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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Kinkyori Renai/Close Range Love Chapter 22

This Chapter is entitled Uni's Wish. We pick it up from the previous chapter. If you recall, Uni was resting in the infirmary. She asked Azusa who was beside her whether he was the one who saved her. Azusa, who was in love with her decided to lie and told her that he was the one who saved her. Uni was heart-broken as she thought that no matter how she called out for Haruka, he would not respond to her anymore...

Chapter 22 opens with Uni's academic position in school sliding down to Number 2 in her cohort. Saki is Number 1. Her good friend, Nami, expresses her disbelief. Uni stares at the grades and comments in her heart that it is her English that pulls her down. She scores 52 for English.

Haruka walks past and tells her to see him in his office later as her grades for all have remained the same except for English and he wants to talk to her.

Meanwhile, Azusa looks on and decides to speak to Kou Sensei to find out more about Haruka's behaviour. Kou is shocked to learn that Haruka has broken up with Azusa. Azusa tells Kou that he knows that Haruka is still in love with Uni but he doesn't understand why he did what he did.

Kou tells Azusa that she used to be in love with Haruka when they were in the university. He seemed so cool and distant and was always surrounded by girls. Even so, he seemed aloof and private and didn't want to talk about his past or himself. Kou heard some rumours that Haruka is estranged from his father and has been staying alone since 17 years of age. However, she noted that his personality has changed drastically since he going out with Uni. He smiles often and seems really happy.

Kou asks Azusa:" Don't you want the person you love to be really happy?"

Azusa:"You mean you want me to tell Uni the truth?"

Kou tells him she prefers he gives Haruka a punch as she believes... (the scene switches to Haruka and Uni sitting in the career counselling room).

Haruka tells Uni that he is concerned of her grades and if she has any questions she must approach him. All Uni can think of is that Haruka is smiling at her. At that moment, Azusa barged into the room and pushed Haruka to the wall. Azusa calls him a coward and that the reason for him to hide his love for her is because he is afraid that she will leave him for another person. Haruka leaves Uni first so that he can prevent himself from getting hurt in the future. Azusa confesses to Uni that Haruka was there to save her too during the sports meet.

Upon hearing that Uni assures Haruka that she will not like anyone else. Haruka maintains that he doesn't know what they are talking about and he leaves the scene.

Uni tells Haruka that she will confess her love to him everyday. (the rest of the scene depicts Uni's hilarious methods of confessing her feelings)

On the last day of school before the winter vacation, Uni goes in search of Haruka to confess her feelings. One of the staff tells her that Haruka has left for the train station to take a train back to his home town. Uni is hurt and discouraged to know that Haruka has gone home to avoid her. Azusa seeing her despondent look decides to help her get to the train station on time. With Uni sitting behind him, Azusa cycles to the train station as fast as he can. Along the way, Azusa asks her for the cat clip he has given to her. He tells her that he fell in love with the girl who was so happy to receive the clip from him. He wants to see her with that smiling face again.

Uni manages to get to the station just to see the train leaves. She rushes up to Haruka and with tears in her eyes she tells him that she loves him today and will continue to love him tomorrow. Although she cannot promise she will love him forever, but she knows that by his side she can conquer all difficulty. As the train departs, Uni shouts after it telling Haruka that she will wait for him to come back to look for her.

Days past and Uni has not received any news from Haruka. On Christmas day, Nami asks Uni to help her sell cakes to earn some part time income. Nami asks Uni whether she is will be going out with her mysterious boyfriend later on. Uni tells her that he has not contacted her for a long time. Uni thinks that Haruka has given up on her. Overwhelmed with emotion, Uni covers her face with her hands as she cries. Nami tries desperately to calm her down. Suddenly, a hand reaches out to uncover Uni's crying face. Haruka looks at Uni and tells her he is back.

Nami, unaware of their secret relationship, thinks that Haruka is here to buy cakes from them. Haruka asks Nami to be quiet and he apologises to Uni for lying to her and hurting her. He asks her to take him back into her life. Nami, in shock, stares at Uni. Uni slaps Haruka in a desperate attempt to prevent their relationship from being exposed. They start to call each other names. Nami is too shock to react. Finally, Haruka holds Uni's face in his palms and tells her that he is afraid of losing her. He did what he did because since he was born, he lost things he really wanted. He says he believes what she said and he will believe in them.

Uni is touched. She asks Haruka:"Nami is in shock now. Is it alright for her to know about us?"
Haruka:"I'm ok. Come here."

Both Uni and Haruka hug while a shocked Nami looks on.

Ok. That ends chapter 22. A sweet chapter. I like it that Haruka, a cool guy on the exterior, can lose confident when it comes to relationship. I like it that he has opened up to Uni and is beginning to tell Uni about his past. I believe Haruka's past will be an obstacle for them both in the later chapters. I like Uni's straightforwardness in expressing her feelings towards Haruka. I like Azusa's sweetness too. : ) I like this chapter.