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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Strobe Edge Poll

Dear Strobe Edge Fans,

The additional chapter and possibly the last entry for Strobe Edge will be out on 13 September (Monday). I'm likely to be able to get it on the same day, if the delivery is not delayed. According to Betsuma Website, this chapter will detail Ninako and Ren's first date. Ahhhh... I'm so looking forward...

Sometime last month, I asked what were your thoughts about their first date and where should they go. I have given my thoughts and some of you have listed your thoughts. Some were not ready then to give their thoughts. I thought to open it up for more to describe. Below are the entries I have received thus far. Let me know your thoughts. : )

Ankemaybe said...
Being an ardent fan, I've been imagining the likely first date of Ren and Ninako. I have a vision of Ren and Ninako walking hand in hand, going to a dessert shop and sharing sweet desserts. Ren likes sweet stuff but could not eat them when he was dating Mayuka out of consideration for her trying to maintain her weight as a model. I imagine a scenario where there will be lots of staring at each other and blushing... That will up the saccharine level between the two. Yummy!! : )

Anonymous said...

thanks for all of your hard work! i love strobe edge. i imagined the same thing. in ch 11 ren and andou were on the train and before the door closed he got off since ninako fell. they had to wait for the train and ninako was saying its nice that a guy liked sweets. dreaming out loud about a date at a cafe asking for separate cake sets and then splitting them with each other. i think this would be a cute first date for them.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Sakisaka sensei will totally surprise us. I wonder if it will be a date or not...but it has to be right? To be honest I think strobe edge is unpredictable and I love the way she tells it. Whenever I dream up a situation to satisfy myself (because I'm waiting for her brilliant next chapter) it never turns out right and I'm always waiting for your summary, haha. But your scenario sounds so cuute ~!

I do hope to see their 1st date. Kind of weird to see Ninako dating, but I'm happy it's gonna be with Ren. If sensei does show their 1st date, I too hope it will be dessert shop. Thank you for all of your hard work!

I want their first date to be in an amusement park, so that I can see Ren having fun with Ninako. =) They're so cute together!! They can still eat sweet stuff like ice cream or cotton candy there.

Anyway, I hope the Mangaka would fulfill our wishes and not have further obstacles for the couple. It's about time...

Thanks for your blog btw, Ankemaybe! I luv SE and Mi Shounen Produce. Can't wait for the upcoming chapters...

Freesiane said...

Sweeeeet :D I can't believe I haven't thought of this!

Actually, it's still a little too soon for me to imagine how their first date could be. So I've rather been imagining how they'll spend their first day at school as a couple :)
Some little Ninaren moments like Ninako observing Ren in class, when suddenly he turns his head back to look at her :D. A classic one, I know, but with Sakisaka Io's magic, any 'little moment' can turn out to be intense and gorgeous.

Another example: Ninako has always been impressed by Ren's handsomeness, hasn't she? (She teared up once when she saw his hair turn into glowing orange under rays of sunlight. At that time, she felt he looked like a 'god' if I'm not mistaken.)
So what do you think happens if, at the end of the day, Ren walks Ninako home and when they are about to part, in a sudden moment of boldness, Ninako stretches out her hand to touch his handsome face? xDDD

Haha, I know, I'm incorrigible! But I can't help it! One month's a lot of time and my imagination has no limits!

Ankemaybe said...

Anonymous: I do agree that Sakisaka Sensei is a great story teller and she has surprised me many a times. However, if Sakisaka Sensei creates an interruption and prevents Ninako from declaring her feelings to Ren, I may just strangle someone...

angelmiz: : )) I wonder how Ren will react to the rides at the amusement park.

Freesiane: Ohhhh... I just love your descriptions. So romantic... Io Sakisaka Sensei, please hear our pleas.

Lili said...

I can't wait for all of those things to happen. But, I'm very curious as to how Ren is going to react to Ninako's confession. I can just imagine both of them blushing uncontrollably the entire time. It'd be really nice if they end up holding hands by the end of the scene and Ren walks Ninako home.

Ollie said...

Hmmm....well.....since they like the same type of music....perhaps a concert ^^ For a first date it may be a expensive but you'll never know if Ren's parents give him 2 tickets to his favorite band ^-^

Strolling through the park hand in hand is romantic and enjoying each other company and course getting to know each other much better ^^

I like everyone's ideas too! It's so kawaiiii!!!

Looking forward to the next chapter! Thanks for your hard work Ankemaybe~san!


  1. I kinda wanted more ANDOU. T.T

  2. TheToyFor Boys: Perhaps we will see more of Andou in the coming chapter. I think the mangaka will explain to all fans about Andou and what will happen to him.