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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Faster than A Kiss Chapter 34

Pardon my attempt to translate, do let me know if I make mistake. I'm a novice when it comes to Japanese. : )

This chapter is enclosed in May issue's of Lala. Super sweet chapter. Maa-kun's brother is beginning to realise he is attracted to Fumino. Basically, the chapter started with Fumino hurting her hand in a game. Doctor said she'll need about 10 days to recover. Meanwhile she will not be able to use her hand.

Fumino is so sensitive. : ) She blushes even when Maa-kun is close by and when he feeds her. What a sweet husband he is.

In class, Maa-kun calls out her name and asked her about her hand and she reacts again. I suppose he is teasing her. Sigh... Can't imagine what will happen when they consummate the relationship. XD

(Shouma) Maa-Kun's brother looks at Fumino and is captivated. Fumino oblivious asked him what it is and he covered up by messing up her hair. As he was plaiting her hair for her, he could not help but looked smitten.

Maa-kun saw his brother and Fumino. XD (He saw his brother's look! He knows! Maybe that will force him to loose his control...)

Shouma could not help himself but grabbed hold of Fumino's hair when she thanked him and was leaving. It is an instinctive reaction. Ooohhh... Fumino screamed in pain and he covered up by saying her hair is very dirty. How can she burden Maa-Kun with her dirty hair? XD

Feeling very responsible, she decides to cut her hair!?! (hahahaha...) Maa-Kun came back in time to stop her.

Maa-Kun volunteered to wash her hair. Fumino had a vision of herself in the bath tub with him. XD Fumino's reaction to Maa-kun washing her hair was most hilarious. (Sigh... I can feel his passion for her when he was drying her hair...)

Innocently, Fumino mentioned Shouma's comment about her hair... Maa-kun reacted by covering her mouth : "Don't talk about Shouna's words..." (he is jealous XD)

He doesn't want Shouma's touch on her hair to linger.