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Saturday, July 10, 2010

迷雾中的蝴蝶/Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru Chapter 15

Hi All, I'm back from my trip. However, currently suffering from jet lag... feeling sleepy yet could not sleep due to the time difference. Sigh... Enough about me. I've in my hands the latest chapter of Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru. I love the cover page. Aki looks so hot!

Shinye appeared in Mari's dressing room. Mari asked whether he came in to laugh? Shinye claimed that he was there to greet his junior (Mari). He retorted that he was curious why Mari asked that. Perhaps Mari thought he was there to confirm something... to find out whether Mari who dislike to sing in live programmes was going to appear in the live programme.

Shinye implied that perhaps Mari wanted to sing live as that was her new song and she wanted to improve sales of her album. Mari's assistant was upset with what Shinye was implying and told him that in actual fact Mari singing live is fulfilling to Mari and a dream come true.
Shinye was surprised to know that and wanted to find out more... (It seems to me that Shinye is perhaps thinking of grooming Mari instead)

Meanwhile, Aki was outside Riko's school waiting for her. His presence was attracting much attention... Riko was cleaning the classroom.

Yuichi was trying to stall her by insisting that the classroom was still very dusty. Souta came to her rescue and told her to leave as Aki was waiting for her. Riko left to meet him much to Yuichi's fury. Meanwhile, Aki received a text message from Mari stating that she will see him...

Riko blushed when she caught sight of Aki. She spilt the contents of her bag when she greeted Aki.

Aki: "Finally, we meet." He asked her what time she could stay out till. He asked whether she could stay until 10 pm. Riko mentioned something about contacting her parents... Aki expressed (with a look of frustration) that she has to consider her parents' point of view with regards to going on a date with him... He expressed that he has a 100% jealous heart but Riko has various considerations. (not sure he meant that she should loosen up or that he should loosen up with regards to her)...

Riko blushed when she found herself outside of his flat. Aki saw her expression and asked her what's wrong. She exclaimed loudly : " This is safe!!!" (Riko was thinking that Aki has other intentions... XD)
Aki seeing her reactions quickly explained that he wanted to cook a meal for her. He can cook dumplings very well and he wanted to impress her before his confession. (Aki blushed when he said that)

... Aki went to say that Riko must have considered his confession as bad because his rival was very good. (I think Aki was making reference to Shinye)
Riko quickly interrupted and said that Aki was good. Aki continued to say that he wanted to be a more likable person to Riko, more than him (I suppose he is making reference to Shinye again).
Riko wondered around Aki's flat.

She noticed the Bass Guitar and asked Aki whether he played it. He claimed that he didn't play much and couldn't play well.
Riko noticed the keyboard and asked whether he wrote song. Aki told her to find a seat near the TV. Riko sat down...

... Riko suddenly appeared before Aki and commented that Aki was indeed very skillful in making dumplings. Aki laughed and told her that she scared him by appearing suddenly. He told her to sit down... While eating the dumplings, Riko commented that Aki's dumplings were delicious. Aki:" I'm glad to hear it..."

Aki turned on the TV as he was feeling nervous. Crude Play was on the programme. Crude Play would play their new song. Riko was excited to hear that...

In the programme, Shun mentioned something about what Aki said about their music. Riko excitedly exclaimed: Nice! Aki! ..." Aki laughed and commented that she was the type that talked to TV. Aki asked whether Riko liked Aki of Crude Play? Riko replied that although Aki of Crude Play is fat but she liked him very much. Aki was puzzled as why Riko said that Aki of Crude Play is fat. Riko said that rumour has it that Aki's fat. (Bawhahahaha....)
Crude Play performed their new song...

Upon hearing the new song, Riko commented: "The song that you hummed when we first met."

Great. The story is moving on nicely. Riko will probably know that Aki is the Aki from Crude Play in the next chapter. I like it that Aki is more proactive and opening up to Riko. Nice!!!