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Saturday, March 20, 2010


Currently reading Vol 3 of Boku Kara. Waiting for Vol 4. : ) Chapt 13 is quite good. Hotaru finally confessed her love for Kousuke! XD

Yukako dashed out from the forest and told Haruna-Sensei and Hotaru that Kosuke was stabbed by a band of robbers!

Hotaru worried for Kousuke, dashed into the forest not considering her own safety. She found him. He told her to leave as the robbers are still in the vicinity...

Hotaru, overcame with emotions, hugged Kousuke and expressed her relief to be able to see him again...

Still overwhelmed, she expressed her frustration of not being able to be with him alone, Kousuke asked the reason for her wanting to be alone with him (sigh... Kou-kun, u r a cruel man). Blushing, she confessed her love. X D (so sweet...)

Enjoy the kiss.

Well the rest of the chapters in Vol 3 frustrate me. I was hoping I could enjoy their budding romance but Kousuke's ex-girlfriend turned up and cast doubt and confusion. Lots of silly misunderstanding. I wanted to strangle someone. Well let's hope Vol 4 will be better.