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Monday, November 29, 2010

Tonari no Kaibutsukun

I've not blogged about comics for quite awhile! Can't believe how terribly busy I've been. So many things to share about and so little time. ^^

I apologise to all who have been waiting for updates on the various series. Will try to get them out when I'm less tied up.

Having said that, last week, I was near the bookstore with no intention to buy new comics cos there are a few comics sitting at home waiting for me to summarise. Before I knew it, I found myself paying for a new series. Sigh... I could not help it cos this series is so interesting!!!

Tonari no Kaibutsukun. This series is relatively new. It is in its fifth volume in Japan. I have in my hands 4 volumes. Yummilicious!

I love the story. The mangaka, Robico has a humorous way of relating the story and the drawing is beautiful.

Mizutani Shizuku, our female lead, is a straightforward, cold-hearted kind of girl who speaks her mind not caring whether she will hurt a person's feelings. She cares only about her grades and her studies. She was bribed by her teacher to deliver lesson notes to Yoshida Haru, our male lead. (Teacher promised to get Shizuku a book she needed). Haru was in school for the first day and subsequently was suspended because he inflicted serious bodily injuries to a group of students. Shizuku was unaware of Haru's existence even though he was suppose to sit beside her.

Upon hearing that Shizuku was from his school, Haru jumped out of the window (from the 3rd floor!) in a bid to escape from her. He assumed that the class teacher has sent her to get him back to school. When he later found out that she was to deliver lesson notes to him and not to convince him to go back to school, he thought she was a kind classmate who (on her own accord) was concerned about him. (It is hilarious to see the assumptions Haru made....^^) Anyways, he was touched that Shizuku considered him a friend (again, Haru is assuming she cared, in actual fact, she was bribed by the class teacher). At first, Shizuku has no interest in talking to Haru, it is all very one-sided. But later on, through her observations, Shizuku realised that Haru is a very simple-minded, innocent person whose actions are misinterpreted by others. In school, people see Haru as an ultra delinquent who is very violent. In actual fact, Haru is scared of school because he could not understand why people don't like him.

During her visit to deliver the lesson notes, Shizuku realised that a group of deliquents were taking money from Haru by pretending to be his friends, she told him they were not his friends. Haru was so upset, he dumped his drink on her. Later on, Haru found out that Shizuku was right as Shizuku stood up for him against the delinquents and told them off. Haru was so touched he declared that he is in love with her! Haru is even willing to go back to school as long as Shizuku is nearby. Shizuku is convinced that Haru has misunderstood his feelings for her.

I love the humor in this manga. ^^ Apart from that, I like the way the mangaka explained the characters' background. Each character has an intriguing and touching past. I was laughing and crying as I read through 4 volumes in one sitting.

I love a manga with a cold-hearted heroine and a troublesome, innocent hero. What an interesting combination!

Mangafox has uploaded 5 chapters of it. Once I find the time and if you are interested, I will summarize the other chapters.


  1. This sounds like a really fun and cute series.
    Thanks for the review/recommendation ~
    I will definately check it out ^^

  2. It's been partially scanned by Titania. I love this story. It's hysterical. I'm looking forward to seeing how it progresses past Chapter 6. There was a bit of a cliff hanger at the end there!
    Best wishes on your upcoming language test. I'd be happy to be able to "just pass" that test as well! Gambatte!

  3. Thank you !! this manga is really cute!!

  4. thanx for introducing this manga! luv it lots! i really like these kind of mangas where the heroin is coldhearted, clever n pretty ^^

    hope to be introduced to more mangas like this <3

  5. Oh! I’ve always seen this series in the bookstore but I never once thought of reading it even though it’s always places at a very eye catching place because of the art I guess… It’s style seems more shounen than shoujo to me but now that I’ve read your recommendation, I think I’m going to get this series too! (I’ve been buying many many series lately preparing to ship them home. Heh) Thanks for recommending! Can’t afford to miss out on any good series!

  6. hmm..interesting ankemaybe..the picture looks hilarious..the faces and, is the a collar&chain??im gonna check it out now..thanks for recommending. ;)

  7. saw the first chapter..awesome series!im starting to like the characters..esp haru,so cute!and i hope the girl stays to be the same to the end. she seems to be pretty tough.thanks again and i hope you'll do this series.. <3

  8. 腐女子: It is wise to buy your fav series in Japan cos back home it costs more to buy the mangas in their original lang. Hope you like the series. All the best to your coming exams.

    ayumi23: It is great to know that this stirs up your interest and you enjoyed chapt 1. I will summarize chapt 6 and beyond. ^^

    dingdong, talli and Anonymous: Great you like it. It is my pleasure.

    Brownie: I am not taking my JLPT this year. Too tied up with work. All the best to you.

  9. Love the story: a cold girl and a scary but adorable guy.

  10. I really like it! I only meant to read the first chapter, and ended up reading all five! The heroine is smart and tough, but she isn't totally heartless, and the Haru guy is cute - even though I can tell he will probably be frustrating from time to time. Thank you so much for summarizing it!

  11. i really like this manga!
    looking forward for update.

  12. This manga was really good ^^ I really liked the drawings ;)

    was wondering, do you make summaries of L-DK too?

  13. when is comming out Kinkyori Renai' summary?

  14. Anonymous: ^^ Great that you like the manga. L-DK's summary can be found in Bebexiu's Blog.

    dell: I'm missing about 10 chapters of Kinkyori Renai. I have the current but the story does not flow well. Once I get hold of those few chapters, and I am less tied up, I will provide the summaries.

  15. Don't you think it's a little bit like "beast master" but i like it! thanks for recommendation. Can't wait for the summaries!

  16. Please summarize this manga!!!!

  17. Wow~
    I looked through the list of some of your older posts and I cannot believe it (: I read most of those mangas! But that is beside the point.
    I just started reading Tonari No Kaibutsukun and loved it (: it's really neat to find a review like this to go along with it!
    I look forward to reading more! :D