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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Namida Usagi - Seifuke no Kataomoi Chapter 10

Chapter 10 for the fans.

Chapter 10 continues from the previous chapter with Narumi grabbing Momoka and running off. As Momoka follows, thoughts of wanting to spend the last night of the camp alone with Narumi fills her mind. She wants to create special memories with Narumi.

Narumi stops running, turns around and checks on Momoka. Momoka replies she is fine. She blushes when she recalls her friends' comments on Narumi liking her and that she should confess her love to him.

Staring at the blushing face of Momoka, Narumi blushes as he misinterprets her response. He apologizes for dragging her out suddenly. He thinks Momoka must be embarrassed by his actions.

Momoka quickly denies that. She tells him that on the contrary she is happy as now she can spend time alone with him.

All of a sudden, both of them realized that they are still holding each other's hands. Awkwardly, they drop their hands and look away uncomfortably. Narumi breaks the silence and tells Momoka that he has a reason for taking her out.

Momoka braces herself as she thinks that Narumi is about to confess his feelings to her...

Momoka lowers her head and blushes furiously as she awaits his confession. Narumi:" I want to show you these children."
Huh? Momoka is disoriented to say the least. She turns around and sees little rabbits surrounding the grass patch they are standing on. Momoka:"Waaahh! Little rabbits!" Narumi reminds her to lower her voice as the rabbits are easily startled.

As Narumi watches Momoka cuddles the rabbits, he tells her that he has been wanting to show these rabbits to her since he first discover them as he knows she will like them. Although she is touched by his thoughtfulness, Momoka cannot help but feel disappointed at the turn of events. Momoka whispers her thanks to Narumi. Narumi tells her to come closer as she was too soft. As Momoka inches closer and leans forward to speak into Narumi's ear (note sudden appearance of the numerous stars in the sky)...

Encouraged by the surrounding, Momoka places a kiss on Narumi's ear. Shocked at her own behaviour, she apologizes to Narumi. Afraid that the rabbbits will scuttle off, he places his hand over her mouth and tells her to keep quiet. Nevertheless, the rabbits run off (I will run away too if I'm the rabbits. Who wants to be in the way... hehehe....)

With a shoujouish posture, Narumi stretches out his hand and tells Momoka to chase after the rabbits with him. (sigh... gosh... why can't they just leave the rabbits and get on it...)

As they chase after the rabbits, Momoka wonders about the reaction of all they have left behind in the camp. She wonders whether the teacher in-charge is fuming mad searching for them and whether her classmates are gossiping about their sudden leaving. Whatever the case, Momoka is happy to spend this time with Narumi alone...
As Momoka catches sight of one of the rabbits, she runs after it but trips and falls. Narumi falls too when tries to help her. Both of them lie on the ground and stare at the sky. Momoka apologizes for causing him to fall. Narumi tells her that he is glad to hold onto her hand. Still holding onto each other's hand, they turn and look at each other. Both of them burst out laughing...
At that moment, they are reminded of the time the spent together in junior high school. Narumi confesses to Momoka that he used to hate school then. Then he only cares for his camera and his good friend. However, when Momoka who sat besides him greeted him in the morning because she understood him, he was filled with joy. Because of her, he began to love coming to school.

Holding both her hands in his, Narumi thank Momoka. Momoka begins to tear as she is touched by his words. A sudden breeze reminds Narumi that they have to leave as it is getting colder. Narumi takes off his jacket and put it over Momoka. Momoka wants to confess her feelings to him...
Again, the sudden appearance of the starry night, signals another great opportunity for the confession. Momoka calls out to Narumi. He turns and stares at her. She fumbles...

All of a sudden, Akutsu appears. Kairi apologizes for not being able to keep Akutsu away from the couple. Disappointed that the perfect moment was interrupted, Momoka holds onto Narumi's sleeves...

She asks him to wait for her after school on Monday as she wants to speak to him privately.
Narumi smiles at her and agrees to meet her after school.
Kairi praises Momoka for trying her best and promises to cheer for her.

Momoka approaches Akutsu and apologizes for not being able to reciprocate his feelings. She tells him that if she has known him earlier things might be different but now, she can only think about Narumi.

Looking at the tearing Narumi, Akutsu chooses to cheer for her. He tells her to be courageous. At that moment, a shooting star appears. Momoka makes a wish that she will be able to convey her feelings to Narumi...

That's the end of Chapter 10. We will get Momoka's confession in the next chapter. How will Narumi respond... Stay tuned.