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Monday, June 7, 2010

Mi Shounen Produce Chapter 12

Kako is in the school compound, thinking about today being Jumon's photoshooting. She is unaware of the commotion in school. Tomoe Senpai is in school...

He approaches Kako and tells her that he has in his hands some past photos of Yagami taken by a certain cameraman. Kako thinks they are some past photos of Yagami when he was unpopular and before his makeover. Kako reaches out to take the photos from Tomoe. Tomoe tells her that he will give the photos back if she goes out on a date with him... Meanwhile, Yagami is waiting for Kako and wondering where she is...

Kako appears, looking distracted....(she is still thinking about Tomoe's request...). Yagami asks why her hair is untied. Suddenly, a handphone goes off. It is not Kako's handphone. Kako tells Yagami to go home on his own and she rushes off. Yagami is confused by her behaviour... Kako rushes off to meet Tomoe to return his handphone to him. He tells her that she needs to put on a uniform for their date... Kako shouts at him and says that she is not going on a date with him...

Tomoe takes Kako to a boutique and buys her new clothes. He tells her that as bribe for the date, she will get back the photos. When Tomoe is not looking, Kako snatches away the envelope containing the photos.
Kako looks into the envelope and finds empty pieces of paper and no photos. Tomoe confesses that he does not have photos of Yagami. He lied to entice her to go out on a date with him...

Meanwhile, back to Yagami. A phone goes off... Yagami realises that the phone is in the bag and it belongs to Kako. Looking at the message, he sees a photo of Tomoe with Kako.

Tomoe commented that Kako has a funny expression. Kako is confused by the whole incident and doesn't know which expression to wear... She thinks she is very common and wonders why Tomoe goes thru so much effort to go on a date with her. Tomoe asks whether she has a perculiar habit of putting herself down. Tomoe thinks that she is someone a person can fall in love with... Talking about being in love, Kako thinks of Yagami....

Tomoe takes off her glasses, lean forwards...

Kako apologises to Tomoe and pushes him away. She wants to leave and will return the clothing back to him. Tomoe asks whether she likes Yagami...

At that moment, Yagami appears and pushes them apart. (...cool!!!)

Tomoe sees the handphone Yagami is holding... He knows Yagami sees the photo of them together. Loudly, he thank Kako for their date and the secret they both share (Tomoe is pointing to the knowlege of her liking Yagami)...
Yagami asks her what secret is Tomoe talking about. Kako blushes...

Yagami pushes her to back against the railing and uses his mouth to retrieve the flower choker she wears around her neck...
Yagami gives her an angry look and tells her not to wear the choker...

Well... looks to me that Kako is aware of her feelings and Yagami is seriously jealous thinking that there is something going on between Tomoe and Kako. : ) The next chapter will be a very interesting chapter.


  1. GAWH!!!!!!!!!
    *fangirl scream* Wow hot new bishie!
    love the jealousy hehehe but wait a minute
    why is every guy that looks at her without her
    glasses and hairpins look soo shocked! Like literally everyone i see in each chappie is shocked? O_O

  2. Aria: Hahaha... tell me about it. Yagami Kousei is definitely very, very hot. Love the way the mangaka draws him. >__< sizzling!!!

    They are just so shock she can be so captivating. Nice work! Will definitely follow it.

  3. :D Horray!!!
    This chappie is hot XD muhahahaha!
    Yes agree but i'm liking Tomoe more *fangirl scream again* XD i can't help to like the black hair bishies first then the Blond ones hahahaha.

  4. Aria: I could hear you scream : ). Yes! Tomoe is cute too. The art is really quite arresting!

  5. lol especially the guys XD
    What magazine does this manga come out?

  6. Oh i see thanks, how many magazines do you buy monthly? *if i may know*

  7. Aria: About 3 to 4 magazines a month. Plus I collect my favourite series. Sigh... I will soon run out of place to store them...

  8. hah. *nods with agreement* I can so understand about running of place to store them.

  9. 腐女子 : I'm glad I found a kindred soul. : )

  10. I wish i can find a store were they sell those magazine especially Cheese! & Betsuma *sigh* Lucky Ankemaybe!

  11. Aria: Sorry. From where you are you don't get these magazines readily? No worries. You get them online and for free! : )

  12. They sell japanese manga's but no magazine only like Shounen Jump. Maybe they do sell it but i have never found it. YUPPIIIIII~ ALL HAIL ANKEMAYBE!!!

  13. Wahhh thankyou so much for translating!!! :D I'm so happy after reading it. I can't wait for the next chapter. I'm so excited!!

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  15. did you post chapter 10 and 11 cuz i cant find it :'(