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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Stardust Wink Vol 1

I have in my collection Haruta Sensei's earlier work "Chocolate Cosmos". To be honest, I was not very impressed with her work. It is a light read but never addictive or heart thumping like Strobe Edge.

This new series is rather shoujoish and cliche yet I bought the first volume (must be the pink background?!?). Hmmm... I know, it is Hinata's character... I can't really put a finger to it yet but he obviously cares for Anna yet... he doesn't verbalise it... he has this strong, silent, supporting quietly kind of quality that is endearing... I guess I'm curious to know his story...

Synopsis: Anna lives in the same apartment complex as Hinata and Sou. Three of them are close friends since childhood and attend the same middle school. Hinata and Sou are rather popular in school due to their good looks. These 2 guys are protective of Anna and in love with her. Interestingly, they express their love for her in very different ways. In the first vol, Sou confesses his love for Anna. However, they broke up cos Anna is not ready... This manga explores their relationships in a humorous and engaging way. I wonder who Anna will end up with?...