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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A.N.Jell He's Beautiful

Gosh! I'm glad I found time to catch this series! I must confess that at first, I wasn't too impressed. But the story line and characters grow on me. I'm at episode 8 and can't put it down! Love the music (oh so catchy!!!), the many bishies and the reverse harem story line!!!

Story line:

This korean drama series is about the behind-the-scene life of a Korean Pop Band, A.N.Jell. The band was looking for a 4th member to join them. However, at the last minute, the selected member (Mi Nam) suffered an accident and went missing. His twin sister (Mi Nyu) took on his role and disguised as him. This led to many hilarious as well as touching moments.

Each of the male leads are so engaging and hot! Can't decide who to choose for Mi Nam. Doesn't it sound like our typical shoujo manga?! I recommend this series to all shoujo fans!


  1. I watched this series since it came out, i used to watch it every time it was updated! It keeps getting better throughout, ugh and i hated UEE's charrie thoroughout the series but oh well. Seriously it was heartbreaking the relationship with Go Mi-nam & Shin-woo * i actually like him better than Tae-Kyung* but Tae-Kyung is hilarious throughout the whole drama XD
    Oh yes and Jeremy in the drama, hes funny in a way *this drama made me discover F.T Island =p*
    Any who the drama was good enough for keeping me watching, i think there will be a second season or at least it should get a second season!

    P.S i like the song "My Heart Is Cursing" hehe from the drama~

  2. Aria: Shin-woo is so giving...Sigh...dreaming... *return back to real world* So Jeremy is from F.T Island. He looked rather different without the blond hair.

    The song "My Heart Is Cursing" is beautiful and touching... T__T

  3. Seriously Shin-woo was the perfect man XD *slap slap back from the You're Beautiful/You're Handsome world*

    You know its sad that Tae-Kyung's mother is so cruel like saying "because of you the man that i love left me." even though he is suffering for her, thats why Go Mi-nam and he had are meant to be *u will find out later on why*

    Yes Jeremy is the lead singer of F.T Island *pretty awesome voice* He does look a bit different with the bleach hair he has but i still think hes cute ^_^ Do you like F.T Island? *me, i like a lot of songs of them*

    It is, it's touching especially i saw this mv of "My heart is Cursing" in youtube of Go Mi-nam & Shin-woo *made me want to cry because there not together*

    Oh i also like "Without A Word" another touching song~

    P.S. The manager "Hoon Yi" *the one with glasses* hes so hilarious!

  4. Aria: Agree that Shin-woo character seemed almost perfect. Love the long-suffering, gentlemanly and focused (only eyes for you) type. Sigh...

    I must say I have not heard a single song of F.T Island. Perhaps will find time to browse thru youtube and sample the songs. : )

    Yes, I like "without a word" too. All the songs are rather nice.

    The series have many hilarious moments that got a belly full of laughter out from me. I enjoyed those moments. And Hoon Yi did contribute to quite a few of them.

    Great series!

  5. What episode are you on now?

    F.T Island songs are touching ~.~
    Here are my favorite songs of them
    Hope you check them out ^.^

    Bad Woman


    Missing You


    Love Sick

    Until You Return

  6. Aria: I believe I'm at Episode 11. I think about 5 more to go. Thanks for the links to F.T Island songs. Will sample them soon and let u know. : )