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Monday, September 27, 2010

Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru Chapter 18

Dear All,

I apologise for the late posting. I have been very, very busy, thus collected my magazine late. Just got this last night.

Last Chapter ended with a cliffhanger. Aki revealed his identity to Riko. Aki told Riko that he would like to meet her parents formally and introduce himself, Ogasawara Aki, to them...

Riko stares at Aki. She is in shock! She thinks:"Now what?..." Suddenly her handphone goes off. She takes the opportunity to leave immediately. Riko says: "Yabai! (Whoops!) Because of my dad I have to go now!" Aki tries to get her to wait up as he intends to send her home. But Riko rejects his offer, saying that she is leaving immediately and she is fine to go home on her own. Aki shouts after her (as Riko runs off) to send him a message when she is near home.

Aki is left standing at his doorway speechless...

As Riko runs home, she apologises to Aki mentally. She finds herself running along the route where she first met Aki and ringing in her head was Crude Play's song. That song she heard him hummed when she first met him was Crude Play's song. She is certain that Aki is Crude Play's Aki.

Scene Switches to Shun. Shun is having a shower in his hotel room at the Ritz Carlton. He gets out of the shower in time to hear his phone goes off. His manager is calling him. Shun tells his manager that he will go down and meet him after 15 mins. His manager tells him to turn on the TV.

Shun is shocked to see that the programme was talking about Mari and his secret relationship is now made known publicly. They even interview Shun's mother. His mother agreed with the match. The newscaster commented that Shun's mother is very pretty. Apparently, she used to be a model.

Scene switches to Riko who was having her breakfast. Her father points out to her that her favourite band Crude Play is on TV. Suddenly, Riko asks her dad to suppose that he has a favourite person who is a talented musician and when should this person lie? Riko's dad is confused by her question. Riko suddenly burst out, even if one is a greengrocer, one is not a greengrocer, when should the favourite person lie?

Riko's dad looks at her and replies:"When you detest the greengrocer." Riko looks really sad thinking about what her dad has said:"...when you detest..."

Riko wonders what Aki wants and why did he lie. She wonders what he detests... She wonders whether Shinya has lied to her too...

Scene switches back to Aki at Takagi's office. Aki asks Shun what is going on? Shun replies that the reporters talked to his parents when they were leaving. It was unexpected. Shun apologizes to Aki and tells him that he is starting to date his former girlfriend. Aki tells Shun he is lying. Shun laughs. Shun tells Aki that dating Mari is a lie but he kissed her. Aki was surprised. Shun asks Aki how much he knows about Mari. He asks Aki does he like her no matter what.

Aki tells Shun he doesn't like Mari any more. However, he wonders why Shun is covering up.

Scene switches back to Riko and her friends at Takagi's office. They are posing and taking photos of the company's logo. Shinya appears and greets them.

Sou asks him about Mari and Shun's relationship. Yu thinks it is not true because Shun is rumoured to be gay!

At that moment, Shun walks out of the room. Shinya saw Aki sitting in the room. He says that to Shun's friends knowledge, Shun is not dating Mari but...

he asks isn't Mari and Aki a couple? Riko looks so shock and sad to hear that. Shinya asks Riko why she looks so surprised.

Aki turns his head at the mention of Riko's name...

Woah.... Shinya really knows how to play the game... Riko is already quite uncertain about her relationship with Aki. I wonder how this piece of information will affect their relationship... How is Aki going to explain himself? I like this manga however, I can't help but hope that it can go at a faster pace.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Kinkyori Renai/Close Range Love Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Uni's Good Friend

This chapter opens with the mention that 3 years ago, a 14 year old girl ruled the gangster world. Her name has since been forgotten in the gangster world. Her name is Nami.
Then, Nami was a transferred student. She looked very rebellious. Students gossiped about her past. There were rumours saying that she tranferred to this school because she had a violent outburst in her previous school. That left her with a scar on her cheek.

At that time, no student would talk to Nami except for Uni. Once, Nami was sitting alone when Uni walked towards her. Nami stared at her and tried to intimidate her:" What are you looking at ?!"

Unfazed, Uni gave her a curtsy (which shocked Nami) and in a very formal tone, apologised for disturbing her but she would like to make an observation. Uni told Nami that she noticed that their panties had the same teddy bear figures. Shocked beyond words, Nami quickly put her legs down. From then on, Uni would come up to her and talk to her. Nami could not help but be attracted to Uni's unique qualities. Soon they became best of friends.

Scene switches but to current.

Uni noticed that Nami was ignoring her. She thought that Nami must be angry with her for keeping her relationship with Haruka a secret. Uni tried to start a conversation. She cooked Nami's faviourite dish and asked her to join her for lunch. Nami refused. When Uni tried to persuade her, Nami shouted at her and walked away.

Uni gave chase and tried to talk to Nami again. Nami shouted at her:"Stay away from me!" Uni noted that they had not spoken to each other for 3 days. Her classmates noticed that too. One of them commented that Nami seemed angry and upset. Haruka overheard the comment. He tried to look for Uni to comfort her.

Haruka found Uni sitting alone at stairwell with her lunch box. Gently he lifted up her chin and told her she should not blame herself. Uni eyes were filled with tears. He told her he was to be blamed instead. Haruka leaned forward to lick away her tears... Uni pushed him away and told him that this is between Nami and her. Haruka made an observation that Uni took too many things upon herself. He told her he would find an opportunity to speak to Nami. Uni felt that Nami has every right to be upset with her for not being open. Haruka felt that Nami could be upset with something else.

That after school, Uni was taking the train back home. She caught sight of Nami. As she walked towards her, Uni overheard Nami's phone conversation. Nami told the person on the line that she would meet them at the alley. Uni followed her quietly. Uni saw Nami talking to 2 guys. She wondered whether they were her friends from the past. Uni thought that Nami must be tired of her friendship and was seeking her old friends instead.

Back in school the next day, Uni saw Saki (Nami's boyfriend) looking totally listless and depressed. He had been missing school since the beginning of new term. He told her he has been dumped by his sweetheart Nami. Uni was shocked to hear that. Saki told her that his pride could not it. He needed to find answers to him being dumped. Saki produced a handphone. He told Uni, he has stolen Nami's handphone. Uni was shocked and told him that he should return the handphone immediately. Ignoring her, Saki showed Uni one of the messages from the handphone.

"Your reputation as the feared person in the gangster world must be a joke. Bring the money to us as soon as possible or we will seek out your friends and hurt them. There will be a bloodbath if you fail to give us the money."

Scene switches to Haruka and Nami. Haruka approached Nami and told her to have a chat with him. Nami immediately told him that she had no intention to forgive Uni for lying to her and keeping their relationship a secret from her. Haruka looked at her and told her to stop lying. He was very certain that Nami would not break a friendship over such frivolous reason. He insisted that Nami to tell him the truth.

Nami told Haruka her past. She told him she used to be a gangster. Now and then, someone would seek her out for a fight to gain instant fame. If they could defeat her, they would be famous as she was infamous. She would often fight in school. At first, Nami thought that Uni, like everyone else in school, feared her but she realised that Uni was fearful for Nami's safety. Uni came up to Nami after she was involved in a fight to clean her up. Uni told her that Nami should stop fighting as she was a girl and fighting could leave scars. Nami could not explain it but she decided to stop fighting then.

She told Haruka that now, when gangsters sought her out to fight, she would pay them. Her intent was to protect Uni and now she has hurt Uni instead.

Suddenly, Saki shouted at them. He told them that Uni has ...

Scene switches to the 2 guys squatting in the alley. They wondered where was Nami and why was she late. They were laughing thinking that Nami was such a coward and they could not believe she was rumoured to be a "Violent Nami". They said they would make her kneel down at them. One of them said that would take photos of her doing so.

At that moment, Uni appeared. She claimed she was violent Nami. The 2 guys said they had seen Nami and but they had not seen her. Uni told them that was someone who tried to imitate her. Uni claimed that was the real Nami. In truth Uni looked hilarious. She looked like she had walked out from a movie. As she had no idea how a gangster should look like, she could only based it on her own imagination (or the lack of it).

The 2 guys laughed at her and told her she didn't look the part at all. In fact she looked so tiny and weak, they were quite sure they could easily break her into half. Uni took out a piece of meat patty and a dining knife. She told them they would eat their words if they were to see her being violent. With that, Uni proceeded to cut up the patty viciously. The 2 guys were not impressed. They told her not to look down on gangsters and started to throw punches at her. Uni jumped out of range. She turned around and stared at them:"How dare you hurt my best friend!" Using her palms, she pushed them away and told them not to come near her friends again. The 2 guys were confused. They have never encounter a fight like that. All Uni had done was to push them around?! One of them took out a pole and wanted to hit Uni when she was not paying attention!

At that moment, Nami came. With a scream and a violent look, she kicked the guy away and slammed both of their heads into the wall, creating huge craters in the wall. With a scary face, she told them she was the real "Violent Nami". With that she kicked them into the air... Uni dashed towards Nami and gave her a hug. She apologised for not realising that Nami had been protecting her from harm. Nami apologised for hurting Uni's feelings and ignoring her. Nami assured Uni that she would support her relationship with Haruka. They made up.

Haruka and Saki quietly observed the two. Later on, 4 of them went back together. As they were walking, Nami asked Haruka when Saki and Uni were out of earshot:"Are you serious about Uni?"

Haruka told her he was very certain and he hoped to marry her one day. Haruka looked at Nami and told her:"If something happened to us, please give your support to Uni." Nami assured Haruka she would take care of Uni.

Suddenly, Uni noticed a luxury car parked at the side of the road. She could not help but felt that someone inside the car was staring at them. She thought it must be her imagination.

Unknown to all of them someone who looked very much like Haruka was observing them from the car window.

That ends Chapter 24. The story is getting very interesting. I wonder what role will Haruka's dad play? What trials and challenges await Haruka and Uni? That ends volume 6. I don't have Vol7 with me now. Will wait for it to be available.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Kami-sama Hajimemashita/元气少女缘结神 Chapter 22

The story continues from Chapter 21.

Dragon of the Ocean: "I have been waiting for you, Tomoe. You cannot have forgotten me." Nanami looked around her. Her friends and other beachgoers have fallen into a deep slumber. Dragon of the Ocean told Nanami to leave as he has a debt to settle with Tomoe.

Tomoe:" I don't know what you are talking about."

Suddenly, tentacles came out from nowhere and wrapped itself round Tomoe. The Dragon was furious:"Let me refresh your memory. 526 years, 208 days ago, at 2:18 pm, you forced into my palace, killed 7 head dragons, 3 sharks, 5 fish and a team of seacows. You destroyed the southern part of my palace and stole my right eye! I'm here to collect the debt!"

Dragon:"Clam! Get him!" The tentacles dragged Tomoe into a huge and clam and the clam slammed shut its shell. The Dragon laughed and shouted that in 2 days time, the clam would digest Tomoe and he would turn into a pearl!

With that, the Dragon turned and waved goodbye to Nanami. Nanami held on to the clam and refused to let go. She had only one thing in mind. That was to get Tomoe back.

Nanami blamed herself for Tomoe's predicament. She cried as the thought of not seeing Tomoe again proved too distressing for her. She plunged into the sea... The dragon saved her and told her she was such a nuisance. Nanami begged the Dragon to release Tomoe. He refused. He told her if she could return his eye to him, he would let Tomoe go. He told her that his right eye is an elixir and anyone who eats it will live forever and have great power. And because of Tomoe, he was made of fool. Nanami insisted that the Dragon had to promise her that if she could get the eye back to him, he had to release Tomoe. The Dragon agreed as he believed that it would be impossible to find the eye since it was lost 526 years ago.

Meanwhile scene switches back to Mizuki and Nanami's girlfriends. Her girlfriends were worried sick for Nanami but Mizuki was not affected. He was eating ice cream and commenting of how delicious it tasted. Her friends were furious with his non-chalant attitude. They said:"Nanami is missing, shouldn't we make a police report?"

Mizuki smiled and told them he believed Nanami would be back soon. In the same breath, Mizuki asked to sleep with them as he was afraid of being alone...

At that moment, Nanami appeared. She apologised to her friends for making them worried. Nanami looked at Mizuki and asked him to lend her the incense burner that will bring her back to time.

Next scene switches to Mizuki and Nanami alone. Nanami tried to explain to Mizuki that she wanted to travel back in time to where Tomoe took away the Dragon's eye and stopped him. She wanted to attempt to take the eye from Tomoe and return it to the Dragon. Mizuki looked at Nanami and said that he knew that she love Tomoe. He commented that Tomoe was so fortunate to have her. He told her he's jealous over Nanami being so concerned for Tomoe. Nanami begged Mizuki and he agreed. Nanami took a sniff of the incense from Mizuki's burner.

During the travelling back in time, all Nanami could think of were the days she spent with Tomoe. She realised that she really loved Tomoe very much, she could not help herself. She was also reminded that Tomoe told her that he would never love a human.

Suddenly, Nanami arrived at the destination. It was the seaside but it was freezing cold. A witch-like monster appeared before her. She asked her to give her the dragon's eyes in her body and she would give her a coat to keep her warm. Nanami was confused. In the air, she could hear someone calling out her name... The witch disappeared. Mizuki appeared with a coat for her. He told her that she must wait for him and not get lost. Nanami asked who was that monster. Mizuki told her she was always near the sea waiting for human beings to fall prey to her.

Suddenly, Nanami saw a familiar figure...

It was Tomoe! The Dragon was shouting at him:"How dare you destroy my palace! Return my eye at once!! Tomoe walked away told the Dragon that he was a nuisance.

Nanami and Tomoe came face to face.

Nanami thought that he looked exactly like how he looked currently. At the same time, she could not help but be reminded that the current Tomoe was trapped in the giant shell.

That ends chapter 22.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Strobe Edge Special Chapter (Curtain Call Chapter)

Yes. The special curtain call chapter of Strobe Edge. T _ T ...
I apologise for taking so long. Firstly, I was blinded by the electric currents Ren sent out. Also, I couldn't help but hyperventilate seeing their kissing scenes... *_* In addition, there were these fainting spells brought on by seeing Ren looking so intently and holding Ninako's hands to his heart... It is a miracle I could get this out!
Nevertheless, it is with such mixed feelings that I write this summary. I love every minute of it, yet I can't help but feel unbearably sad... this is my last entry for Strobe Edge. T _ T

Thank you Sensei for putting up a drawing of Ren with glasses! I love him with glasses. *faint*

The chapter opens with Ninako calling Ren. She thinks to herself that she has no special reason to call him. She just wants to listen to his voice...

Ren picks up the call: " Yes."

Ninako:"Good evening."
Ren:"Good evening."

(Kyaaaa! Ren in glasses again!!! *double faint*) Ninako asks Ren what he is doing currently. Ren replies he is studying Maths. Ninako is surprised to hear that. She wonders why he is studying Maths as the test just ended today. Ren explains that he is studying Maths because he likes Maths. (Ninako is so cute, she blushes when Ren mentions the word 'like'.)

Ren asks Ninako the reasons for her to call him. As she listens to Ren's voice, she is thinking about how great it is to be Ren's girlfriend. Ninako bids Ren goodbye and Ren wishes Ninako a good night's rest. After they hang up, Ninako stares at her handphone and thinks about Ren's voice over the phone and that she likes it... (she is so smitten... *__* me too...)

As Ninako continues to think about Ren and his voice, her handphone goes off. Ren is calling her.

Ren:"This Saturday..."

The scene switches to the next day in school. Ninako's friends are very excited to learn about Ninako going out on her first date with Ren on Saturday. They will be visiting one of the Kamakura temples. Ninako confesses that she is rather nervous about the date. (In about Chapter 30, Ninako and Ren went on a school trip together and Ninako mentioned that she wished to visit the temple and Ren mentioned they could come back again and all blushed. The mangaka is fulfilling all of Ninako's wishes ^^)
One of her friends commented that they are going out on a date so immediately after test period. Ninako blushes furiously upon hearing that.

Her friends teasingly wonder whether Ren will be kissing Ninako... Ninako is surprised to hear that suggestion.

Her friends in their excitement comment loudly: "Isn't it cool to have Ren as your kissing partner!?... Kyaaa!" (I totally agree! *_*)

As they are discussing, Ninako quietly disappear from the group. They were talking about the knowledge of kissing and Andou overheard the conversation. (Andou's expression...)

Ninako, hiding in a corner (^^ so funny, hiding beside a vending machine), cries when she thinks about her first kiss... It has already being taken away by Andou! She wonders whether she should tell Ren about it as this happened before Ren and her beccame a couple. She thinks it may be good not to say but she doesn't want to see herself coming up with stories to keep this secret.

As she was troubling over this... a hand reaches out to tap her shoulder...

She turns around and comes face to face with Andou...

Meanwhile, the friends wonder out loud where Ninako has gone to. Ren overhears the conversation and begins to scan the surrounding for Ninako. He sees Ninako outside through the door.

Andou tells Ninako she shouldn't be too tormented thinking about that incident. That is like an accident. Thus as for that kiss with him, she should consider it like her first kiss has not been taken away. Thinking to himself, Andou feels he really didn't do anything. (^^ Andou is a different category compared to Ninako)


Both Ninako and Andou are shocked to see Ren.

Ren:""What did you just say..." (Oh dear me! He looked seriously upset!)

Andou:"For your information, I did it against her will."

Ren:"What do you mean?"

Andou:"This is before both of you became a couple."

Andou:"...so that is not a reason for you to break up." (Ninako looks really worried)

Ren:"That is right."

Andou to Ren:"A man who has no room in him should loose his love, right?" (or A man who is not broad-minded should loose his love)

Andou turns around and pats Ninako's head and assures her that things went pretty well.

Ren, upset seeing Andou being so familiar with Ninako, elbows him at the back and tells him off.

Ren tells Ninako that her friends are looking for her. He then pulls Andou by the ear and says: "As for this fellow, he will come with me."
Ninako thinks Ren looks like he is troubled and he minds. She thinks again that maybe Ren doesn't mind that much... To Ren, the taking away of the kiss should not be such a big deal...

Next scene switches to Ninako getting ready for the date...

Saturday... the day of their first date... As Ninako walks towards the meeting point, she catches sight of Ren. Ninako thinks to herself that she has seen Ren several times in home clothes but today he looks so good that her heart is palpitating...

Ninako:"Thank you for waiting."

Ren:"Then, let's go."

Ren gives Ninako her ticket. Ninako takes out her purse to reimburse Ren. Ren reminds her that this their first date and that he will pay as he is a man.

Ninako commenting that there are many people around. Ren holds her hand and tells her to not to get lost.

Ninako is very affected when Ren holds her hand. ^^ Suddenly, Ninako sees a couple walking past them. The girl has her head on the boy's shoulder. She thinks she will try that on Ren and see how he will react... ^^

Gingerly, she places her head on Ren's side. Ren thinks she is tired and suggests that they find a place to rest. Ninako thinks:"Mission failed." She is embarrassed.

Next scene is them at the dessert shop.

Ninako:"This is delicious!"

Ren:"My cake is nice too."

Ren looks at Ninako shyly:"Half-half, right?" (Oh mine! *faints*)

Ninako looking like she is in cloud 9:"Right!" (She's thinking that her love for Ren will grow too big)

Ninako:"This is enjoyable." (while enjoying herself, Ninako cannot help but wish that the day will not come to an end)

Ren:"Yes, this is enjoyable."

She observes and is pleased that Ren is enjoying himself. She thinks she is satisfied even if this love they have, there's a difference in size. (I think this could mean that even if she likes Ren more than he he likes her)

Ren steals a glance at his watch.

Ninako observes that for some reason, Ren has been looking at his watch. She thinks it is still early.

Ren talks about the route to take to go home. "We will take the Eno train and get out at Enoshima..."

Ninako thinks that even though she doesn't want to talk about going home, they have to. Suddenly, Ninako realises...

... that they have arrived at the train station. Ren tells her that he will purchase the tickets to go home while she waits for him here.

Ninako realises that Ren is talking about going home now. She doesn't want to go home.

Ninako:"I don't want to board the train..."

Ren was surprised:"Why?"

Ninako remembers Ren checking the time consistently...

Ninako:"Sorry, let's get on the train."

Ren observes Ninako's expression...

He grabs her hand and walks away from the station. Ninako looks at Ren and wonders whether he is angry...

Ren looks around and asks her where else she wants to go. He asks her whether she wants to check the guide map to see where she wants to visit.

Ninako squeezes Ren's hand...

Ninako: "I don't have to go anywhere. I'm just happy to walk with you."

Ninako:"Sorry... Only I like today." She apologises for being willful.

Ren sighs... He suggests that they sit down for awhile.

Still holding Ninako's hand, Ren apologises to Ninako.

He explains that his intention for them to go back early is for them to see the sun set at Enoshima.

Ren covers his face in his hand and says:"A man has no space in him because he is full." (I suppose this points to what Andou said earlier and Ren is saying that he has no space in him because he is full of his love for Ninako)

Ren looks at Ninako and continues:"You see... It is not true that you are the only want who likes today." He brings her hand to his heart. Ninako can feel his heart palpitating.

Ren:"Do you understand?"

Ren:"When I'm with you, I'm immensely happy but why at the same time, I become without space in me (I'm not broad-minded or better word possessive?)."

Ren: "I don't seem to be myself."

Ren thinks he desperately need to change this part of him. Ninako quickly resplies that he doesn't need to.

Ren looks at Ninako and tells her that actually, he was quite affected by Andou's kiss incident.

Bringing Ninako's hand to his lips, Ren tells her that he feels terribly sick and upset.
Ninako blushes.

With her hand to his mouth, Ren looks at her intensely and said:"I loathe anyone other than I touching you."

"Do I look bad now?" (No.... Nope... Not at all, in fact you look really HOT now!!!)

Ren leans forward. Ninako's eyes widen and all she could think is:"Wa... Waa... Waaaa..."

She wonders whether it is better to close her eyes.... She wonders about her breathing...

She puckers up her lips, (Bawahahaha... she looks so cute!!)

Ren leans closer and with half close eyes: "I like."

He looks intensely at Ninako and asks her:"Do you like?"


They lean ever so close... he places his fingers gently on her chin...

They kiss (Kyaaaaaa!!!!*faints* *blinded*)

Ren with his lips close to Ninako's asks:"Do you still think you alone?"

Ninako:"No, I don't."

She tries to explain herself:"but I think that certainly sometime I would feel lonely by myself. When that happens, again..."

blushing and looking at Ren look, Ninako says:"...again.... please" ^^ She is asking to be kissed or the whole works again? ^^Ninako is so honest with her love for Ren. ^^ Ren is enraptured! With that kind of look she gives him, he's speechless.

Ninako hugs Ren and looks contented and blissful. Ren thinks to himself that he is treading on dangerous grounds, he feels totally defenseless when it comes to Ninako. ^^

At the station, Ren suggests that they will visit the temple during Hatsumoude so that they can see the first sun rise at Enoshima.

Ninako smiles and agrees.

Suddenly, a gust of wind blows through them. Ren thinks to himself about the scent in the air. At the same time, Ninako articulates:" The scent of summer's night."

Ren turns around and looks at her. He smiles at her. Ninako wonders why he is smiling at her...

(Yes, they are soul mates... so similar in so many ways)

That ends the special chapter. I'm so in love with the 2 of them. Gosh...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Strobe Edge News!!!

To all fans of Strobe Edge,

We all know that this coming chapter is the final curtain call!!! Yes, the very last chapter of Strobe Edge series. I have it from a very reliable source that this chapter will have lots of unforgettable lovey-doveyness. Are you curious? I am. I will only get my copy of the Betsuma magazine tomorrow.

To help ease your waiting or whet your appetite for more, Fujioshi has kindly agreed to give you a teaser of the much-awaited chapter. She will post it up tonight. Look out for it! Afterwhich, I will post a detailed summary of the chapter.

I think that is a great way to say goodbye to this wonderful series we have come to love!


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Strobe Edge Poll

Dear Strobe Edge Fans,

The additional chapter and possibly the last entry for Strobe Edge will be out on 13 September (Monday). I'm likely to be able to get it on the same day, if the delivery is not delayed. According to Betsuma Website, this chapter will detail Ninako and Ren's first date. Ahhhh... I'm so looking forward...

Sometime last month, I asked what were your thoughts about their first date and where should they go. I have given my thoughts and some of you have listed your thoughts. Some were not ready then to give their thoughts. I thought to open it up for more to describe. Below are the entries I have received thus far. Let me know your thoughts. : )

Ankemaybe said...
Being an ardent fan, I've been imagining the likely first date of Ren and Ninako. I have a vision of Ren and Ninako walking hand in hand, going to a dessert shop and sharing sweet desserts. Ren likes sweet stuff but could not eat them when he was dating Mayuka out of consideration for her trying to maintain her weight as a model. I imagine a scenario where there will be lots of staring at each other and blushing... That will up the saccharine level between the two. Yummy!! : )

Anonymous said...

thanks for all of your hard work! i love strobe edge. i imagined the same thing. in ch 11 ren and andou were on the train and before the door closed he got off since ninako fell. they had to wait for the train and ninako was saying its nice that a guy liked sweets. dreaming out loud about a date at a cafe asking for separate cake sets and then splitting them with each other. i think this would be a cute first date for them.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Sakisaka sensei will totally surprise us. I wonder if it will be a date or not...but it has to be right? To be honest I think strobe edge is unpredictable and I love the way she tells it. Whenever I dream up a situation to satisfy myself (because I'm waiting for her brilliant next chapter) it never turns out right and I'm always waiting for your summary, haha. But your scenario sounds so cuute ~!

I do hope to see their 1st date. Kind of weird to see Ninako dating, but I'm happy it's gonna be with Ren. If sensei does show their 1st date, I too hope it will be dessert shop. Thank you for all of your hard work!

I want their first date to be in an amusement park, so that I can see Ren having fun with Ninako. =) They're so cute together!! They can still eat sweet stuff like ice cream or cotton candy there.

Anyway, I hope the Mangaka would fulfill our wishes and not have further obstacles for the couple. It's about time...

Thanks for your blog btw, Ankemaybe! I luv SE and Mi Shounen Produce. Can't wait for the upcoming chapters...

Freesiane said...

Sweeeeet :D I can't believe I haven't thought of this!

Actually, it's still a little too soon for me to imagine how their first date could be. So I've rather been imagining how they'll spend their first day at school as a couple :)
Some little Ninaren moments like Ninako observing Ren in class, when suddenly he turns his head back to look at her :D. A classic one, I know, but with Sakisaka Io's magic, any 'little moment' can turn out to be intense and gorgeous.

Another example: Ninako has always been impressed by Ren's handsomeness, hasn't she? (She teared up once when she saw his hair turn into glowing orange under rays of sunlight. At that time, she felt he looked like a 'god' if I'm not mistaken.)
So what do you think happens if, at the end of the day, Ren walks Ninako home and when they are about to part, in a sudden moment of boldness, Ninako stretches out her hand to touch his handsome face? xDDD

Haha, I know, I'm incorrigible! But I can't help it! One month's a lot of time and my imagination has no limits!

Ankemaybe said...

Anonymous: I do agree that Sakisaka Sensei is a great story teller and she has surprised me many a times. However, if Sakisaka Sensei creates an interruption and prevents Ninako from declaring her feelings to Ren, I may just strangle someone...

angelmiz: : )) I wonder how Ren will react to the rides at the amusement park.

Freesiane: Ohhhh... I just love your descriptions. So romantic... Io Sakisaka Sensei, please hear our pleas.

Lili said...

I can't wait for all of those things to happen. But, I'm very curious as to how Ren is going to react to Ninako's confession. I can just imagine both of them blushing uncontrollably the entire time. It'd be really nice if they end up holding hands by the end of the scene and Ren walks Ninako home.

Ollie said...

Hmmm....well.....since they like the same type of music....perhaps a concert ^^ For a first date it may be a expensive but you'll never know if Ren's parents give him 2 tickets to his favorite band ^-^

Strolling through the park hand in hand is romantic and enjoying each other company and course getting to know each other much better ^^

I like everyone's ideas too! It's so kawaiiii!!!

Looking forward to the next chapter! Thanks for your hard work Ankemaybe~san!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Usotsuki Lily

This series is fairly new.

Hinata is a 15 year-old student. Not long after school started, En, a good looking guy confessed to Hinata. Hinata can’t believe that a really handsome, well-mannered guy is confessing to her. Taken by En’s looks and manners, Hinata agreed and they became a couple.

Later on, she couldn't help but find his name familiar. He didn’t look familiar, but there is something about his name… Hinata soon found out from her friends about her new boyfriend. They were all in shock that she’s going out with Shinohara En, Class 3′s Cross-dresser!?

It was then that Hinata recalled that Shinohara En was that boy who comes to school dressed as a girl! But he was dressed as a boy when he confessed to Hinata. Hinata wondered whether she can really go out with him. The more hilarious thing was that when he was dressed as a girl, En was better looking than Hinata! In fact, he was the best looking girl in the school!

When Hinata tries to break it off with En, he looked so devastated that she felt bad. En was even willing to go to wear boy's clothes just to have Hinata stay by his side. The fact was that En hates boys. Even seeing his own reflection repulsed him. He would smashed and break mirrors when he saw his own reflection. He likes girls so much, he would rather dress like one. The interesting thing is that even though he dresses like a girl and is pretty, he feels like a boy inside. He acts like a guy too.

This story details Hinata’s unique first love relationship with her cross-dressing boyfriend, En. They go through many trials and challenges, many of them as a result of his cross-dressing.

The chapter below is the latest from Margaret, Chapter 20. I apologise for the lack of summary. It's long and I can't get over the cross-dressing. This is for Fujioshi. Enjoy.