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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mi Shounen Produce Chapter 14

Dear Fans of Mi Shounen Produce,

Here's Chapter 14!

It is during their common break time... The bell that signals the end of break time goes off... Kako tells Kousei that they should make their way back to class. Kousei touches her hair in respond. Blushing, Kako asks Kousei what he is doing. Kousei looking at her adoringly... replies: "Nothing in particular..." Kako blushes a deeper red tries to change the subject. She asks Kousei to meet Tomoe in school. Kousei is surprised at her request. She tries to explain to him what happened during the date with Tomoe. Kousei replies that he will not and pulls her close to him.

Looking into her eyes, he tells her that she should talk and think about him as if she is thinking and talking to someone she likes. As for Tomoe, she is not to look at him that way.

Kako blushes again and Kousei says:" I love..." At that moment, Kako slips. She screams out for Kousei and he grabs her hands and says:" I don't stop it anymore." (I suppose this means that he doesn't want to hide his feelings for her).

Narration:" We are no longer only childhood friends..."

Kako is walking and thinking that Kousei loves her and she wonders how much... At that moment Tomoe's assistant appears and asks to ascertain some information with her. He reads from an article stating Kako's personal information and her being Kousei's producer. Kako is smiling at him as he narrates the information but inside she is wondering how he comes to know these details.

In conclusion, he asks whether she treats this as a form of child's play. At that moment, Tomoe interrupts and tells his assistant to mind his words. At the same time, Tomoe invites Kako to his office for a meeting.

At Bright Productions Co. Ltd, Tomoe tells Kako that this company is renown to produce top talents. Not forgetting her role as Kousei's manager, Kako asks about Kousei's chance...

Tomoe, noting Kako's response to him with regards to Kousei's career, tells her that he is impressed with her professionalism and thoughts. He believes she has the requirement to be a professional. Kako wonders how this is going to affect her duties as Kousei's manager.

Looking at her expression, Tomoe quickly replies that he is not wanting to separate her from Kousei. However, he wants her to consider to become a trainee at Bright Productions as she continues to be Kousei's manager. He advices her to think through it carefully before giving him a reply. She can call him when she has made her decision.

Back at the studio, Kousei has finished posing for the camera and is ready to go back with Kako. Suddenly, he is stopped and asked to do a few more photo shots. He waves goodbye to Kako. Kako looking at him thinks that she has no concrete objection to Tomoe's suggestion.

Back at Bright Productions, Tomoe is getting ready for a perfume advertisement photo shoot. Kako approaches Tomoe and tells him that she is not equipped with talents and does not have the knowledge of the field. However, she wants to learn from him. She added that she is keen to do whatever he wants.

Tomoe is surprised and happy to get a positive reply from Kako. He tells her that he is especially please with her statement of wanting to do whatever he suggests. He grabs her hand and drags her to the photo shoot set. He tells her that they are now shooting an advertisement for the perfume.

Tomoe tells Kako that she is now undergoing training. She is to use the script given and convey the image the sponsors have. She pleads with Tomoe to let her leave as she wants to give this training a miss. Tomoe asks to what extent are both Kousei and her prepared for the training.
Meanwhile, the camera crew are asking who she is and commenting that she is not good looking. Kako is still thinking about Kousei's preparedness for her to be engaged in this training... Tomoe reaches out and takes her glasses away.

To help her get into the mood for the photo shoot, Tomoe tells Kako to think of him as someone she loves. At that moment, Kako grabs hold of Tomoe and pins him down under her. She tells him that is an unreasonable request.

She doesn't see him as a person she loves. The camera crew sees that look Kako has and is impressed by her looks. The cameraman takes the opportunity and photographs them.

As Kako walks home, she comments to herself that she must be the most egoistic person in Japan and that is why she didn't get to sign the contract.

Kousei overhears her and asks about the contract she mentioned. (XD I like the frog he is holding. Kawaii!!!) Kako is taken aback to see Kousei. She asks him about the overtime photo shoot to fend off his question.

Kako makes a mental note that she should not tell Kousei about the contract with Tomoe as she does not want Kousei to be unhappy with her. Trying to distract Kousei again, Kako points at a department store at a distance. As they look at the store, people around them are commenting about the advertisement and asking about the model with Tomoe...

Kousei and Kako stare at the advertisement on the Department Store. It is Kako and Tomoe...

Comments: I believe that Kako's thoughts about signing up as a trainee with Tomoe is to further Kousei's career. I'm not sure of Tomoe's intent. I wonder whether he likes Kako and wants to develop a relationship with her or is he serious about developing her talent. Or perhaps she stokes his interest and he is just curious. In any case, Kousei is very possessive of Kako. I wonder how he is going to react to this perceived closeness between Kako and Tomoe.

Sigh...the series is taking a break. It will be back after 2 months. The mangaka really knows how to stoke our interest.