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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru Chapter 21 (Part 2)

I have not been blogging for quite a while. I know many of you have been waiting for KwUwA. I must say the chapter is the longest by far... This is for the fans. Enjoy. ^_^

Riko's Dad apologises to Aki for the cat's misbehaviour. He explains that the cat is usually well behaved. (At that moment, the cat gave Aki the evil eye...)

Aki (kneeling in a very formal posture), tells Riko's Dad that he is well so he doesn't need to worry.

Riko's Dad serves Aki food and asks him:" What is your relationship with Riko? You can't be his boyfriend, right?" Smiling, the Dad continues:" I suspect she is dating."

Riko's Dad:"Although Riko has not said anything. As her father, I can tell. In the past, she didn't even wash her face and dashed out to school. But now, she wakes up early and takes time to beautify herself before leaving. She even helps out with cooking. This make me think that she has a boyfriend."


Riko's Dad not paying attention to Aki, interrupts:"Do you know the band Crude Play? I wonder whether she is dating one of the member Shinya."

Riko's Dad:"If it is Shinya, then I'm happy. He seems like a good guy." (Aki is dumbfounded upon hearing that piece of news).

At that moment, Riko returns from delivering produce to customer. She sees Aki:"Ogsawara San!"

Formally, Aki bows:"I am sorry to have disturbed you." (A formal greeting made when entering someones home)

Aki and Riko go up to Riko's room. Dad is trying to eavesdrop.

Getting the first-aid box, Riko points at her bed and tells Aki to sit there.

Riko proceeds to tend to Aki's wound. Suddenly, Aki remembers that he vomited and asks whether he smells.

Riko assures him that he doesn't.
Riko finishes tending to Aki's wound. Aki thanks Riko.

Aki and Riko sit down quietly beside each other...

Scene switches back to Takaga. He is resting at home. His daughter comes to him and tells him that mum wants him to help her with her homework.
Takaga refuses to help and tells her to be more independent. When she frets and insists that he helps, Takaga tells her that it is important to depend on herself and not others as he cannot be with her forever.

Back to Aki and Riko, Aki tries to tell Riko something. Riko refuses to listen. She vacillates between wanting to listen and not. Finally, she tells Aki to she doesn't want to know. Out of frustration, Aki shouts whether she wants to hear him out or not.

Riko explains that being kept in ignorance is better than knowing the truth. She is afraid of the truth. Riko expresses that she cannot bear the thought that Aki's first time is with that woman.

Riko expresses that she feels terrible knowing the truth and feels terrible not knowing anything. Aki asks what should he do then. Riko tells him to answer the questions she asks.

Riko asks Aki how much he earns. Aki is taken aback. After much hesitation, Aki tells her about $200 000 a year. Riko tells him not to lie as she has investigated that the rent for the apartment he is staying is rather expansive.

Aki blushes and tells her that he is earning about $4 million annually. Riko wonders why he needs to feel embarrassed about his earning cos this is the fruit of his hardwork. Aki explains that he feels embarrassed because he thinks it is too much and it is 3 times more than what Shinya earns.

Riko continue with her questions. She asks whether Aki's lyrics reflect his true feelings. Aki denies. Riko smiles and tells him she is done with her questions.

Aki knows that Riko knows that he lied about the lyrics but she chooses to accept that as the truth. Aki feels that is Riko's strength.

Aki stares at Riko and asks whether she is willing to marry him. He asks her whether she wants to spend her life together with him. Riko blushes....

Riko shouts:"I can't!" Aki asks whether refusing him without considering carefully is normal. Riko tells him off that he is weird as they have only known each other for a short time and moreover, she is only 16. Aki rebuts that he is already 25 years old and he thinks it is perfectly normal. He can finally understand why some couple dates for only 3 months and is considering getting married.

Riko explains that she is going to debut soon. Aki tells her that many stars debut after they are married. Riko tells him that she doesn't want people to know her as Crude Play's Aki's wife.

Aki looks at her intensely and says that perhaps she doesn't want people to know he is her producer and she is debuting because of him.

I hope you like this chapter. I wish Riko says yes to Aki's proposal of marriage. But I can understand her concerns. Hmmm... I wonder whether Riko will agree to let Aki be in charge of her debut....