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Monday, September 6, 2010

Kimi ga Uso o Tsuita/ You told a lie

Over the weekends, I bought 2 volumes of this series. I LOVE it. Although, this is not my typical shoujo romance type of mangas (which I love), I was first attracted to this series because of the cover page. The art style looks good. Upon reading it I was hooked. Now I can't wait for the 3rd volume. This manga is serialised in Dessert magazine. Sigh... I'm so tempted to get the magazine...

Here is a brief summary of the 2 volumes.

Saki was from a single-parent family. She was raised by her mother. As a young child, she seldom saw her dad. He lied to her that he would come and visit her often but he did not. She found out later from her mother that her father was a married man and had his own family. She was the mistress' child. Saki could not forgive her dad for abandoning them and for lying to her. From then on Saki hated liars.

During 2nd year of high school. Saki was confessed to by her senior, Miyake, and they went out as a couple. One day, Miyake invited Saki to watch a movie. However, in school, her close friend, Namie told her that Miyake left her a message and he would not be able to meet her due to some urgent matters at home. Thus, Namie and Saki went to Saki's home to play. At home, Saki received a call from Miyake. She was surprised to know that Miyake did not leave any message with Namie and that he was waiting for her at the theatre. Saki ran out of home leaving Nami alone and begged her mom to drive her to the theatre. Along the way, they met with an accident.

After the accident, Saki gained the special ability to tell when a person is lying. When a person lies, in her eyes they will turn black. Saki's mother died in the accident. Her mother also left her a huge some of money. Saki had no idea how her mother came to have that amount of money. Her relatives, upon knowing about that huge some of money, fought to take care of Saki. Saki could see through their lies and knew that they were not truly concern of her well-being but were more interested to get their hands on her money.

Suddenly, a handsome young man, Midori, appeared. He claimed he is Saki's step brother. Midori told everyone present that he would take over the role of Saki's guardian and would take care of her. Saki followed him as she could see that he was not lying and was genuinely concerned for her.

Volume one ends with Saki discovering the reason why Namie lied to her. (Read Mangafox to get the details).

Volume 2 opens with the introduction of a new character, Kou. Kou was the son of a restaurant owner where Saki worked part time. Kou was a seasoned liar and womaniser. However, he fell in love with Saki and wanted to turn over a new leaf for her.

Also in Volume 2, Saki realized that she is in love with Midori. Volume 2 ended with Kou's ex-girlfriend accidentally pushed Saki over the roof top wall and Midori rescued Saki but was hurt instead. Moreover, Saki accidentally found her childhood photos in Midori's room. Saki began to wonder who really is Midori and whether she can trust him. She approached him and he told her he is her brother and they are blood-related. Saki could see that he was lying as he turned black. Furthermore, Kou approached Midori and expressed that he is in love with Saki. Midori told Kou to take Saki away from him before he hurt her...

What a cliffhanger! Sigh... Who is Midori? Why does he have Saki's childhood photos? Why and how would Midori hurt Saki? He obviously cares alot for her cos he risked his life to save her. How did Saki's mom come to have that huge some of money? Another curiosity is that Midori will always appear when Saki needs help, is that coincidence? So many questions... Sigh... I'm so tempted to get Dessert magazine!


  1. Wait for Vol.3 to come out. The series had ended couple months ago in Dessert according to their website. I can't wait to pick up all three volumes.

    I also like to thank you for uploading the scans for Faster Than A Kiss. I had been anxiously waiting for the new chapter.

  2. I didn't realize Vol.3 is already out!

  3. elinac: : ) Thanks for the information! You r welcome (for FTAK)!

  4. This manga is so interesting! I used to keep a very close watch to it, back when it was scanlated by Nagareboshi. Now, I so wish I could understand Japanese...

  5. Freesiane: Once I get my copy of vol 3, I will give a brief summary. ^^

  6. Wow.....your summary got me interested in this manga, so i decided to check it out on mangafox. Dang...girl! This is an interesting read. It's been a long time since i've found a manga that interest me. (the last one was Mishounen Produce....also thanks to you. ^^) Thanks for the rec. I'm looking forward to your summary of vol 3. You do such an awesome job with the details and scans.

  7. Niki: Great that you enjoyed the summary. One of the reasons I set up this blog is to introduce interesting reads to many. ^^
    Thank you for the compliments!

  8. an interesting one...thanks for introducing this manga...ok, i'm gonna start reading it now in MF...thanks a bunch :D

  9. onebinks: Great! Glad you like the manga. ^^

  10. I love this manga. I still follow it. Chapter 8's out scanalated too. I can't wait for the next volume!