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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Kinkyori Renai/Close Range Love Chapter 21

Thanks to Bebexiu, I have in my hands several chapters of Kinkyori Renai. Bebexiu has kindly offered me this opportunity to translate this manga. Thanks a million!!! I must confess that I have the chapters sometime ago but due to work commitments and many other distractions, I did not sit down to look at them until recently. I apologise for the delay (to Bebexiu and for those who were waiting).

After ploughing through the chapters in Japanese, I love how the story is developing! Some of you may know that I collect this manga and only 5 volumes have been translated into mandarin. Can't wait to get my hands on vol 6 and 7 (in mandarin). I love this series. I love the humour and I love the drawing style, especially Haruka Sensei (so cool!!!). Enough of me drooling...

Originally, I intend to give a brief summary but after ploughing through the chapters, I could not help but give a more detailed summary. Please let me know if you prefer a shorter version. : )

I mentioned in my last entry that Haruka has broken up with Uni. Reasons were not given and Uni is heart-broken. Let's pick up from there.

Chapter 21 (Uni's Lost Love)

It is the school's ball game tournament. The winning class will get lunch vouchers of unlimited value for a week. The whole class is excited. Some of the classmates comment that Uni will be the key person to help them win the tournament. However, Uni's response was out of character. She seemed rather upbeat. The class looks at her and wonders what has overcome her.

Azusa, Uni's childhood friend, asks her what happen when they are alone. She tells him she has been jilted. Azusa is taken aback but is secretly rejoicing as he likes Uni and habours the thought of getting together with her. Azusa takes the opportunity to express that for Haruka, a teacher, to meddle in a relationship with his student is not becoming and a horrible thing to do. However, Uni, surprises Haruka by saying that she sees it differently. She thinks that she deserves this and she has lost her confidence due to something she did. The only thing that is clear to her now is that her heart is broken.

On the day of the ball game tournament, Uni wakes up feeling slightly feverish. However, she turns up for the tournament and tries her best to help and concentrate despite feeling feverish. In order to take her mind off Haruka, Uni throws herself into the various ball games and plays all the games. Of course, she excels in all the games much to her classmates delight and their competitors despair.

After which, whilst taking a break, Uni finds herself feeling light and dizzy. She is thinking of eating some food to regain her energy when she suddenly feels faint and almost falls down a flight of stairs. At that moment, Haruka Sensei passes by and grabs hold of her hands. He chides her and tells her that her condition today is terrible. He insists that she goes to the sick bay and rests. Uni thinks to herself that no one notices her bad condition except Haruka. She cannot help herself but grabs hold of him from behind and asks him whether he will find her bothersome if he continues to like her. With a serious look, he tells her it is useless as he will find it a bother. Uni is hurt...

At the resting area, 2 boys from another class approach her and tell her that there friends would like to discuss some matters with her and seek her views. Thinking that they can be of help to her lost love situation, Uni immediately agrees. They trick her to the store room and lock her in there. Uni, who is already unwell, coughs and begs for someone to open the door.

Meanwhile, back at the ball tournament. Uni classmates realise that Uni is not around. When Haruka hears of it, he is worried that she may have fainted somewhere as she has not been feeling well. Azusa, is surprised to learn from Haruka that Uni is unwell. Azusa is also surprised by Haruka's response towards Uni's disappearance. Azusa follows Haruka to search for Uni.

Haruka and Azusa fail to find Uni. Haruka wonders whether Uni has taken a bus home. At that moment, they overhear someone talking about Uni being locked up. As Azusa and Haruka confront the group of boys, the key drops to the lower floor. Without hesitating, Haruka jumps to the lower floor to retrieve the key. Azusa is shocked: " Are you okay?" Haruka replies:"No worries."

At the storeroom, Haruka and Azusa find Uni unconscious. Haruka stops himself from touching Uni and tells Azusa to carry Uni to the sick bay. Haruka claims that he has to leave to attend to some other task. A confused Azusa asks Haruka to explain his frantic behaviour a moment ago as opposed to his current indifferent demeanor. Haruka walks away and tells him Azusa does not need to understand his behaviour.

At the sick bay, Uni asks Azusa whether anyone help him to rescue her. Azusa tells her he was the one who discovered her at the storeroom and brought her to the sick bay. Uni is sad and disappointed. She thinks Haruka will never look at her like he used to again...

My thoughts: Sigh... It is clear to me that Haruka obviously loves Uni and cares alot for her yet he broke up with her. Haruka did not explain his behaviour. It is frustrating. I don't understand why he thinks that is a mature way of handling the situation. Well, the next chapter is about Uni's wish. I took a peak at it and I do believe that the mangaka will end this agony and put the two back together. YES!

Himitsu no Ai-chan and Kinkyori Renai/Close Range Love

Dear Fans and Followers of Himitsu no Ai-chan,

Fujioshi will be taking up this project and giving you the summary of the latest chapter. I will stop doing so and concentrate on other projects. : ) I'm so happy to be doing things this way. It is like working to together to share our love for various mangas to fellow fans and friends. Do visit her blog http://fujioshi.blogspot.com/ for Himitsu no Ai-chan's updates!

Talking about working together, Bebexiu from BebeXiu©Shoujo Home came to know that I'm a fan of Kinkyori Renai and has approached me to translate and summarise the series. I'm so honored to be given this opportunity. : ) She has lent me several chapters (thank you so much Bebexiu!) and I'm in the midst of translating and summarising. Those of you who are fans, I will be summarising from Chapter 21 onwards. All I can say is that I love how the story is developing. Do look out for it. Like I say I love this way of working together to share our love for mangas to all.

Ganbatte Kudasai!

Monday, July 26, 2010

迷雾中的蝴蝶/Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru Chapter 165

Here's the latest chapter of Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru. Sigh... Nothing much happened!!!

Aki recalls Takagi san's words after he met Riko. He told Aki that after hearing Riko sang, instantly, he was sure that she is talented. He likes her voice, attitude , appearance and even musical mood.

Aki is staring at Riko as she hums the song she has heard. He seems overwhelmed and mesmerized by her singing. At that moment, Riko turns and asks him:" that song..."

Blushing... Aki: "Do you want tea? If not, how about coffee?" Riko:"No. Coffee is bad for the throat. This is because caffeine is bad for the voice..." As Riko answers, Aki runs to the kitchen without waiting for Riko to finish her reply. Riko, puzzled by what happened:" Ogasawara san!?"

In the kitchen, Aki tells himself that it is wrong, he should not even consider the possibility of taking up Takagi san's offer of training Riko... his issue with Takagi san and the lack of confidence he has towards Takagi san. But then, Aki recalls Shinya's description of Riko's quality of voice, he cannot help but agree vehemently that Riko has a very good voice.

As he wonders what he should do, Riko appears at the door of the kitchen:" Ogasawara san? What is it?"

Aki feeling embarrassed, blushes and comments that he is in a terrible situation. Riko:" Perhaps... That song I sang, where was it from?" Aki taken by surprise:"Why?" Riko quickly apologises. Riko:"I didn't mean to lie... I fail to mention even though you told me you dislike a girl to sing... I... sing and play in a band... because of that..."

Aki interrupts and asks why is she crying. Riko thinks that crying is not allowed...and he really dislike her...

Aki grabs hold of her hand and hugs her to comfort her: "When you cry, you can be taken advantage of by a man... a man will stretch out his hand and take the opportunity when possible." Riko laughs. Aki:"This is no a laughing matter! It is a serious matter!"...

At the same time, he kisses her. Riko pushes against Aki:" Wait... our pact is that 1 kiss a day... are you going to keep it?"

That ends Chapter 16. Like I said, nothing much happened in this chapter. Perhaps the mangaka is trying to bait us and leave us wanting more... Well let's hope that more things will happen in the next chapter.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mi Shounen Produce Chapter 13

I LOVE this chapter of Mi Shounen Produce. Apart from the artwork (yummilicious is the word that first came to mind), I love how the story is developing. Sigh... Kousei is sizzling HOT, oouucch!!!

Kako, face flushed and hands clasped against her chest:" Kousei... that... I... about you..."


Kako reaches out to switch off her alarm clock. It was a dream.

Kako is briefing Kousei on his schedule. She has planned for the publication of a book entitled "Up and Coming Young Actor: Yagami Kousei". He will be taking photos and doing an exclusive interview for this book. Kako cannot help but notice Kousei seems aloof. She realizes that his mood has been like that for sometime.

Kako and Kousei are at the photographer's preparing for Kousei's photoshoot. Kako is reminded of Tomoe Senpai telling her that he is aware of her feelings for Kousei and that it shall be a secret between them. At that moment, the bentou arrives and Kako tries to get Kousei to eat but he claims he isn't hungry. Kako thinks that Kousei is upset because he is not privy to the secret between Tomoe and her. As she looks at Kousei posing for the photoshoot (XD I just love this pose...), she thinks that she has no reason to tell him her secret.

During the interview, Kako cannot help but is pleased with Kousei's performance as he has remembered all the answers she has crafted in preparation for the interview. Kousei is asked whether there is any fellow actors he likes or dislikes. As Kousei gives his answers, Kako realises that in time to come, Kousei will not have the freedom to have a girlfriend and date without the public knowing about it.

Editor-in-chief turns up and tells Kousei that he met Tomoe some time ago and Tomoe claims to be his good friend as they are from the same school and have done several projects together. Kousei quickly denies and says that he has no recollection of such good relationship with him. Kako quickly intervenes and explains that Kousei is kind of afraid of Tomoe...

Kako explains clearly (for the benefit of the reporter) that in truth, Kousei is very respectfully fearful of Tomoe. When they are alone, Kousei tells Kako that with regards to his previous answer to the reporter, Tomoe falls under the type he dislike. In addition, he tells her that he dislike (from the bottom of his heart) persons who keep secrets from him.(XD Kousei is jealous!)

That night Kako dreams that Kousei tells her he dislike her from the bottom of his heart...

Tomoe tells Kako that Kousei is being ridiculous getting all peeved over one or two secrets. Kako tells Tomoe that Kousei's mood is still not good and thus requests that he not listen to the things Kousei says. Tomoe assures her that he will not disclose their secret or be affected by him and that she should not be bothered.

At Kousei's dressing room, Kako tries to pretend that nothing is amiss and talks about the people waiting to meet Kousei and asks him to eat the bentou. Again, Kousei refuses to acknowledge... Kako replies:"I understand..."

Kousei:"This time, there is much stubborness but I am not giving in as that matter is of great importance." With that he takes a bite from the bentou. Kousei adds on:"You are a fool, Kako."
Blushing, Kako rebuts: "You are a jerk, Kousei."

At that moment, Tomoe enters with a bouquet of flowers. Tomoe claims that he is nearby and decides to drop by to congratulate him for launching his new book. At the same time, Tomoe expresses that he has heard from the Editor-in-chief that Kousei is full of respect for him.

In reply, Kousei expresses that it is a misprint. Tomoe ignores him and presents the bouquet of flowers to Kako. He tells her that their date was interrupted and he wishes to continue with it. Kousei sweeps his flowers off and tells him to leave. Tomoe calls him a person who gets carried away easily and tells him to exercise some control.

Kako steps in a drags Kousei away. She apologises to Tomoe and claims that Kousei is late for his book launch. Alone with Kousei, Kako reprimands him and asks him why he made such a speech and not consider the consequences. Angrily, Kousei wonders why Kako is siding with Tomoe and he asks whether she finds her date with him enjoyable. Kako denies. Kousei asks in exasperation what Kako thinks is the reason he is very upset, in the first place. Kako, concern that others may hear their conversation, pleads with Kousei to lower his voice. Kousei tells Kako that it is not possible for him to be calm and quiet unless she tells him what their secret is.

Without knowing, Kako blurts out to Kousei that she cannot tell him the secret of she liking him as he will not be pleased with it. Thus, there is no benefit in telling him. Kousei asks her to explain what she has just said... at that moment, Editor-in-chief enters and tells them that it is time for the book launch and meeting of fans... Kako realises that she has blurted out her secret and her feelings to Kousei...

As Kako looks at Kousei when he steps out to greet his fans, she asks herself what has she just said... She is reminded of their past together when they were happy although insignificant; how things have changed... she realises that in truth she likes that time very much...

Kako realises that she misses her past spent with Kousei... at that moment Kousei enters and passes the bouquets of flowers he receives from the fans. Their hands touch, he holds her hand and lingers... Kousei: "Thank you..."

Kousei tells the Editor-in-chief that he needs some rest time and disappear behind the curtain leading to his dressing room where Kako is standing waiting... Kousei tells her he wants to know what she meant by her earlier statements. Blushing and with tears in her eyes, Kako confesses her feelings:" I love you, Kousei."
Kousei:"You are slow..."

He bends down and kisses her...
As the kiss ends, Kako slowly becomes aware of what has just happened. Kousei:"Do you know how long I have to endure the nervousness and irritation thinking about Tomoe meddling and knowing things before I do?" He tells her that despite the fact that he is happy with her confession, he had to deliberately force her until she tells him so.
Kousei assures her that there is no reason for him to be unhappy with her feelings and no reason for her to explain her feelings.

Meanwhile, Tomoe tells his aide that he is very impressed with Kako...

I really love the artwork. To me the story and the artwork is rather breathtaking. I especially like their kiss. Very nice. The chemistry between Kousei and Kako is electrifying to say the least. Will definitely post the latest chapter soon...

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bokutachi wa Shitte Shimatta 傻傻未知爱 Chapter 40

Fans of BWSS, yes finally the latest chapter.

Yukito dyed his hair back to black again. He is feeling unsure about his haircut as he realises that he has been receiving some attention. He wonders whether his haircut looks strange and weird. Kotori, on the other hand, cannot tear her eyes away from him as she thinks he looks very captivating with the haircut and his yukata. Embarrassed, Yukito covers her eyes and tells her that he is embarrassed and not to look at him. Kotori replies innocently:" but, if I want to see, I have to see..."
Kotori mentions that she must thank Natsume Chan. With the mention of Natsume's name, both are reminded of 2 different things. Kotori remembers Natsume encouraging her to get a commemorative item to commemorate their reunion. Yukito, on the other hand was reminded not to do anything that will make Kotori cry...

Kotori is thinking that Yukito has not shown much reaction to her Yukata. She wonders whether he finds it suitable for her. In an attempt to get his attention, Kotori puts on a scary mask... Yukito tells her that she almost gave him a heart attack. Kotori:"At last, you are looking at my direction..."

Kotori:"I wonder whether this Yukata suits me?"
Yukita embarassed again asks:" What do you want...?" (Sigh... not the best reply, buddy)
In response, Kotori tells Yukita that she thinks that Yukita is not pleased with her because he is not looking at her.
Yukita is shocked that Kotori has such thoughts. With much difficulty, he expresses that actually, he finds Kotori really cute today. (Sigh... he should have said that right at the beginning. I know I have said this countless times, but both of them are really clueless.)

Yukito confesses that Kotori looks exceptionally cute... Yukito stretches out his hand...

...and grabs Kotori hand while looking at her...
Overwhelmed, Kotori turns:"Just as I thought, you don't need to look." With a determined look, Yukita replies:"Already too late." "Look at me straight in the eye, try to look at me." Yukita smiles while looking at Kotori. Surprised, Kotori tells him that he is smiling, in which case, he denies as he is too embarrassed...

... the birth of a pair of love birds (narration). Just at that moment, two of Yukita's friends appear to tease him. Yukita fends them off.

Kotori realizes that Yukita is a shy person. She is also enjoying Yukita's touch and can't help but feel that everything feels light and fluffy around her.

The next day, Kotori is sick. She is really feeling light and fluffy now. XD

Yukita notices that Kotori is on sick leave. Enters Shitara. He cannot recognize Yukita with his new haircut. They are about to part ways...

Yukita thank Shitara. Shitara tells him not to as he did not aid in bringing them together. Yukita explains that he is thankful to Shitara for sending Kotori back during the period he tried to find out who was stalking her.

Kotori apologizes to her brother for being stuck with her. Her brother is tasked to look after her as her parents are not in. Her brother is suppose to meet his girlfriend but he has to cancel his date to look after her. Her brother tells her not to think too much about it as his girlfriend will understand.

Kotori's brother's girlfriend is not happy about the situation and he is put in a spot.

Yukita feeling worried turns up at Kotori's house. When her brother sees him, he leaves Kotori to Yukita and rushes out to meet his girlfriend, much to Yukita's uneasiness. XD

Yukita places a kiss on Kotori's forehead much to her surprise. Seeing her reactions, he immediately apologises.
That's the end of Chapter 40. Hmmm... it seems that Kotori's sickness brings out the "best" in both of them. Both of their guards are down and they seem less inhibited. XD.