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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sukitte Iwaseru Houhou/ Make you say, "I love you" Brief Summary of Chapter 1-6

Hi All,

I have promised to give a brief summary of the chapters thus far and give a more detailed writeup on Chapter 7.

Nanoka is a pretty girl but deep down inside she is insecure. To confirm her popularity and attractiveness, she tries hard to make an impression on guys. She would pay them attention and smile sweetly at them so that they would like her. This also resulted in many guys confessing their feelings to her.

In the oneshot story, Nanoka used her "get popular" tactics to get Haruto, the president of the cooking club to like her. Finally, he reciprocated her feelings. The series started with them getting to know each other as boyfriend and girlfriend. She is very possessive of Haruto and worries about girls being near him. However, she tries hard not to let Haruto know about her true feelings as she thinks that Haruto will not like her for that.

Haruto, on the other hand, is a nice guy. He is nice to everyone and that makes Nanoka even more nervous. One day, an exchange student, Nakagawa Akari joins the cooking club. She is beautiful but quite unlike Nanoka, she expresses her dislike very openly. At first, she seemed to have a deep prejudice against the male sex. Akari was unhappy when she realised that Haruto is the president of the cooking club.

During a chanced meeting, Akari realizes that Haruto is a sincere person who is truly passionate about becoming a pastry chef. Her impression towards him changes. You can imagine Nanoka's discomfort when she realises that.

In Chapter 6, Akari was upset when she met up with her dad (a chef). Akari's parents are divorced. Her father has a girlfriend that is half his age. Akari resented that and also her father's busy schedule. One day, Haruto saw Akari alone in a park, Akari was upset having met up with her father. She confided in Haruto who listened and provided a source of support for her. Akari was touched.

The next day in school, when asked, Haruto did not dare to tell Nanoka that he was with Akari as he was afraid that she would be upset. The chapter ended with Nanoka suggesting to help Akari find a boyfriend, and Akari confiding to Nanoka that Haruto was with her and comforted her!

Nanoka was jealous and shocked to say the least. That is the brief summary of chapters 1-6. The drawing is quite cute especially Nanoka's sulking and angry expressions. The character development is interesting too. Nanoka presents herself as a sweet and easy-going girl but inside she is very possessive and gets angry easily. Haruto seems to know her well. Akari, on the other hand, seems like a very nice girl. So the next few chapters, we will see how Nanoka tries to make sense of this. Look out for Chapter 7.