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Friday, April 16, 2010

Strobe Edge Chapter 32

First few pages of the chapter is on Andou and his ex. She confesses she likes Andou. Andou is shocked. She admitted that she was attracted to Ren but she was touched by Andou's confession. She explains why she kissed Ren. That day, she went to the classroom to look for Andou. Ren was there and he smiled (whole-heartedly) when he was talking about Andou. She found him very attractive at that moment and b4 she knew it, she kissed him. She really regrets her behaviour. She asks Andou to forgive her.

Mao wishes Andou and Ninako well. (Wrong person Mao).

During the sports meet, Andou, in his enthusiasm (or competitiveness) hits Ren and causes his nose to bleed. (sigh... even the way he wipes his nose is so arresting). In my opinion, Ren is so manly and mature. He showed his focus when he called for Andou to climb over him. (Team player. He doesn't need to shine by pushing others down. Ahhh... Ren you have my attention. How can Ninako not notice his efforts?!?)

The next few pages is about Ninako's conversation with Touda. He encourages Ninako to stay focus and do a good job. Touda talks about his background too and why this sport meet is important to him.

One of Ninako's friend notices Ren seems to be looking for someone. Loudly, she questions whereabouts of Ninako so that Ren can hear. Ren overhears Ninako's friends talking about her buying something. He leaves to look for her. ~~~ Ninako's friend is beginning to know Ren's feelings for Ninako!!! Yes!!!

Ninako is carrying bottled drinks. Ren helps her carries the drinks. Ninako: "It's too heavy, I will carry." Ren: "Am I a man?" (the look he gave her... Yes, you r the man!!!)

Ninako has to leave for a meeting. Ren tells Ninako that he will wait in the classroom for her as he has something to say to her. Ninako is distracted during the meeting. XD She asks to leave first and rushes to meet Ren. Ren has left the classroom. On her bag, she finds a note
In the note, Ren explains that he will go back first as he realises that Ninako will be late for her part time work. Ninako pluck up enough courage to call him... (Io Sensei, please give us the confession in next chapter)


  1. Hahaha, you made my day <3
    "yes Ren! you're the man!" xD Hahaha
    *still grinning like an idiot*

    Thank you so much Ankemaybe ^^

  2. Thank you for the summary!!! I'm going to follow up on your updates now!

  3. WOW!! Thanks so much for the summary Anke! I really hope you keep doing Strobe Edge; you do such good work <3 <3