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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Kanajo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru Chapter 21 (Part3) or Chapter 23 according Chinese Scans

The 3rd part to Chapter 21. I'm curious why the mangaka chose to break this chapter into several parts...

Anyways, this chappie, although long, doesn't tell us much... Let's begin.

ooohhhh.... I like Aki's pose. Cool... *drool*

This chappie picks up from where Aki asked whether he could be Riko's producer...
Riko's reply:" No way."
Aki was taken aback by her straight out refusal. Riko continued:" ..because I have an agreement with Shinya. Within this 3 years, be it lover, or anything, music comes first. Whenever he calls, I must respond immediately."

Aki was shocked and despondent as he considered the severity of the matter. Sighing, he replied:"Why such a risque agreement?"
Riko:"It is not risque. It is serious!"
Aki:"It is risque. It is the worst kind!"
Aki fretted and looked totally depressed. Riko was speechless...
Tentatively, she told him the song for the group was also ready...

Aki was surprised to hear that. He asked her when was it ready. She replied it was ready not long ago. Aki responded:"Not long ago?"
Thinking that the Aki was serious in wanting a reply, Riko was irritated. She told him that he reminded her of her dad. Her dad would ask her endless questions. Aki told her not to describe boyfriend as her dad.
Still upset that Riko's dad thought of Shinya as Riko's boyfriend. Aki told her that her father has mistaken her relationship with Shinya. Riko was shocked to discover that. She blushed and expressed her disbelief. Aki still feeling jealous, took offense at seeing her blush. He told her that blushing at that was inappropriate. (hahaha... Aki was seething with jealousy...)
Sighing again, he asked to listen to the song Shinya had written.

As Aki listen to the piece, he realised that Shinya had custom-made the song for Riko's voice quality.

Aki commented to Riko that the piece was written to reflect Riko's perfect pitch and wide range of musical notes. He acknowledged that Shinya had put in a great deal of effort to compose the piece to suit Riko...

However... (scene switched to Takagi)

Takagi was on the line with Shinya. He told Shinya that the piece of music was nothing special. Shinya defended his piece and told Takagi that his intent was to appeal to the masses.

Takagi retorted that was the difference between a man with talent and a man without. Shinya's piece of music was technically great, written to please the masses. People may buy it but that would make him a dog who does the bidding of his master (the masses).

Scene switched back to Aki. Aki told Riko that he would love to write Riko's songs. Riko was taken aback to know this. Riko commented that Aki was being wilful to make that comment. Aki, unrepentent, told her that he was being wilful.

Again, Riko rejected him.

Mali was practicing her dance steps in a dance studio. Her assistant came in with a bottled drink. Her assistant told her that the members of the new group is currently at the recording studio. She asked whether Mali has met them. Mali mentioned that she might have met some of them but not the female member.
Mali commented that someone mentioned that the female member was Aki's friend. The assistant offered to snoop around for more details. Mali stopped her and told her not to bother.

Riko and gang showed up at Harst Records for a meeting.

At the meeting, Shinya attacked the new director, Nagahama san, for being new to the job. Unfazed, she smiled at him and told him the although she was new, she would work hard to compensate her lack of experience. Unrelenting, Shinya told her that he would prefer someone with more credentials. Nagahama asked whether that was a reflection of his lack of confidence for his own music.
Scene changed to Aki's place. Aki and Shun were playing a racing game. Shun won and Aki complained that Shun's always at his place when he had nothing to do; resulting in rumours of them in a relationship. Shun complained that he seemed distracted and playing with him was not fun because of that.

Aki asked Shun whether he was aware that Shinya and the others were meeting at Harst Records now.

Aki continued to ask whether Shun has heard Shinya's new song. Shun replied that has nothing to do with him. Aki insisted that Shinya being a member of Crude Play should warrant his interest. Shun retorted that Aki seemed unhappy. Aki denied. Shun insisted that Aki was upset. Aki could not refute.

Shun told Aki to write a song too if he was so affected. He added that Takagi would be delighted if Aki decided to write for Riko. Aki confessed that he had asked to be her producer and to write songs for her and she had rejected him.

Shun was surprised to know that. Aki asked whether Riko rejecting him without considering was normal. Shun figured that it might be good for Aki that Riko rejected his offer. Aki went on to complain that Riko was Shinya's fan. Shun astutely observed that Aki must be feeling discouraged over that. Aki pouted at that comment.

Laughingly, Shun reminded him that it had always been his desire to separate work from his personal life. Riko was connected to him via their love. Riko is connected to Shun via music (work).

Back at the meeting, Takagi interrupted Shinya and Nagahama and told them that they were gathered to prepare for the group's debut in 2 months' time. Takagi apologised for the hurry. Shinya commented that the song for the group was not ready.

They went on to discuss about the group's name. Shinya suggested the name "Crap". It was rejected as they felt it sounded like a name for submarines...

Riko told everyone that they had already thought of a name for the group....

The name they came up with was rejected by Shinya. Nagahama commented that the name they came up with sounded like a comic band's name. Souta replied that they are a comic band. That left Shinya,Takagi and Nagahama speechless... Shinya told him that he would pretend that he did not hear that. Riko went on to say that they had also prepared the lyrics for Shinya's song. The lyrics talked about them warring for success. Part of it talk about them wanting to take a pee...

Out of sheer frustration, Shinya asked Riko:"Mushroom, you've mentioned that you are Crude Play's fan..." Riko blushed as she realised that Shinya was suggesting that the lyrics seemed too immature compared to CP's. Riko told him that although she loved CP, she could never sing those angsty songs as she a straight and optimistic person.
That drew a bellyful laughter from Takagi. Offended, they insisted that they were telling the truth.

Takagi told them that the lyrics sounded good to him but they would need to make some changes to the peeing part as their sponsors are bottled drinks company.

After some discussion, Nagahama came up with the suggestion of "Mush & Co" inspired by the name Shinya called Riko.

Meanwhile, back at Aki's room, Aki was busy composing...

Sigh... like I said in the beginning. Nothing much has progressed. Riko rejected Aki's offer to be producer as well as her song writer. Shinya, although got the role he wanted, he seemed not to be able to use it to his intent. Perhaps, he will realize that no matter what, he is not Aki.

I like it that Aki is feeling threatened but that's nothing new. I wish the mangaka will hurry along and show some new developments in terms of the relationship between the two. I'm getting impatient...