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Friday, May 28, 2010

Ardour Chapter 51 (Vol 11)

This chapter is about recognition. You Yi wants her mom's recognition of her talent as a fashion designer.

You Yi remembers that as she was growing up, no matter how hard she tried to get her mom's approval, mom did not even look at the drawings she did. She wonders why mom doesn't tell her she is not cut out to be a fashion designer. Sheng Ye tries to calm her...

Wow... that is certainly a good way to distract, ermm... calm You Yi.

Feeling overwhelmed, You Yi pushes Sheng Ye away. Sheng Ye explains that he is trying to comfort her. ~~~~~ : )
Sheng Ye: " Did you learn fashion designing to get your mom's approval?"
You Yi: " No. I love fashion designing."
Sheng Ye reminds You Yi that fashion designing can be subjective. Not everyone will like her designs but that does not mean she is not cut out to be a designer. Touched, You Yi hugs Sheng Ye.
Sheng Ye: "You want me to kiss you again?"
You Yi: "No! I just want a hug."

Sheng Ye sighs as he realises he will not get to kiss You Yi. You Yi is puzzled by his behaviour. ~~~ she is so clueless...
Wei asks Sheng Ye whether he realises that if You Yi wins the fashion design competition, she will be going overseas to study and they will be separated.
Sheng Ye: "This is something that will happen eventually..."
Zi Ying, the lyricist, enters the scene and complains that Sheng Ye lacks feelings when he sang one of the song she has written...

The next few pages details out the competitiveness of the fashion industry. One of You Yi's strengths is that she is not bound by her drawings and can adapt when needed. Her classmate and competitor notes the strength.

You Yi is so busy preparing for the competition she has not seen Sheng Ye for almost half a month.
Ah Yao sees the closeness between Sheng Ye and Zi Ying, the lyricist, thinks Sheng Ye is attracted to her. Adding to the confusion, Sheng Ye expresses that Zi Ying reminds him of an older version of You Yi.

On the day of the fashion design competition, You Yi wows the judges with her designs...

You Yi's mom acknowledges her talents. She expresses that her decision to distance herself from You Yi is right. She worries that You Yi will be influenced by her and not be able to establish herself in the fashion industry. You Yi tears as she realises that her mother has never shown her approval not because she thinks You Yi is not suitable to be a fashion designer but that she does not want to exert her influence on You Yi.
Both You Yi and her classmate are selected. You Yi is reminded that she will be separated from Sheng Ye.

You Yi heads towards Sheng Ye's place to look for him. At his place, Zi Ying opens the door. Shocked, You Yi hands her gift to Sheng Ye to her and leaves his apartment...