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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kimi janakya Dame nanada/非君莫属 Chapter 38

Dear Fans of this series,

Spoiler Alert!!! You are warned. This chapter is the latest from the latest issue of Margaret. The most up to date chapter posted on the Chinese Scans site was chapter 22 and on English scan sites was chapter 7. This is chapter 38. There is a difference of at least 16 chapters; so many things have happened. Read at your own risks.

The chapter opens with Aoi holding onto Nanoka's arm and kissing her. Nanoka felt paralysed. She stared at him as his lips touched hers...

A confused Nanoka wondered quietly what was going on. They are siblings! Embarrassed, she told Aoi:"Even if this is a joke, you shouldn't have done such a thing."
Aoi explained that he didn't do it as a joke.

Aoi looked at Nanoka intently and told her that for a long time, he had been thinking of touching her like that.

Scene switches back to Kou. He entered the house. He thought that the house seemed quiet. He thought that Nanoka must still be taking care of Aoi.

Scene switches back to Aoi and Nanoka. Nanoka was thinking what Aoi meant by saying that he had been thinking of touching her like that.

Aoi told her that when they met for the first time at the playground, Nanoka came up to him (he was crying), and passed him a sweet...

She smiled at him and said:"It must be painful. May you recover." That day, the little girl simplified things for him. Aoi wondered then that it was a strange feeling for a little guy like him to have; because he recalled asking his mom about a child after the parents divorced. However, his mom seemed not to know of the existence of a child. He recalled being happy about that.

Looking forlorn, Aoi confessed that for a long time, somewhere in his heart, he was fooling himself...

...And yet when a grown up Nanoko appeared before him and introduced herself as his sister, he tried to suppress his memory. But now things have changed for him. He was able to face troubles and moved on because of her. She was his miracle. Looking at her, he told her he was not going to escape from this feeling anymore.

He looked at her and said that:"I'm asking too much to have all of you." Nanoka blused hearing that. She thought that he should not have said that. She could not help but noticed that he was giving her such a direct gaze that seemed to expose all his feelings for her.

Overwhelmed, Aoi looked down and confessed:"I.. like.. you, Nanoka..." Shocked, Nanoka could feel her heart pounding. She stood up and excused herself to go downstairs.

Left alone in the room, Aoi scolded himself:"Idiot! Doing that with my mouth... what should I do now!?"

A confused Nanoka sat alone on the stairs and thought. Aoi is her brother... he has changed... How can he like her!?

At that moment, Kou who was observing her quietly asked her what's bothering her. Nanoko denied it and claimed she was well.

Nanoka told herself that she would not tell Kou about Aoi's incident. Kou expressed that he was worried for her. Nanoka blushed hearing that and thanked him for being concerned.
She told him that he didn't have to worry about her. Kou reached out and touched her face...

... slowly, he bent down to kiss her. Instinctively, Nanoka stretched out her hands and blocked the kiss. She said:"Wait..."
Kou:"Ha?! Wait?!"
Image of Aoi and her kissing flooded her mind. Nanoka tried unsuccessfully to explain herself.
Mistaking that Nanoka disliked kissing him, Kou stomped off.

Nanoka sat alone and thought. She couldn't do it. After Aoi's kiss, if only she could easily kissed with Kou...

Feeling frustrated, Kou muttered a curse. As he passed Aoi's room, he wandered whether Aoi's fever is still high...

As she washed her face, Nanoka thought that Aoi's confession must be a joke. She thought that the next day morning when she woke up, for sure, Aoi would tell her it was all a joke. She thought Aoi was no more that her brother.

Wow! I'm curious what happened in between. It seemed that Kou and Nanoka are a couple already (reading from his reactions towards her not wanting to kiss). I have always suspected that Aoi likes Nanoka but I didn't expect that much. Oh dear! This can be so confusing. I hope it get sorted out soon. Thoughts from you?