Ninako continues to think about Ren and his voice, her handphone goes off. Ren is calling her.

Ren:"This Saturday..."

The scene switches to the next day in school. Ninako's friends are very excited to learn about Ninako going out on her first date with Ren on Saturday. They will be visiting one of the Kamakura temples. Ninako confesses that she is rather nervous about the date. (In about Chapter 30, Ninako and Ren went on a school trip together and Ninako mentioned that she wished to visit the temple and Ren mentioned they could come back again and all blushed. The mangaka is fulfilling all of Ninako's wishes ^^)
One of her friends commented that they are going out on a date so immediately after test period. Ninako blushes furiously upon hearing that.

Her friends teasingly wonder whether Ren will be kissing Ninako... Ninako is surprised to hear that suggestion.

Her friends in their excitement comment loudly: "Isn't it cool to have Ren as your kissing partner!?... Kyaaa!" (I totally agree! *_*)

As they are discussing, Ninako quietly disappear from the group. They were talking about the knowledge of kissing and Andou overheard the conversation. (Andou's expression...)

Ninako, hiding in a corner (^^ so funny, hiding beside a vending machine), cries when she thinks about her first kiss... It has already being taken away by Andou! She wonders whether she should tell Ren about it as this happened before Ren and her beccame a couple. She thinks it may be good not to say but she doesn't want to see herself coming up with stories to keep this secret.

As she was troubling over this... a hand reaches out to tap her shoulder...

She turns around and comes face to face with Andou...

Meanwhile, the friends wonder out loud where Ninako has gone to. Ren overhears the conversation and begins to scan the surrounding for Ninako. He sees Ninako outside through the door.

Andou tells Ninako she shouldn't be too tormented thinking about that incident. That is like an accident. Thus as for that kiss with him, she should consider it like her first kiss has not been taken away. Thinking to himself, Andou feels he really didn't do anything. (^^ Andou is a different category compared to Ninako)


Both Ninako and Andou are shocked to see Ren.

Ren:""What did you just say..." (Oh dear me! He looked seriously upset!)

Andou:"For your information, I did it against her will."

Ren:"What do you mean?"

Andou:"This is before both of you became a couple."

Andou:"...so that is not a reason for you to break up." (Ninako looks really worried)

Ren:"That is right."

Andou to Ren:"A man who has no room in him should loose his love, right?" (or A man who is not broad-minded should loose his love)

Andou turns around and pats Ninako's head and assures her that things went pretty well.

Ren, upset seeing Andou being so familiar with Ninako, elbows him at the back and tells him off.

Ren tells Ninako that her friends are looking for her. He then pulls Andou by the ear and says: "As for this fellow, he will come with me."
Ninako thinks Ren looks like he is troubled and he minds. She thinks again that maybe Ren doesn't mind that much... To Ren, the taking away of the kiss should not be such a big deal...

Next scene switches to Ninako getting ready for the date...

Saturday... the day of their first date... As Ninako walks towards the meeting point, she catches sight of Ren. Ninako thinks to herself that she has seen Ren several times in home clothes but today he looks so good that her heart is palpitating...

Ninako:"Thank you for waiting."

Ren:"Then, let's go."

Ren gives Ninako her ticket. Ninako takes out her purse to reimburse Ren. Ren reminds her that this their first date and that he will pay as he is a man.

Ninako commenting that there are many people around. Ren holds her hand and tells her to not to get lost.

Ninako is very affected when Ren holds her hand. ^^ Suddenly, Ninako sees a couple walking past them. The girl has her head on the boy's shoulder. She thinks she will try that on Ren and see how he will react... ^^

Gingerly, she places her head on Ren's side. Ren thinks she is tired and suggests that they find a place to rest. Ninako thinks:"Mission failed." She is embarrassed.

Next scene is them at the dessert shop.

Ninako:"This is delicious!"

Ren:"My cake is nice too."

Ren looks at Ninako shyly:"Half-half, right?" (Oh mine! *faints*)

Ninako looking like she is in cloud 9:"Right!" (She's thinking that her love for Ren will grow too big)

Ninako:"This is enjoyable." (while enjoying herself, Ninako cannot help but wish that the day will not come to an end)

Ren:"Yes, this is enjoyable."

She observes and is pleased that Ren is enjoying himself. She thinks she is satisfied even if this love they have, there's a difference in size. (I think this could mean that even if she likes Ren more than he he likes her)

Ren steals a glance at his watch.

Ninako observes that for some reason, Ren has been looking at his watch. She thinks it is still early.

Ren talks about the route to take to go home. "We will take the Eno train and get out at Enoshima..."

Ninako thinks that even though she doesn't want to talk about going home, they have to. Suddenly, Ninako realises...

... that they have arrived at the train station. Ren tells her that he will purchase the tickets to go home while she waits for him here.

Ninako realises that Ren is talking about going home now. She doesn't want to go home.

Ninako:"I don't want to board the train..."

Ren was surprised:"Why?"

Ninako remembers Ren checking the time consistently...

Ninako:"Sorry, let's get on the train."

Ren observes Ninako's expression...

He grabs her hand and walks away from the station. Ninako looks at Ren and wonders whether he is angry...

Ren looks around and asks her where else she wants to go. He asks her whether she wants to check the guide map to see where she wants to visit.

Ninako squeezes Ren's hand...

Ninako: "I don't have to go anywhere. I'm just happy to walk with you."

Ninako:"Sorry... Only I like today." She apologises for being willful.

Ren sighs... He suggests that they sit down for awhile.

Still holding Ninako's hand, Ren apologises to Ninako.

He explains that his intention for them to go back early is for them to see the sun set at Enoshima.

Ren covers his face in his hand and says:"A man has no space in him because he is full." (I suppose this points to what Andou said earlier and Ren is saying that he has no space in him because he is full of his love for Ninako)

Ren looks at Ninako and continues:"You see... It is not true that you are the only want who likes today." He brings her hand to his heart. Ninako can feel his heart palpitating.

Ren:"Do you understand?"

Ren:"When I'm with you, I'm immensely happy but why at the same time, I become without space in me (I'm not broad-minded or better word possessive?)."

Ren: "I don't seem to be myself."

Ren thinks he desperately need to change this part of him. Ninako quickly resplies that he doesn't need to.

Ren looks at Ninako and tells her that actually, he was quite affected by Andou's kiss incident.

Bringing Ninako's hand to his lips, Ren tells her that he feels terribly sick and upset.
Ninako blushes.

With her hand to his mouth, Ren looks at her intensely and said:"I loathe anyone other than I touching you."

"Do I look bad now?" (No.... Nope... Not at all, in fact you look really HOT now!!!)

Ren leans forward. Ninako's eyes widen and all she could think is:"Wa... Waa... Waaaa..."

She wonders whether it is better to close her eyes.... She wonders about her breathing...

She puckers up her lips, (Bawahahaha... she looks so cute!!)

Ren leans closer and with half close eyes: "I like."

He looks intensely at Ninako and asks her:"Do you like?"


They lean ever so close... he places his fingers gently on her chin...

They kiss (Kyaaaaaa!!!!*faints* *blinded*)

Ren with his lips close to Ninako's asks:"Do you still think you alone?"

Ninako:"No, I don't."

She tries to explain herself:"but I think that certainly sometime I would feel lonely by myself. When that happens, again..."

blushing and looking at Ren look, Ninako says:"...again.... please" ^^ She is asking to be kissed or the whole works again? ^^Ninako is so honest with her love for Ren. ^^ Ren is enraptured! With that kind of look she gives him, he's speechless.

Ninako hugs Ren and looks contented and blissful. Ren thinks to himself that he is treading on dangerous grounds, he feels totally defenseless when it comes to Ninako. ^^

At the station, Ren suggests that they will visit the temple during Hatsumoude so that they can see the first sun rise at Enoshima.

Ninako smiles and agrees.

Suddenly, a gust of wind blows through them. Ren thinks to himself about the scent in the air. At the same time, Ninako articulates:" The scent of summer's night."

Ren turns around and looks at her. He smiles at her. Ninako wonders why he is smiling at her...

(Yes, they are soul mates... so similar in so many ways)

That ends the special chapter. I'm so in love with the 2 of them. Gosh...