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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tonari no Kaibutsukun Chapter 8

Hehehe... I know I haven't been blogging for awhile. Been busy with K drama series, reading mangas as well as work. I was getting lazy... Sigh... I know some of you are eagerly waiting for some of the series. Will find time to post them up. Top of my list will be Mishounen Produce last chapter. Haven't posted that up cos I have yet to go down to the bookshop to collect my magazine. Will be doing so in the next few days. ^_^

I have with me 5 volumes of Tonari no Kaibutsukun. Mangafox has scanlated 7 chapters. Here's a summary of Chapter 8 for the fans out there.

Chapter 8: The day when the girls feel bored and melancholic

This chapter picks up from the previous chapter where Haru's brother visited them and expressed that Haru's father wanted Haru to quit school and return home. For the first time, Shizuku realized that Haru could leave her anytime...

Shizuku looked at Haru's back and thought that she couldn't bare to have him leave her...
Back at home, Shizuku received a fax from her mom asking about her brother and her well being. Father asked whether mom asked about him. Shizuku told him that she didn't even mention him... (It is hilarious that both mother and daughter seemed to have the same personality; cold hearted ^^)

Back in class, Shizuku took a deep breath before entering class. She had been doing that everyday. It is almost like she has to brace herself for something...

Scene switched to Taito's class. Taito's classmates did not know her real name and had been calling her Taizan instead. Taito felt depress and texted her girlfriend about it.

Taito thought back about how she came to be loner in school. She was sick for weeks from the first day of school. When she came back to school, everyone had already made friends and had their own cliques. Thus, she was left out and had to pretend that she liked to be alone to get by.

Suddenly, the girls screamed out they could see Haru from the window...

Taito could not help but blushed at the mere mention of his name.

Scene switched to Haru and friends at the school field...

Haru was shocked to see Nagoya (his pet rooster) with an egg! His friends told him someone must have played a prank on him.

Scene switched back to the girls in Taito's class discussing about Haru as they looked at him from the window. They commented that he looked good. They were wondering why he is always with that girl. They wondered whether she is Haru's girlfriend.

Taito felt sick hearing that...

Scene switched back to Haru's class. The teacher was asking for the class to select a new class representative. Haru, who had the impression that being a class representative equates having lots of friends and is popular, desperately tried to get Shizuku to vote for him. However, he wrote his message wrongly and thus Shizuku could not understand what he wanted.

Haru left class feeling disappointed and upset. Others were not sure why Haru was feeling down, except for Sasayan (who seemed the have this uncanny ability to interpret Haru's bizarre behaviour). Sasayan pointed out to everyone that Haru was probably disappointed with not being selected as the class representative.

Natsume took the opportunity to ask Shizuku what she thought about Taito. Apparently, Natsume also noted Taito's reactions towards Haru and could tell that she was smitted by Haru. Sasayan shared that Taito was from the class beside theirs and she was very popular with the school's baseball team as many of them found her cute.

Shizuku ignored them and told them she would rather pay more attention on her studies. As Shizuku left the class she thought about her behaviour. Recently, she could not bring herself to look at Haru. As she was wondering about her behaviour, she saw the namelist of the top scorer in a recent national mock exams. She was ranked 29. Shizuku was upset. She told herself to place more attention and emphasis on her studies.

Scene switched to Taito queuing to get a drink from the vending machine. Someone cut in front of her. Taito made no attempt to stop him...

Haru was queuing behind Taito, gave the person a kick and told him to queue up. Taito was shocked by Haru's behaviour and thought quietly that the rumours about him being a delinquent must be true...

Haru followed Taito to her lunch spot. He noted that Taito was having lunch alone. He tried to encourage her. He shared that he was once alone but now he's surrounded by friends.

Taito took the opportunity to ask about Shizuku. Without a thought, Haru told her he liked Shizuku. Taito was heartbroken upon hearing that. Before she could get Haru to clarify, they were interrupted by Natsume.

Haru told Natsume about Taito having to eat lunch alone... Before anyone could do much, Taito was brought to their class for an emergency meeting. Both Haru and Natsume, tried to come up with a plan to help Taito make more friends... Shizuku stood up to leave the class as she found them to be too noisy. Haru quarreled with Shizuku for being insensitive and unhelpful.

During Physical exercise lessons, Shizuku was without a partner. She raised up her hands to tell the teacher and was immediately partnered with Taito. Taito was impressed with Shizuku's bravery. Taito tried to apologize to Shizuku for causing Haru and Shizuku to quarrel. Shizuku told her not to worry about it as she was unaffected. Instead, Shizuku encourage Taito to be honest with her feelings. If she felt uncomfortable with Haru and Natsume's plans, she should said it clearly to them. This made Taito realized that she has always been afraid to express herself. As she compared herself to Shizuku, Taito felt even worse about herself...

Scene switched back to Taito and Haru. Taito asked Haru about his feelings towards Shizuku.
Haru turned red. Before he could reply, Natsume appeared to get them to play badminton...

At the badminton court waiting for their turn to play, Taito found herself seated between Haru and Shizuku. Taito noted that the atmosphere was most uncomfortable. Both of them were ignoring each other. Suddenly, Haru broke the silence and asked Shizuku for the reason for ignoring him. Shizuku told Haru honestly that she could not look at him because she would feel shortness of breath when she looked at him and that she could not concentrate on her studies. Haru thought that Shizuku was sick and wanted to rush her to the doctor.

Taito could not help herself, she told Haru that this meant that Shizuku has feelings for him. Taito ran away after saying that as she realized she has just helped Shizuku confessed her feelings to Haru...

The next day, Haru approached Shizuku. He realized that she did not avert her eyes from him. He commented that she behaved normally. That day with Taito made Shizuku realized that she has been foolished not placing her studies in top priority. Shizuku made up her mind to treat Haru normally.

On the other hand, Taito made Haru realized his feelings for Shizuku...

I love this series. This couple is ultimate Kawaii couple!!! More to come, look out for further developments.


  1. welcome back ankemaybe!it's been a while :)

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  5. @ayumi23: Thank you. Yes it has been quite sometime since I blogged about my mangas. ^^ Hope to pick up the momentum soon..

    @Mikimata and Faith: I love the series too. Douitashimashite!

    @Anonymous: KanoUso is already out. I have yet to collect my magazine from the bookshop. Will post it up when I get my hands on it. ^^

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  11. @Mikimata: In the 2 pages, Haru asked himself the same question Taito asked him, "Do you have romantic feelings towards Shizuku?" At the same time, Shizuku turned around and asked him what's wrong. He blushed and could not reply.

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