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Monday, September 20, 2010

Kami-sama Hajimemashita/元气少女缘结神 Chapter 22

The story continues from Chapter 21.

Dragon of the Ocean: "I have been waiting for you, Tomoe. You cannot have forgotten me." Nanami looked around her. Her friends and other beachgoers have fallen into a deep slumber. Dragon of the Ocean told Nanami to leave as he has a debt to settle with Tomoe.

Tomoe:" I don't know what you are talking about."

Suddenly, tentacles came out from nowhere and wrapped itself round Tomoe. The Dragon was furious:"Let me refresh your memory. 526 years, 208 days ago, at 2:18 pm, you forced into my palace, killed 7 head dragons, 3 sharks, 5 fish and a team of seacows. You destroyed the southern part of my palace and stole my right eye! I'm here to collect the debt!"

Dragon:"Clam! Get him!" The tentacles dragged Tomoe into a huge and clam and the clam slammed shut its shell. The Dragon laughed and shouted that in 2 days time, the clam would digest Tomoe and he would turn into a pearl!

With that, the Dragon turned and waved goodbye to Nanami. Nanami held on to the clam and refused to let go. She had only one thing in mind. That was to get Tomoe back.

Nanami blamed herself for Tomoe's predicament. She cried as the thought of not seeing Tomoe again proved too distressing for her. She plunged into the sea... The dragon saved her and told her she was such a nuisance. Nanami begged the Dragon to release Tomoe. He refused. He told her if she could return his eye to him, he would let Tomoe go. He told her that his right eye is an elixir and anyone who eats it will live forever and have great power. And because of Tomoe, he was made of fool. Nanami insisted that the Dragon had to promise her that if she could get the eye back to him, he had to release Tomoe. The Dragon agreed as he believed that it would be impossible to find the eye since it was lost 526 years ago.

Meanwhile scene switches back to Mizuki and Nanami's girlfriends. Her girlfriends were worried sick for Nanami but Mizuki was not affected. He was eating ice cream and commenting of how delicious it tasted. Her friends were furious with his non-chalant attitude. They said:"Nanami is missing, shouldn't we make a police report?"

Mizuki smiled and told them he believed Nanami would be back soon. In the same breath, Mizuki asked to sleep with them as he was afraid of being alone...

At that moment, Nanami appeared. She apologised to her friends for making them worried. Nanami looked at Mizuki and asked him to lend her the incense burner that will bring her back to time.

Next scene switches to Mizuki and Nanami alone. Nanami tried to explain to Mizuki that she wanted to travel back in time to where Tomoe took away the Dragon's eye and stopped him. She wanted to attempt to take the eye from Tomoe and return it to the Dragon. Mizuki looked at Nanami and said that he knew that she love Tomoe. He commented that Tomoe was so fortunate to have her. He told her he's jealous over Nanami being so concerned for Tomoe. Nanami begged Mizuki and he agreed. Nanami took a sniff of the incense from Mizuki's burner.

During the travelling back in time, all Nanami could think of were the days she spent with Tomoe. She realised that she really loved Tomoe very much, she could not help herself. She was also reminded that Tomoe told her that he would never love a human.

Suddenly, Nanami arrived at the destination. It was the seaside but it was freezing cold. A witch-like monster appeared before her. She asked her to give her the dragon's eyes in her body and she would give her a coat to keep her warm. Nanami was confused. In the air, she could hear someone calling out her name... The witch disappeared. Mizuki appeared with a coat for her. He told her that she must wait for him and not get lost. Nanami asked who was that monster. Mizuki told her she was always near the sea waiting for human beings to fall prey to her.

Suddenly, Nanami saw a familiar figure...

It was Tomoe! The Dragon was shouting at him:"How dare you destroy my palace! Return my eye at once!! Tomoe walked away told the Dragon that he was a nuisance.

Nanami and Tomoe came face to face.

Nanami thought that he looked exactly like how he looked currently. At the same time, she could not help but be reminded that the current Tomoe was trapped in the giant shell.

That ends chapter 22.