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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Special Chapter of Himitsu no Ai chan

Himitsu no Reo Chan

This is a short special chapter of Himitsu no Ai chan. This chapter is from Reo's perspectives (thus the title). Reo thinks that there is a great difference between his love for Aiko and Aiko's love for him. XD Reo is sulking.

The whole basketball team is having a meal gathering at SPICA. Reo's thoughts have been focused on Aiko and their cancelled date. Reo is upset as Aiko and him have a date but Aiko found it hard to reject the teammates offer to meet and have a meal. As Reo went to the toilet, Aiko hid in a corner and tried to apologise to him through the wall. She promised him that they would definitely go on the date next time. Reo asked her for a kiss instead. Without waiting for her reply, he kissed her. He asked whether she is burnt up after the kiss, she denied and he called her a liar... As he continued to kiss Aiko, he thought that how Aiko responded to the kiss (definitely one day) he would be able to make Aiko loose her heart to him. (Aiko is already quite taken...XD)

This is an extremely short chapter. Sigh... I wish it is longer. Nothing new. This confirms what we already know about Reo - he is totally smitten with Aiko. ^^