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Friday, April 22, 2011

Namida Usagi - Seifuke no Kataomoi Chapter 8

This is for the fans. This is chapter 8 from Vol 2 of NUSnK. Although this series is rather shoujouish, there are unexpected turns and a tinge of melodrama. I was thinking this would be an easy read and my brains would be clouded by shoujou fluff. But I was wrong... I was surprised by the turns. End of Vol2 marks a significant turn and Vol 3 is the start of a wee bit of melodrama... Enough of preparing you... ^_^ Let's begin.

Momoka and Narumi were sitting at a park. Narumi asked Momoka what her wishes were when they saw a shooting star. Momoka was just thinking about wanting to be more than friends with Narumi when Akutsu dashed out from nowhere and confessed his feelings for Momoka.

A shocked Momoka recovered and thought that Akutsu was teasing her again. (I love the mangaka's chibi drawing of shell-shocked Momoka and Narumi. Kawaii desu neh!) She chided him for playing with people's emotions.

Frustrated, Akutsu grabbed Momoka's hand and asked to speak to her alone. Momoka grimaced in pain.

Narumi put himself between them and told Akutsu off from handling Momoka roughly. Ooohhh... Nice pose. Note the leaves falling and breeze blowing...) Akutsu apologised for his eagerness. Narumi wondered what business Akutsu have with Momoka. Akutsu reiterated that he wanted to have a private conversation with Momoka and promised not to do things she dislikes. It dawn on Narumi that Akutsu meant what he said and that he probably would want to confess to Momoka. Narumi excused himself and told them that he would head back to his tent. Momoka was thinking to follow Narumi as she wanted to spend more time with him. However, Akutsu held her hand to prevent her from leaving...

As Momoka turned to face Akutsu, he put on his most earnest look:" I like you!"
Momoka being as dense as a block:" Please stop joking..." (Sigh... Girl, 1+1 = 2)
Akutsu tried to convince her that he was serious and he really like her. It was only then, Momoka realized that Akutsu's voice and hands were shaking.(Seriously, girl, the boy has to go thru much to convince you of his feelings)
Momoka told him gently that she was in love with someone else...

Akutsu was so dejected to hear Momoka's rejection. He recovered somewhat and told Momoka to give him time to get to know him before rejecting him. Looking at his dejected face, Momoka agreed to consider carefully first. (KAWAIIIIIII!!!! Looking at his expression, I would have serious trouble rejecting him directly too... I'm with you Momoka...)

Early next morning, Momoka remembered Akutsu's confessions of feelings. She could not helped but blushed profusely. She wondered how she would react when she sees him later.

As she flipped open the tent to get ready to wash up, she saw Narumi! Momoka freaked out that she looked so unkempt in front of him. Narumi greeted her and was about to ask her about Akutsu when...

Akutsu appeared from no where and lunged towards Momoka. He hugged her tightly looking all besotted. Narumi, turned and walked away with a pained look.

The teacher announced that it was time for a treasure hunt. The teacher told them to get into groups of 2. He added that this game has helped to pair off many couples over the years. All the students were terribly excited at that prospect. Akutsu was very excited thinking that he could partner Momoka, Kairi was thinking that she could be with Amano. Momoka fearing for her own safety asked for them to leave it to chance to find their partners. It is almost like tossing a coin (can't think of an English equivalent for this sort of method)

Anyways, Momoka found herself being partnered with Narumi!

Together, they wondered into the woods to look for the clues. Momoka noted that Narumi seemed very quiet almost as if he was angry with her. She wondered what she could have done wrong. Without noticing, she almost walked into a sharp twig. Narumi came to her rescue.(naturally)

After an awkward moment where both of their faces were in close proximity, Narumi asked Momoka whether she was dating Akutsu. He asked whether Akutsu confessed his feelings for her. Before Momoka could reply, Narumi apologised for being nosey.

Upon hearing that, Momoka quickly replied that she's not dating Akutsu...

With tears in her eyes, she told Narumi that she has rejected Akutsu. Suddenly, Narumi pulled her into his arms...

"Don't cry, it's my fault."

All Momoka could think of was that this cannot be happening to her. Her heart was pounding. Suddenly, they heard Akutsu calling out:"Momoka!" Kairi:"Stop calling out! Look! Here's another clue!"

After awhile, Narumi asked Momoka:" Why didn't you respond to Akutsu's call?"

Momoka replied that Narumi kept quiet too. Both of them laughed as they looked at each other. Suddenly, they heard the announcement calling for all students to gather at the square.

Both looked reluctant to end their time together. At that moment, Narumi asked Momoka to spend some time with him alone at night.

They obviously have feelings for each other so what else can happen? Stay tuned for next chappie. ^_^

Here's wishing everyone a meaningful Good Friday. May the Good Lord's love touch all. Ciao!