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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Yukisaki Koisaki

Read this oneshot by a fairly new mangaka, Kayoru. This book contains 4 oneshots, namely, Yukisaki Koisaki, Yume Koi, Kiken na Kyouikujisshuu, and Himitsu no!? Fuuki linchou.

I will cover the first oneshot: Yukisaki koisaki.

This is a rather typical shoujoish story. Since today I'm in the mood for shoujo stories, this is nice :). For those of you who prefer more depth and bite, you are warned.

Yukihime really likes her childhood friend Dai. She spends most of her childhood days at his grandfather's restaurant so that she can be closed to him.

Now, Dai is a unversity undergraduate and Yuki, 3 years younger than him is in high school. Due to some reasons, Dai's grandfather's restaurant closed down and his family faces financial difficulties. Dai works as a waiter at a restaurant to help make ends meet. Yuki finds herself frequenting the restaurant Dai works.

This day, Yuki catches the attention of several of the patrons at the restaurant. One of them decides to approach her to ask for a date. Dai, upon hearing the comment, discourages the guy and tells him that the restaurant prohibits such behaviour. Dai flashes his charming smile at him. The patron disarmed by his smile, finds himself paralysed into inaction.

Dai chids Yuki for coming into the restaurant at such late hours and getting him into trouble with her dad if he finds out about this...

Meanwhile, back in class, Yuki laments that Dai does not see her as a potential girlfriend but a younger sister who needs his protection. In a fit, Yuki decides to join her classmate for a group date. To her horror, she sees Dai in the group date! Yuki senses that Dai seems upset with her as he ignores her. She notices that Dai's behaviour is different with others and seems very nice to the girls in the group...

During the group date, when Dai steps out for awhile, Yuki is tricked into drinking alcohol. One of the guys takes the opportunity to touch her. Yuki is paralaysed with fear. Dai appears in time to rescue her. Dai chids Yuki for coming to the group date and exposing herself to danger. Yuki, who is also upset that Dai comes for the group date, retorts back that if he can come she can. Dai tells her that he is forced to come. Yuki being angered by the thought that Dai sees her as a younger sister who needs his protection, lashes out at Dai and tells him she does not need his protection and dislike his protection and she is no longer a young child. Dai thinking that she really dislike his presence, tells her he will no longer butt into her affairs and let her have her fun.

Yuki tears thinking that Dai is really leaving her for good. She decides to bake him a batch of cup cakes during Valentine's day and confess her feelings to him.

After his work, Yuki presents her cup cakes and confesses her feelings to him. She tells him that she likes him since they were young children. She has been feeling miserable because he sees her only as a young sister who needs his protection. However, she is willing to be his sister or even daughter only to be with him. She begs him not to hate her and not to leave her alone...

Dai silenced Yuki with a kiss... He asks her to be his girlfriend... Dai confesses that he has liked Yuki since they were young children but he stops himself for confessing as he feels he cannot provide for her yet. However, now he cannot let her go... Dai smiles at Yuki and tells her that her dad will be upset with him.

Feeling neglected as Dai has been working hard at the restaurant, Yuki decides to work part time at the restaurant too. Dai, upset that Yuki is taking up part time job, tells her not to let others at the restaurant know about their relationship. Yuki cannot understand Dai's behaviour and thinks that he is regretting being together with her.

At the restaurant, Yuki breaks plates and makes a mess as she is not used to such work. Dai and another female colleague, Shiki are tasked to help her. Yuki cannot help but notices that Shiki looks so much more mature and suitable to be with Dai.

During break time, Shiki tells Yuki that she notices that Yuki likes Dai, however, she doubts he will like her as she have a young girl's body... Shiki tells Yuki that Dai shares the same dream of working in the kitchen and learning to be a good chef. Yuki is distraught that Dai shares his dream with her. She wonders whether Dai regrets their relationship... Determined to be a girlfriend he is proud of, Yuki works hard at the restaurant to prove her worth. Dai sees her behaviour and cannot help but look on with pride. Shiki sees Dai's expressions...

Feeling threatened, Shiki trips Yuki as she carries plates of food to the patrons. Yuki falls and Dai shields her from a falling wine glass with his body. The glass cuts his face. Shiki sees this and is distressed... Dai being concerned for Yuki asks whether she's hurt. Yuki is more worried for wasting the chef's good food and tells Dai she needs to apologise to the chef for her clumsiness.

Meanwhile, at the rest area, Shiki helps dress Dai's wounds. She takes the opportunity to tell Yuki off for being a nuisance. Dai tells Shiki that she should be the one to apologise to the chef as she's the one who tripped Yuki. He tells her that Yuki is a kind-hearted girl who appreciates the chef's hardwork and that she is his girlfriend whom he is proud of. Shiki storms out upon hearing this.

Yuki tears and tells Dai that she has been feeling like a useless girlfriend as he does not want to acknowledge her as a girlfriend at the workplace. Dai explains that he did that so that he will be able to concentrate at work. He tells her that his dream is really to set a restaurant like his grandfather's as that is the place where they share good memories and thus it is a very important place to him. Moreover, Dai feels that only when he is accomplished will Yuki's dad approve of their relationship. Yuki is touched that Dai has been working hard for her and their future.

On their way back home, Yuki's dad drives past and sees them together. He is incensed and drags Yuki back home. He tells Dai to stop seeing Yuki as he is poor and cannot make her happy.

A few days later, at home, Yuki's dad tells Yuki that he will not let her see Dai again as he has promised Yuki's deceased mum that she will be well-taken care of. Yuki quarrels with her dad... At that moment, Dai enters and presents food he has cooked to Yuki's dad. He tells him that he has been promoted to an apprentice chef at the restaurant and that he is working hard to set up a restaurant like his grandfather's. Dai begs Yuki's father to allow him to date Yuki when he succeeds. Yuki's dad tells him that he is not convinced and that he should leave now. However, Yuki's dad tries his food after Dai has left...

Several days later, Yuki is in her room crying as she misses Dai. Dai appears suddenly and gives her a cake he has baked. He tells her that he loves her and asks her to remember that even if they can't be together for awhile, his feelings for her will not change.

The next day, Yuki wakes up to see that Dai has left her with a letter. In the letter, he tells her that her father has made arrangements to send him to France to further his culinary skills. Dai did not tell Yuki in person as he is afraid that his resolve to leave for further studies will be affected if he sees her cry. He tells her he finds it hard to leave her too. However, he remembers her confession that she will always love him and that gives him the strength to leave for further studies. He asks her to wait for his return...

3 years later, Yuki works part time at the same restaurant where Dai used to work. She sees a magazine article of Dai. She misses Dai and wonders out loud whether he has found a french girl friend...

At that moment, Dai appears... Together, they set up their restaurant and live happily ever after...