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Monday, July 26, 2010

迷雾中的蝴蝶/Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru Chapter 165

Here's the latest chapter of Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru. Sigh... Nothing much happened!!!

Aki recalls Takagi san's words after he met Riko. He told Aki that after hearing Riko sang, instantly, he was sure that she is talented. He likes her voice, attitude , appearance and even musical mood.

Aki is staring at Riko as she hums the song she has heard. He seems overwhelmed and mesmerized by her singing. At that moment, Riko turns and asks him:" that song..."

Blushing... Aki: "Do you want tea? If not, how about coffee?" Riko:"No. Coffee is bad for the throat. This is because caffeine is bad for the voice..." As Riko answers, Aki runs to the kitchen without waiting for Riko to finish her reply. Riko, puzzled by what happened:" Ogasawara san!?"

In the kitchen, Aki tells himself that it is wrong, he should not even consider the possibility of taking up Takagi san's offer of training Riko... his issue with Takagi san and the lack of confidence he has towards Takagi san. But then, Aki recalls Shinya's description of Riko's quality of voice, he cannot help but agree vehemently that Riko has a very good voice.

As he wonders what he should do, Riko appears at the door of the kitchen:" Ogasawara san? What is it?"

Aki feeling embarrassed, blushes and comments that he is in a terrible situation. Riko:" Perhaps... That song I sang, where was it from?" Aki taken by surprise:"Why?" Riko quickly apologises. Riko:"I didn't mean to lie... I fail to mention even though you told me you dislike a girl to sing... I... sing and play in a band... because of that..."

Aki interrupts and asks why is she crying. Riko thinks that crying is not allowed...and he really dislike her...

Aki grabs hold of her hand and hugs her to comfort her: "When you cry, you can be taken advantage of by a man... a man will stretch out his hand and take the opportunity when possible." Riko laughs. Aki:"This is no a laughing matter! It is a serious matter!"...

At the same time, he kisses her. Riko pushes against Aki:" Wait... our pact is that 1 kiss a day... are you going to keep it?"

That ends Chapter 16. Like I said, nothing much happened in this chapter. Perhaps the mangaka is trying to bait us and leave us wanting more... Well let's hope that more things will happen in the next chapter.