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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Akuma to Love Song/恶魔拉法颂 Vol 8

I have been busy reading. (*_*) so busy I forgot to blog. One of the series I've enjoyed is Akuma to Love Song. Interesting read. Nothing beats reading (in one sitting) 8 volumes. Yummy!

I have read Akuma to Love Song in English but preferred the Mandarin version. Volume 7 details the reason why Shin cannot accept Kawai's confession. He is afraid she will remember her dark past if he reciprocates. Apparently, Kawai's mother attempted suicide in front of her and hugging her as she was dying. In volume 8, a new character Shintaro is introduced. He seems very taken by Kawai. He is very forward in expressing his affection for her. (>__<) Perhaps, he will push Shin to do more... Actually, I like Yuusuke's character and wish there is more air time for him... Perhaps in the coming chapters...

Below is a snippet of how Chapter 8 ends.

Kawaii and her friends were at Shin's place for holiday. Shin is playing the piano and Kawai is singing. Their feelings for each other (which they could not honestly expressed) were expressed through their music. Shintaro saw this...

Shintaro could not help but felt jealous. He told Kawai to stop wearing her feelings for Shin on her sleeves. He accused Shin of stringing her along with no intention to commit. She retaliated and accused him of fault-finding... Shintaro tried to silence her with a kiss...

If you are interested in the latest chapter, you can find it in Freesiane's Livejournal. Make sure to leave her a comment.