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Monday, September 27, 2010

Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru Chapter 18

Dear All,

I apologise for the late posting. I have been very, very busy, thus collected my magazine late. Just got this last night.

Last Chapter ended with a cliffhanger. Aki revealed his identity to Riko. Aki told Riko that he would like to meet her parents formally and introduce himself, Ogasawara Aki, to them...

Riko stares at Aki. She is in shock! She thinks:"Now what?..." Suddenly her handphone goes off. She takes the opportunity to leave immediately. Riko says: "Yabai! (Whoops!) Because of my dad I have to go now!" Aki tries to get her to wait up as he intends to send her home. But Riko rejects his offer, saying that she is leaving immediately and she is fine to go home on her own. Aki shouts after her (as Riko runs off) to send him a message when she is near home.

Aki is left standing at his doorway speechless...

As Riko runs home, she apologises to Aki mentally. She finds herself running along the route where she first met Aki and ringing in her head was Crude Play's song. That song she heard him hummed when she first met him was Crude Play's song. She is certain that Aki is Crude Play's Aki.

Scene Switches to Shun. Shun is having a shower in his hotel room at the Ritz Carlton. He gets out of the shower in time to hear his phone goes off. His manager is calling him. Shun tells his manager that he will go down and meet him after 15 mins. His manager tells him to turn on the TV.

Shun is shocked to see that the programme was talking about Mari and his secret relationship is now made known publicly. They even interview Shun's mother. His mother agreed with the match. The newscaster commented that Shun's mother is very pretty. Apparently, she used to be a model.

Scene switches to Riko who was having her breakfast. Her father points out to her that her favourite band Crude Play is on TV. Suddenly, Riko asks her dad to suppose that he has a favourite person who is a talented musician and when should this person lie? Riko's dad is confused by her question. Riko suddenly burst out, even if one is a greengrocer, one is not a greengrocer, when should the favourite person lie?

Riko's dad looks at her and replies:"When you detest the greengrocer." Riko looks really sad thinking about what her dad has said:"...when you detest..."

Riko wonders what Aki wants and why did he lie. She wonders what he detests... She wonders whether Shinya has lied to her too...

Scene switches back to Aki at Takagi's office. Aki asks Shun what is going on? Shun replies that the reporters talked to his parents when they were leaving. It was unexpected. Shun apologizes to Aki and tells him that he is starting to date his former girlfriend. Aki tells Shun he is lying. Shun laughs. Shun tells Aki that dating Mari is a lie but he kissed her. Aki was surprised. Shun asks Aki how much he knows about Mari. He asks Aki does he like her no matter what.

Aki tells Shun he doesn't like Mari any more. However, he wonders why Shun is covering up.

Scene switches back to Riko and her friends at Takagi's office. They are posing and taking photos of the company's logo. Shinya appears and greets them.

Sou asks him about Mari and Shun's relationship. Yu thinks it is not true because Shun is rumoured to be gay!

At that moment, Shun walks out of the room. Shinya saw Aki sitting in the room. He says that to Shun's friends knowledge, Shun is not dating Mari but...

he asks isn't Mari and Aki a couple? Riko looks so shock and sad to hear that. Shinya asks Riko why she looks so surprised.

Aki turns his head at the mention of Riko's name...

Woah.... Shinya really knows how to play the game... Riko is already quite uncertain about her relationship with Aki. I wonder how this piece of information will affect their relationship... How is Aki going to explain himself? I like this manga however, I can't help but hope that it can go at a faster pace.