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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Namida Usagi - Seifuku no kataomoi

I am as excited as a dog with two tails!! I had some unexpected free time in the afternoon, thus I made a bee line to my favourite place - the book shop! A particular manga cover caught my eye (thats how I usually choose my manga tankoubon) and without thinking I bought up vols 1 to 3 that were available. My! I was delighted by the story. Very shoujouish, but rather captivating.

Vol 1
Momoka (our female lead) loves everything rabbits. For the new school year, she was made to sit beside Narumi (the male lead). Narumi was an awkward, bespectacled boy with hair covering his eyes. Although Narumi has no lack of male friends, all the girls shun him and weird rumours about him fly thick in the air. Gradually, Momoka discovers the real Narumi. He is not so weird afterall and that he is this sensitive and sweet guy. To her surprise, beneath the messy mop of hair, is this handsome guy! Slowly, she realizes that she has special feelings towards Narumi.

I am thinking of summarising Vol 2 and 3. I did a little bit of looking around and realized that thus far, 2 chapters of Vol 2 have been scanlated. (Check out mangafox)

Let me know if you are interested for me to summarize this series. ^_^