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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Secret Garden EP 19

Joo Won regained his memory and kissed Ra Im after teasing her. Photo - courtesy of thedramascene.com

Don't ask me why but they don't have to kiss deeply to move me. Such tenderness expressed through the peck on the forehead. Sigh...

I can't help myself.... I just need to talk about Secret Garden Ep 19. In fact, I would love to chat about Secret Garden the drama series. I suspect it is my way of saying goodbye to this addictive drama.

First and foremost, kyaaaahhhhh!!! *Fangirl scream* I LOVE ep 19. It made me smile, laugh and cry. And Yes! the Bling Bling tracksuit made its appearance too.

I love it that the lost of memory on Joo Won's part did not play out a cliche storyline - eg. the leads struggle in agony over the lost of memory. On the flip side, in Secret Garden, the lost of memory lent much to make the drama hilarious. I love the fact that Ra Im left a deep enough imprint on Joo Won, such that the 21 year old Joo Won couldn't understand why he felt this deep attraction against his logical deduction. It is most refreshing to see the hormone-raging 21 year old Joo Won trying to get physical with Ra Im (getting her wet and in the pool with him).

I love how Ra Im recited Joo Won's rhymn to reign in her desire when Joo Won leaned over to ask about whether they had kissed. She explained that he had recited the same rhymn in a bid to control his desire too out of respect for her. I was laughing when the 21 year old Joo Won, expressed shock and disbelief at this piece of news.

Ep 19 also provided the explanation of how Ra Im's father died to save Joo Won. It was most touching to see the rescue scene. Really, Hyun Bin's acting brought tears to my eyes. He can sell me a plain stone and pass it off as a precious diamond and I will buy it. Gosh! He is that good!!!

Joo Won regained his lost memory even that of him being rescued by Ra Im's father. I love how he tenderly kissed Ra Im on the forehead explaining that it was on behalf of her father whose last words were that she is loved...

Both Ra Im and Joo Won paid a visit to Ra Im's father's niche where Joo Won expressed his love and desire to marry Ra Im to her father. Joo Won also visited his mother and expressed his desire to marry Joo Won. I LOVE how he put it:" I have spent 34 years of my life being your son, now I am going to spend the rest of my life being her husband." That clearly spelt out his intent and emphasis on priority.

Finally, 2 interesting and curious notes:

1) A Young had a dream. We all know how accurate her dreams had been. She dreamt that in front of a tall black gate, 3 children dressed in white with tears in their eyes. Joo Won was at the side with his hands over his mouth and tears rolling down. Ra Im was bawling... What does that mean? I see triplets in Ep 20! Woo Hoo!!!

2) Joo Won apologised to Ra Im's father when Ra Im and Joo Won visited his niche. Apparently, Joo won had visited Ra Im's father's funeral wake but did not get to pass his last words to Ra Im. Hmmm... why, what happened? I wonder whether Joo Won's mother have a part to play in this.

Sigh... Ep 20 is airing in less than 7 hours! I want to hear what you think about it. Let's talk about Secret Garden...


  1. I'm too sad that Secret Garden is ending! I wish I had discovered about this drama after it ended, so maybe it wouldn't have become so addictive - I'm tempted to watch it live today, but I should really restrain myself and STUDY instead.
    About Ah Young's dream, someone actually posted a leaked picture at soompi with that scenario, and the black gate seems to be the one in front of the Sea Witch (Jw's mom) house. My guess is JW and RI are crying because the evil mom eventually accepted their marriage and their children.
    As for the fact that JW was at the funeral, that clearly means that he didn't forget about the elevator accident right after it (which would have been the most obvious possibility, considering the huge shock of seeing the elevator falling and crashing - that scene was so well made!), but he was so deeply affected by the sight of the young RI crying, while he was already quite mentally stressed, that he ended up removing that memory. It's likely that his mom went with him to the funeral, but she probably just brought him back when he started feeling unwell in front of that scene - maybe JW didn't even tell anyone that the fireman had left him a message to deliver.
    The last part of episode 19 was touching - I just teared up a bit during ep. 17, but this time I really bawled during the elevator flashback - the way JW was holding Ri's dad's hand, not wanting to let him go, and his desperate cry, were simply heartbreaking. Hyun Bin is such an amazing actor <3
    It might be because I have only watched 10 or so dramas so far, but I still don't really perceive the amnesia plot as a drama clichè, plus it was played beautifully here and on a light note. 21 yr old JW was freakin' adorable with his naughtiness ^^
    I didn't mind that they only gave us the peck on the forehead in the last episode, since it was really sweet, but I still hope we'll get some passionate scene today, at least something long like the party kiss, if not the premise to a baby-making scene XD
    An hour left till the finale airs - Kyaaaaahhhhhh!

  2. @ peppermint_fairy: Thank you for the long reply amidst your busy schedule. I like your postulations of the dream and JW not being able to pass message to RI at the funeral. I'm anticipating the last episode... and like you, hoping for more lovey-doveyness between them...

  3. I am not so sad it is ending because when there is such an addictive show like that, I am nearly on zombie-mode just waiting for the next air dates. Having discovered the show this week only I have seen the 19 episodes in 5 days. On a side note, it is amazing how quick it is up-loaded in the internet and subtitled in english (huge thanks to DarkUmagon at dramacrazy.net) !

    I appreciated the amnesia thing was short and funny without adding too much pain to Ra Im. On top of the imprint on Jon Woo, I think the idea behind is really about fate... Once he discovers her, Jon Woo has no choice left but to be deeply attracted whether he is 21 or 34.

    For point 2, I guess at the end of the episod we will have an epilogue showing what had happened later and that indeed the black gate is JW mom's... First I was thinking that would mean she accepts their marriage and family but they are crying so maybe, instead of tears of joy, they will be there because she is very sick. Then, JW and children would cry because of sadness and Ra Im would yell to bring some energy and positive attitude. If I follow this hint, I would bet on a reconciliation difficult with JW's mother being confined to bed.
    Or it may be the grand father, with a similar plot...

  4. Thank you both of you for commenting on this page. Indeed reading about Secret Garden does help to soothe the having to say goodbye. I have just finished with the last episode and I must say peppermint fairy is spot-on with her postulations.

    I'm a satisfied fan. Love the last episode. what a nice wrap-up and ending for everyone.

  5. omg! you finished the last ep!!! That's so fast! Now i can't wait to get home to watch it.

    I'm glad too about the lost of memory part which didn't turn out like another Winter Sonata" but about numerous hilarious moments. JW is the same 21 or 34. LOL. and the peck on RI forehead... just makes my heart melts. *awww* and when RL left JW house, she turned around, smiled and waved goodbbye at him and JW goes like "omg, why is she smiling so beautifully?" hahah. i was laughing and rolling inside my blanket when i saw that scene. LOL.

  6. @腐女子: I'm down with flu and thus on medical leave. But amidst the discomfort and all, I curled up in front of my laptop to catch the last episode. What a nice antidote to a terrible flu.

    I like how RI is now so confident that she could tease JW back. Perchance, but of JW's character rubbed off or stayed with her during their last switch of souls?

    The last episode has enough lovey-doveyness, to keep me day dreaming for days to come. I love how they remain loving towards each other after marriage and after kids. Sigh... So sweet...

    I hope you enjoy the last episode too. ^^

  7. There is something I could not understand... what happened to Im Jong-soo ? I thought that he would go with JW's younger sister but I did not understand what was this discussion with the actress... Could you explain it ? I have reviewed the scene many times many times but do not get it.

  8. @Anonymous: Well they didn't say that he was in love with her, but more so a feeling of being in love can feel like a dream come true. Jong-soo is now a director but has not been making money due to no one wanting to produce and act in his project (Dark Rain). Son Ye Jin appeared and told him she is interested to act in it. He felt that must be miracle. I suppose that means he is still single... just career-wise more established.

  9. I hope you are nursing your flu well. =)

    I've watched the last ep and it's so so so so sweet! and this drama has alot of clichés but theres some twist to all these typical korean-drama clichés. haha. Even though Jw's mother disowned him, he's still rich and still staying in that wonder 'greenhouse' of his. hhaha and i love all the supporting couples, they are all so cute.

    I need to watch this drama again. It's just too good.

  10. @腐女子: Still fluish but a welcomed break. Gave me the opportunity to rewatch my fave scenes. I love the series! I commented in another's blog that I love the ending very very much too. I can't think of a better ending. It is really romantic. It is like they are meant to be together, come social status difference, come amnesia, come opposing parent and even time that sets them apart, they will find each other. Sigh.. kudos to the fantastic script made perfect by the stellar cast!

  11. I'm seriously missing this series right now... :(
    This is why sometimes I really hate dramas: they make me so happy and so addicted during the time of their broadcast, and then, after their final episode, they 'disappear like bubbles'. Except their feeling remains in my heart, and I can't bear the feeling of emptiness which comes along with it. As if my best friends had left me all alone abruptly :(((

    I know it is kinda late for that, but I wish you a happy new year Ankemaybe!! <3

  12. Blessed New Year Freesiane!

    I knew you must be a SG fan! ^_^

    I know what u mean... sigh... I'm still recovering from the after effects... We r afterall humans with emotions. I'm re watching the drama series to say a proper goodbye. ^^

    Afterwhich, I'm hoping that the busyness of work and my many hobbies will get me back on track again.

    HOpe to start blogging soon. ^^ Take care!

  13. Ow, I am so transparent! Of course you knew I would fall in love with SG :)))

    Right, life still goes on, I should say bye bye to SG too and start with new addictions, maybe (or not)

    You too, take care, and stay healthy! <3

  14. I started watching secret garden because of your post...I didn't know I would become so addicted to this drama....and now I just finished watching the last episode....!!! I'm still crying (don't know if they're tears of joy or sorrow because I can't really call it a happy ending, but it was so nice!!!) and now I don't know what to do!! Please help me finding another drama to fall in love with!!
    p.s. thanks for making me know about secret garden!!! <3 <3

  15. Same here. It is such an addiction...I finished watching the episodes 2 weeks ago and have re-watched them twice... and some episodes more !
    I have downloaded the songs as well and made some researches on the actors ! SG has been such a success that they plan to do a musical and a manwha and I do not remember what ...

    Finally I tried to watch another drama from the same screenwriter but I have really not liked "lovers in Paris"...

    And as I have just seen that the Special SG has been translated into english... I know what I am doing once I finish this post !

    Thanks again for this tip on SG Ankemaybe !

  16. Secret Garden was epic! :D I really liked the story and the whole drama actually. The body-switch was not the best, but at the same time not the worst :P it wasn't that part that was focus of the drama, but still they made it seem like it in the summary...

    I think the ending was missing Kim Jo Won's mother's blessing... really annoying old woman xD

    oh, did they get triplets? their height didn't make them seem like triplets :P and I was confused, were they all boys?

  17. I do not think they had triplets and I think the small one is a girl because of the 3 pictures of the children above the bed: the small one has a yellow flower in the hair.

    "It was recently announced on SBS’s official website that the drama “Secret Garden” will be airing two more episodes as a Lunar New Year Special on February 4. "

    Can it be really real episodes ?? They did not say it was a documentary as the first special...

  18. I heard about the special like you....I really can't wait!!! I just hope someone will sub it fast!!! <3 <3

  19. @Anonymous: Glad you love SG. You may want to try watching My lovely Sam Soon. It was aired 6 years ago and one of Hyun Bin's earliest work. I came to know about Hyun Bin when I watched this some years back. I prefer SG but this is not bad. One of the recent drama you can try would be My Princess. It is still airing. I am not too crazy about the script but the chemistry between the leads is there. Hope these will help you ease your longing for SG. take care.

  20. Thank you very much for the suggestions!! When SG ended I searched for other dramas with Hyun Bin and I found My lovely Sam Soon, so I added it in my "will watch it" list.....same thing about MY princess (I read the the script writer is the same) so I hope to find a good replacement....I'm actually watching My girl (it's funny, but not the same thing as SG)....I think if you eat in a super great restaurant is not easy to come back eating in a middle ranking one...if you find another really super drama to watch I hope you'll post it on your blog...I'll start watching it in a flash!!!! ^___^
    take care smuack!!!

  21. Has anybody watched the specialz of this week-end ? I have seen the raws on dramacrazy.net but that seems to be just the scenes we know without even an interview from actors...

  22. @RaZ: It is basically summary of 20 episodes of SG... It is a good recap and a nice way to remember all the fave scenes.

  23. what is the song played when joo won regained his memory ?