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Monday, August 16, 2010

Kamisama Hajimemashita Chapter 21

Hi Fans of Kamisama Hajimemashita,

This is chapter 21.

Nanami feeling despondent, has lost her appeitite cos Tomoe "rejected" her in the previous chapter. It is the start of summer vacation but Nanami cannot bring herself to feel excited over it. Mei (Nanami's classmate) asks Nanami whether she would like to go to the beach during the summer vacation. Nonchalantly, she expresses that it is a great idea. Mei tries to get Nanami to wake up. Nanami thinks that even if she wants to sort out her feelings, it is near impossible as Tomoe is always around...

Tomoe enters the class and stares at Nanami. He scolds her for not eating well. He asks whether she is trying to diet. Weakly, Nanami protests that she has no appetite. Tomoe insists that Nanami has to force herself to eat. Mei, in her bid to protect Nanami, tells Tomoe that Nanami's condition is his fault. She is depressed as Tomoe has rejected her feelings.

Nanami laments that her heart cannot quieten down. Tomoe sees Nanami's expression and throws a fuss. He pushes Mei away and threatens to stuff food down Nanami's throat.

As Tomoe bends to open Nanami's mouth, he cannot. (In the last chapter, Nanami commands Tomoe not to touch her anymore and as Nanami is Tomoe's god, he has to listen to her commands). Looking at Tomoe's response, Nanami thinks that she is the only one who is affected by the incident. She alone feels that she has no control of her emotions. To her, she thinks Tomoe seems unaffected. The only difference she notes is that Tomoe does not touch her anymore. Nanami wonders whether he does it on purpose. (Nanami seems to have forgotten about her commands to Tomoe).

Meanwhile, Mei tries to encourage Nanami to cheer up...

Mei tries to encourage Nanami to go to the beach as she feels that the beach will do some good to her. Nanami agrees to meet them on Saturday at the beach.

Meanwhile, back at the temple, Mizuki enters to see Nanami and Tomoe quarreling. Tomoe forbids Nanami to go to the beach and she refuses to obey.

Tomoe tells Nanami that the sea is full of monsters and she is his god thus he cannot let her encounter any danger. Moreover, he cannot go into water thus he will not be able to protect her. Nanami tells Tomoe that her friends will be there. Tomoe disagrees as he feels that her friends will not be able to protect her.

Misuki who has been quietly listening to the conversation interrupts and says that he can accompany her to the beach.

At the beach, Nanami thinks that her mood will improve seeing the blue sky and the beautiful beach.

Nanami expresses that it has been a long time since she came to the beach. Her friend, however, is rather upset that Tomoe and Mizuki are tagging along. She tells Tomoe to keep his distance as she is her to make more male friends. She didn't want the potential suitors to think that Tomoe or Mizuki is her boyfriend.

The girls change into their swim suit. Nanami's friends tells her that she looks good in her suit. They encourage her to walk over to where Tomoe and Mizuki are sitting to see their reactions. However, Nanami feels self-conscious when Tomoe casts a glance at her. Not knowing how to handle her discomfort, Nanami suggests that they go into the sea for a swim.

Looking at Nanami's and her friends' departing figures, Mizuki comments that girls of this generation have no sense of modesty when it comes to their dress sense. He feels that male humans subjected to such a sight will naturally turn into a lecherous monster.

On a more serious note, Mizuki expresses his curiosity as to why Tomoe bothers to turn up at the beach. He tells Tomoe that he knows Tomoe is happy to be here at the beach but he is surprised that Tomoe actually turned up. Mizuki tells him that he knows the reason why Tomoe cannot go into the sea. He tells Tomoe he will keep the secret from Nanami.

After that comment, Mizuki calls out to Nanami and runs into the sea to join them.

From the beach, Tomoe is observing Nanami. He looks at her as she smiles and enjoys herself. Nanami finds a pretty sea shell and runs to Tomoe enthusiastically to show it to him. In a bid to control himself, Tomoe responds nonchalantly to Nanami. Seeing her disappointment, Mizuki puts his hand on her shoulder and tells her to leave Tomoe alone as he hates the sea.
Tomoe stares angrily after the couple and frustratingly expresses his displeasure towards Mizuki. Tomoe:" That idiotic snake (Mizuki)! I can't touch Nanami and he can do so as he pleases!!"

Mei tells Nanami that she is happy that Nanami looks happier.

Suddenly, a huge wave crashes into them. Mei disappears into the waves. Nanami:" Mei! Mei!"

As a wet Mizuki approaches Tomoe, he notices Tomoe looks irritated. Mizuki:"What's wrong with you?"

Suddenly, one of Nanami's friends runs towards them and shouts:"Tomoe, Mei and Nanami..."

At that moment, Nanami gets out of the sea. She is shivering and coughing.

Tomoe:"Are you ok, Nanami?"

Nanami:"Tomoe, Mei has disappeared. She doesn't know how to swim. Tomoe, I beg of you, please help her!"

Tomoe tells Nanami:"Leave it to me."

Tomoe heads into the sea. Mizuki is suprised and asks Tomoe whether he is sure he wants to go into the sea. Tomoe tells Mizuki that since Nanami asked him, he will go.

Tomoe saves Mei. Nanami smiles appreciatively at him:" Thank you, Tomoe."

Suddenly, another voice echoes:" Thank you, Tomoe..."

Nanami sees beyond Tomoe...

A hideous monster rose out of the sea:"... Thank you for coming into the sea. Because of that, I've found you, Tomoe."

That concludes Chapter 21. This chapter we can see Tomoe feeling jealous when other male person (Mizuki) pays attention to Nanami or gets close to her. He will go to all length for Nanami's sake, including putting himself at risk. I'm hoping that Nanami will note this in the next few chapters.