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Monday, December 13, 2010

Mishounen Produce Chapter 16

Hi All! I apologise for the long break and inactivity. Been very, very busy. Thankfully, my busy days will be ending soon. I'm so looking forward to the Christmas and New Year holidays! Yeah!!!

I have so many summaries to clear. I will start off with Mishounen Produce.

Chapter 16 begins with Kako's classmate pointing at photos of Kako that appeared in some magazine. They were asking who is this Kako and that she is beautiful. One of them mentioned that the girl in the photo shares the same name as their classmate Kako who is a nerd. At that moment, Kako appeared and interrupted their conversation. She wanted to get to her seat and one of the boys was sitting on it.

Roi stared at Kako. He couldn't believe his eyes...

He expressed his shock. He wondered how it was possible for Kako to transform to such a startling beauty. He asked whether Kako was interested to be an artiste (performer/actress)... Suddenly, Kousei appeared and hovered protectively over Kako. He told Roi not to touch Kako.


Kako thought that all she had done thus far was due to Kousei. She turned towards Roi and told him she would see him tomorrow and that she had to leave now for a selection interview. With that she left and ignored Kousei.

Kousei muttered that he would not allow her to go for the selection interview...

Roi:"Kousei, you have kept her locked up in a cage. Although, I can understand how you feel, but..."

Kousei:"But Kako can be happy like that..."

Roi:"She seemed placated but if she is unhappy, she will retaliate..." Roi told Kousei that he seemed rather childish...

Next Scene switches to Kako at the selection interview location. She was told that she was to participate in this selection interview for a"Miss Young Princess". She was to think of an item to perform. When her name was being called, she was to stand in the middle of the stage and perform her best. She was asked what was her talent.

Kako wondered what is her talent. She searched her bag and produced several comic books. Needless to say, that was not accepted as a talent. Kako had difficulty coming out with something she was good at...

Slowly, the other contestants streamed in. Kako could not help but made comparison. She was beginning to feel nervous.

Kako encouraged herself so that she could do her best and impressed Kousei. Kako realised that she was supposed to act as a princess from her favourite manga series "Rorebara"...

Kako was trying to psyche herself up for the role. She reminded herself that it was very much like how she prepared and trained Kousei for his various roles and projects. As she was doing so, she suddenly had a vision of Kousei calling her childish...

Kako tried her best to distract herself by making herself think of her good points. Without knowing, she spoke her thoughts outloud:"My good points..."
Shinobu san who was in the same room:"Isn't it too late to think about your talents?" Kako was surprised to see her. She asked her why she came and whether she came to observed as she was last year's Miss Young Princess. Shinobu was upset that Kako called her "last year's Miss Young Princess". Shinobu decided to hurt Kako...

Shinobu:"If you don't know what your talents are let me help you. None. You have no talents. If you don't know it yourself, how can others help you!"

Kako told herself not be swayed by Shinobu's cruel words. An announcement was made to commence the selection process...

Kousei arrived at the set and was looking for Kako. He was determined to stop her from entering the selection process...

Suddenly, he saw Kako crouched in a corner with her head down. He was shocked. At the same time, Kako's name was called out. It was her turn for the screen test.

Kousei:"What happened? What are you doing?"

Kako told him she could not think of any talents. She believed she has no talents... She said that it is no wonder she could not find any talents. She said she didn't even like herself because the person she loves said that she was childish. She asked Kousei:"Being like that, how am I suppose to have confidence?"

Kousei grabbed her and dragged her out towards the stage where the selection process was being conducted.

Kousei:"Please don't cry , Miss..."

Kousei:"I have locked you in this small world is because I wanted your smile to belong to me alone. I am sorry. You are very beautiful."

Kousei:"You being like that, you are already very beautiful." After saying that, Kousei slowly exited from the stage

Kako wondered whether Kousei is reading from the manga script...

Kako replied:"I... I'm not special and I don't have special talent and there is nothing on me that is like a princess but..."

Kako continued:"I like shoujou mangas and I love the Prince who helped me. This love I have is real and I am very confident of my love."

Kousei at the backstage commented to himself:"Am I a child?"

That ends Chapter 16. Sigh... I wish Kousei would come right out and tell Kako his feelings for her. Well, saying that she is beautiful and telling her that he feels possessive of her is enough for now but my patience is wearing thin... and Kako can be so dense...


  1. Kako mustve been dropped on her head as a baby to be that slow lol, so Anke, do you think we've seen the last of Shinobu? I hope Kako gets the part of the role or whatever because Id be interesting if she became the most famous. Any idea when the next chapters coming out?

  2. Jayde: sigh... Kako has low self-esteem without the help of Shinobu. Can't imagine how Shinobu can add the difference. ^^ The next chapter will be out on Christmas eve.

  3. Thanks for summarising! Thank god she didn't revert back to the nerd thing haha.. I like this manga, both were nerdy and typical country bumpkins at the start, but now they're beautiful and equal ;) I have a feeling that Kousei's possessiveness will get in the way of their relationhip, then Shinobu steps in and blah blah.. I wish that one day Kousei and Kako can become rivals in modelling while still being in love with each other.. Of course, Shinobu would be like on Kako's side, making plans on how to play the role of the badass xD
    That'd be so hot! I have a thing for guy vs girl, ex-love relationship.. HAHA. --Rae

  4. Hey! Welcome back from your long break! ^^ Everytime after the end of each chapter of Mishounen Produce, i hope there will be some developments in the relationship of Kako and Kousuke in the next chapter however, it always disappoints me!!!!

  5. Thanks so much for the summary!

    On a side note, does Kako's hair bother anyone else? It drives me insane that it's very short in the front and VERY long in the back. It's like she's got a boy hair cut in the front with long hair in the back. And I don't understand why the manga-ka chooses to make her hair so stringy either. It just looks so weird.

    I can never buy the fact that she's extremely beautiful or cute when she's got that extremely weird hair do. lol, so sorry for the off-handed remark though. It's still a cute shoujo though.

    Thanks again for taking the time to catch everyone else up, we appreciate your hard work!

  6. I love Mishounen Produce.
    I can't blame Kako for being so clueless. XD
    The poor girl has been under the impression that she's not beautiful, goes around unnoticed by the people around her, and being fenced-in by Kousei. Of course she's bound to feel unlovable so how could she phantom that her hunky best friend is in love with her? Kousei sort of dug his own grave. *lol*

    It's good to see Kako stepping out of her shell and participating in the contest. Hope she becomes more daring and confident as this manga progress.

    Thanks so much for the summary. You totally made my day.

    And...welcome back~~♥

  7. arghhh!! that was tooo short! tsk tsk T.T ineed more T-T n btw.. welcome back ^^

  8. Hi Everyone: Thank you for the warm welcome. ^^ It is good to be less busy!
    腐女子: Mishounen Produce is very slow-moving. Wishing for more development too.

    Pansywansylinsy: I know what u mean. The hair style does look a wee bit androgynous.

  9. Ah what a cute couple. Kousei's jealousness is adorable! Lol XD
    Thanks for summarizing & Happy Holidays!

  10. Gahh thankyou so much for the summary!! I'm so excited to see what is going to happen. I do hope that kako and Kousei compete and go on opposite sides. It probably just makes their relationship more obvious to each other.

    I CAN'T WAIT FOR CHAPTER 17 *CRIES* why does the mangaka make us wait so much~ I want to see more development hehe.

  11. Thanks so much for making this! i wouldn't have understood the raw...XD i just LOVE how this manga is progressing!!!

    I can't wait for the next chapter!!! TT-TT