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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Kimi Ni Todo Ke

This is their first and highly-anticipated date for Sawako and Shouta. And it is worth the wait. Karuho sensei milked the moment and satisfied my expectations. There were many "Awwww.." moments for me. It is a sweet date to say the least. : )

While preparing for the date, Sawako worries about her looks. She wonders whether she looks ok for the date. (Girl, u look great!) Prior to the date, she was told it's Shouta's birthday and she prepares to celebrate it with him.

She rushes to the meeting place not wanting to be late for the date. Shouta is already there waiting for her. He confesses he woke up early cos he was feeling rather excited over the date. (XD sweet). Sawako blushes at his confession. (Awwww...)

Sawako empties the contents of her bag. Shouta is surprised to see the beautifully and thoughtfully made food.

Shouta exclaims that the food is delicious and tears. He is touched: "I will not forget this moment." (Awwww...) Sawako blushes...

Sawako bends down and formerly wishes Shouta happy birthday. (hee...hee...). She is so cute.

Sawako apologises for finding out his birthdate only recently. (she is honest to a fault) She prepares 3 gifts for Shouta. 2 of the gifts are for his pet dog. The last gift is a handphone accessory (a mini camera).

Shouta expressed that initially, he felt lonely that Sawako did not go out with him after the confession. However, now he realises that it was because Sawako was busy preparing for the presents. He is very touched that she puts in so much effort for him.

Sawako, feeling uncertained, wonders why Shouta could change his feelings and like her after her confession. (sigh.. she can be so dense...) Shouta assures her that he really meant what he said and that he really likes her.

Many more sweet moments at the planetarium museum.

After the planetarium, she took out 2 other gifts (which she wanted to give in the past but did not). They were a knitted cap for Christmas and cookies for Valentine's Day. Sawako, feeling uncertain, tells him it is ok if he doesn't want the gifts...

Shouta shows his appreciation by putting on the cap and eating the cookies. He is such a sweet guy. : )

Shouta: " I really love you."... "I'm very happy..." (Awwww...)