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Saturday, January 15, 2011

MIshounen Produce Chapter 17

Dear Fans of Mishounen Produce,

Next chapter will be the last chapter of Mishounen Produce. Wow! I didn't see that coming. I thought there can be further development but the mangaka wants to start something new or take a break...

Anyways, here's the latest chapter.

This chapter begins with a conversation between Kousei and Kako when they were children. Kako, dressed in a new dress, blushing, asked Kousei whether she looked pretty. Kousei replied a brisk "No" and quickly turned away. Unbeknownst to Kako, Kousei was blushing...

Back to the current, after her sucessful audition, Kako went backstage to find Kousei who had helped her earlier. She could not find him...

She saw Roi kun and asked whether he saw Kousei. Roi kun told her he had not seen him. He asked whether something had happened as Kousei was not home yesterday.

Kako went to the Producer to look for Kousei. The Producer replied that he did not see him too.

Roi told Kako not to worry as Kousei was only away for 1 day. He asked Kako how Kousei was when she last met him.

Kako was reminded of Kousei telling her that she looked very pretty then... She thought that Kousei behaved very differently from his usual self.

Scene switches to Bright Productions. Kako was given her schedule for the day. She was to prepare for a shoot...

Back at the Producer's office. Kousei turned up and the Producer told him that Kako, the bespectacled girl was looking for him. Kousei corrected the Producer and told him that Kako was no longer the bespectacled girl.

Furthermore, Kousei thanked the Producer for his support and help in the past. However, from now onwards he would...

Scene switches to Kako at the dressing room. Shinobu san was in the same room waiting. Kako broke the silence and commented that it looked like they would be working together. Kako asked whether Shinobu was there to audition for a student role? Shinobu told her she didn't think it was an audition but more like was invited to test for the role.

Shinobu told Kako that if they were to appear for an audition, Kako would not be her match. Intimidated, Kako asked what is she in for. Tomoe who heard the conversation and just entered the room told her that this audition is for a Bright's Production movie...

Upon seeing Tomoe, Shinobu pushed Kako aside and flew to Tomoe's side. Giving him her radiant smile, Shinobu expressed that Tomoe must be acting in it.

Ignoring her, Tomoe told Kako that he thought the role suited her. It is a love story between a young man and young woman...

... This couple came from a village and they had been together and cared for each other since they were young children. This story was their story, about them arriving at the city and falling in love with each other. Thinking that this story was like Kousei and her story, out loud, she told Tomoe that it seemed like a shoujou manga story.

Feeling jealous and slighted, Shinobu told Kako that she believed Kako would do an excellent job as she's most suited to play village bumpkin. Afterall, it was just a make-over that cover up her awkward, bumpkin self...

Kako:" What you said is true. I'm sure the character in the movie must have encountered people saying such things to her and her confidence may have been affected. However, she need not be discouraged and depressed due to such negative remarks."

Kako made further comments about Shinobu being more effective and natural playing the role of a bully rather than a sweet, innocent person. Kako asked Shinobu whether she felt stressed and stretched having always been cast to play a role of someone who is innocent and sweet. Shinobu upset upon hearing that shouted at her.

Tomoe laughed and agreed with Kako's observations.

Tomoe told Kako he would not be acting in the role. Kako was curious as to who would be the male lead... Tomoe replied that they had one in mind but he rejected their offer. Now, they are in the midst of searching for the right person.

Tomoe chased Kako off to her work and asked her whether she would like to see the audition of the male lead later on.

Kako thought that Kousei would fit the role perfectly. She wished Kousei was here with her. She would have advised him to take up the role.

Kako's phone rang and she answered the call. It was Kousei. Kako told him she has been worried about him, not knowing where he was.

Kousei interrupted her:"Kako, about transforming me into another person, can we stop that?"

Kako:"Why? Wait a minute, I want to ask you something else..."

Kousei:"Are you working now?"

Kako:"I'm suppose to act in this movie by Brights Production about the love between a couple from the village... Will you act in it too? "

Kousei:" I dislike it that you are moving further away from me and into the entertainment world... I called you immature and attempted to hide you away from the world... I've been so selfish... I apologise...I did this because... I love you."

Kako:"Why are telling me all these over the phone..." Kako wanted Kousei to tell her all these in person, directly...

Kousei:"And because of loving you, I have hurt you... I hate and dislike myself like that..."

"... a man like that is not suitable for you.... so please stop transforming me." With that, Kousei hang up the phone.

At that moment, Kako was asked to go to the studio for the photo shoot with Shinobu. At the photo shoot, Kako mumbled something. Irritated, Shinobu told her to speak up. Kako shouted at the top of her voice:" Don't make such a decision without consulting me!!!"

Kako thought that Kousei not liking himself was too much for her. To her, it was too uncharacteristic of him... Shinobu, shocked by Kako's behaviour, timidly asked her whether she was ok. Kako hugged her and told her that they should continue with the photo shoot and pretend to be on good terms...

Kako decided that she would go to Kousei and talked to him. She would let him know her feelings.

Kako approached Tomoe to let him know her intent of leaving and not staying to view the audition...

At that moment, the interviewer called for the next candidate...

Interviewer:" Ok.. Next is Yagami Kousei kun..." Kako's head turned at the mention of his name...

Kousei:" I've been told I became an actor because of my relationship with certain person. Now, I would like to depend on my own ability."

Judge 1: "Aren't you Yagami kun from Jumon Boy...?"

Judge 2:"Why are you without a manager or representing company? And what's with your attire?"

Meanwhile a shocked Kako stared on....

Kousei:"There is no point being accepted and celebrated when I'm hiding behind a mask. This is a story about a country bumpkin conquering the world!"

Nice Chapter! I like how both Kousei and Kako came to accept their identities separately. Can't help but find the drawings of the bishounens arresting! Sigh... this series will end with the next chapter... I'm going to miss the two bishounens.