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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A.N.Jell He's Beautiful

Gosh! I'm glad I found time to catch this series! I must confess that at first, I wasn't too impressed. But the story line and characters grow on me. I'm at episode 8 and can't put it down! Love the music (oh so catchy!!!), the many bishies and the reverse harem story line!!!

Story line:

This korean drama series is about the behind-the-scene life of a Korean Pop Band, A.N.Jell. The band was looking for a 4th member to join them. However, at the last minute, the selected member (Mi Nam) suffered an accident and went missing. His twin sister (Mi Nyu) took on his role and disguised as him. This led to many hilarious as well as touching moments.

Each of the male leads are so engaging and hot! Can't decide who to choose for Mi Nam. Doesn't it sound like our typical shoujo manga?! I recommend this series to all shoujo fans!