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Saturday, April 10, 2010

KinKyori Renai/Close Range Love Vol1

This is another Student-Teacher relationship manga. I wonder why this manga has not received much attention. Anyway, since this is one of my favourite mangas, I'm going to give it some air time. :) Currently, I've 4 vols of the series.

Uni is this brilliant prodigy with little knowledge about love and relationship. She excels in everything from studies to sports. The male lead is her English teacher (I wonder why it is always the English teacher?), Haruka. Most of the girls in school are crazy over him due to his cool exterior and good looks. On the outside, Uni seemed cool and not impressed, but secretly, she thinks Haruka is very handsome. Haruka is captivated by her cool and calm exterior as nothing seemed to faze Uni. He sets out to stir her interest, with some funny and painful (she scratched his face, ouch!) consequences. The first volume ended with both of them together as boyfriend and girlfriend. There were some sweet moments.

Uni is feeling insecure. Haruka assures her that he will not stray from her as she has imprinted her name on him. He belongs to her. > __< (sweet...)