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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Strobe Edge News!!!

To all fans of Strobe Edge,

We all know that this coming chapter is the final curtain call!!! Yes, the very last chapter of Strobe Edge series. I have it from a very reliable source that this chapter will have lots of unforgettable lovey-doveyness. Are you curious? I am. I will only get my copy of the Betsuma magazine tomorrow.

To help ease your waiting or whet your appetite for more, Fujioshi has kindly agreed to give you a teaser of the much-awaited chapter. She will post it up tonight. Look out for it! Afterwhich, I will post a detailed summary of the chapter.

I think that is a great way to say goodbye to this wonderful series we have come to love!



  1. Congrats on guessing right for the ending!

  2. Freesiane: ^^ I can't believe it! I was holding my breath as I read the teasers from fujioshi! What a nice ending! Just as you've put it. Ren is so intense. I'm blinded by the electric currents he sent out!! Gosh!!

  3. Thank you very much, I'm happy and sad at the same time for the ending of this wonderful and extremely sweet story!

  4. Yuka: Me too. I love Strobe Edge!

  5. Hi, thank you for all the summaries that you've posted up lately!
    When can we expect a full summary of the last chappie?

  6. Anonymous: Will try to get it out by tomorrow. I had several long meetings today and was very busy at work. I collected my magazine at night. Give me sometime to get it out.

  7. hey ankemaybe, i'm just curious, but about how old are you and what do you mean by meetings? do you have a manga related job or something, or is this jus a hobby? and thx so much for uploading strobe edge!

  8. cindy: I'm a working adult (not manga-related). I love to read manga. It is definitely my hobby. ^^