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Friday, June 11, 2010

Kami-sama Hajimemashita/元气少女缘结神 Chapter 19

Hi all, this is chapter 19. In this chapter, Nanami realises that she likes Tomoe very much. Hope you enjoy the chapter.

Coming to the end of the semester and Nanami is fretting about studying for her exams. Tomoe chides her for not doing her work as a shrine god as well as not studying. Nanami laments that she cannot fulfill her duty and role as a shrine god...

Kurama enters the scene surrounded by adoring female students. Kurama picks a fight with Tomoe. (Both are fighting over whether Nanami hates the other).

Nanami wonders why the two of them (both are kindred monsters), being of the same, cannot get along. Suddenly, Nanami notices two female students hiding and staring at the bickering pair. One of them is Ah Mei whom Kurama rescued from being attacked by an evil spirit. Ah Mei tells Nanami that she has not spoken to Kurama since he rescued her and she is hoping to thank Kurama personally for his kind deeds to her.

Nanami looks upon Ah Mei as a girl who needed to be taken care of. She takes it upon herself to help Ah Mei and Kurama to meet. Ah Mei asks whether Nanami is a powerful priestess who has the ability to chase away evil spirit. Nanami thinks to herself that granting people's wishes is something she can do.

Nanami pastes a talisman that will make Kurama invisible to people around him. Kurama is shocked that the female population ignore him. Nanami orders him to go to the chemistry lab. Feeling despondent, he heeds Nanami's directions and heads towards the chemistry lab to wait.

At the Lab, Ah Mei meets Kurama and thank him for saving her. In response, Kurama asks for her name!

... embarassed that Kurama doesn't remember her, Ah Mei tries to run away. Unfortunately, she slips and falls. Her underwear is exposed. A group of male students walk past and laugh at her misfortune. Kurama tells them off for being childish and addresses Ah Mei by her name...

Meanwhile, at the rooftop, Nanami witness the happenings. Tomoe chides her for getting Ah Mei (a human) involve with Kurama (a monster).

Nanami wonders whether Tomoe has suffered rejections by his love interest in the past. Tomoe tells Nanami to concentrate in her studies instead. Nanami tells Tomoe that monsters and human beings should get along too. She tells him she believes that there's a human being who wants to befriend Tomoe.

Tomoe replies that he doesn't see the need to get along with anyone and that his duty is to protect and take care of her. Nanami blushes upon hearing his comment.

A female student approach Nanami and confesses that she is in love with Tomoe. She wants to know whether Nanami is going out with Tomoe. Nanami denies. The female student laments that Nanami and Tomoe go home together everyday. She asks Nanami to give her the opportunity to do so with Tomoe.

Nanami agrees but realises that she's not too happy...

Tomoe rejects going home with the female student. He finds Nanami and tells her off.

He declares that to him ( a shrine god's servant), she is most important... Hearing that, Nanami realises that she likes Tomoe very much...