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Friday, April 16, 2010

Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru Chapter12

Riko is at her father's vegetable shop calling out the prices of vegetables to prospective customers.
Shinya is observing her from a corner. He thinks the reason for her powerful vocal is due to this training.

Riko is shocked to see Shinya (crude play's member) at her father's shop. She assumes that he is either living near the vicinity or that he is here to buy vegetables.~~~~~ XD she is so cute. Teasing her, he says he is here to get mushrooms.

Shinya clarifies and says the mushroom he is talking about is her ~~~~~ oh. dear. that's Aki's pet name for her too...
Meanwhile, Aki is having dessert at a store.

Riko's father is staring at Shinya suspiciously~~~ the drawing is so cute...

Shinya is flirting with Riko. He has not made clear his intentions for visiting her. He claims he is at her place to get closer to her.

He expresses his obervations that she seems very cautious with him. She is surprised that he calls her little mushroom again. He clarifies that he thinks calling her little mushroom is more appropriate as he assumes that her boyfriend is likely to call her by name. ~~~~~~ wrong, that is his pet name for her!!!! Riko expresses her confusion as to why Shinya is interested in her even though he knows she has a boyfriend.

Shinya expresses that most love relationships begin after a third party's involvement.~~~~ hmmm... is this prophetic. The mangaka's style is interesting. Thru supposedly mundane conversations, she leaves trails of further story developments.
Meanwhile, back to Aki. Shun calls him and ask to meet him at his place.
Aki declines meeting him and says that he is going to Riko's place and telling her everything about him, including the fact that he is Crude Play's Aki.

He wonders how Riko will react... He hopes she will still like him...


  1. Thanks for the chapter ^^

    I follow this manga coz the male protagonist (I don't even know his name) is hot xD
    (well, not as much as Ren though =P)

  2. Lena: : ) The storyline is quite interesting although this chapter seems short. The guy's name is Aki.

  3. I always liked Kotomi Sensei's art, but I think that the art in this one is better, she's improved very much! About the storyline, hmm yes, it's quite interesting!!

  4. thanks so much for sharing it but what is the number of this chapter???