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Thursday, August 26, 2010

迷雾中的蝴蝶/Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru Chapter 17

Isn't this cover page cute? I like the slogan. "No Mush, No Life." : )

Narration by Aki: My ears are good and sensitive at picking sounds... therefore...

...I expected the sound coming from the TV in the living room to be audible...

The compare in the TV:" The last song for this evening, performed by Mari, is 'Missing'." One of the Crude Play member asks if she will really sing the song tonight (suggesting that she doesn't sing live and her songs are usually edited).

One of the Crude Play members is surprised that she is singing live without editing. He thought she dislike her songs unedited.
Shinya comments that Mari seems strong but she is acutally rather cowardly. Shinya wonders what stress Mari has faced to force her to sing live. Shun comments sarcastically that the very person who stressed her is talking nonsense. Shinya responds that as usual Shun sees everything. Others respond that they are impressed by her quality of voice...

Fans were impressed... Shinya comments that Mari will have difficulty singing the next bar. He wonders what will happen... Shun stares at Shinya...

Suddenly, Mari stops singing... They wonder whether she has forgotten the lyrics...

Shun stands up and comments: "Someone has to be responsible for finding fault in her work and pushes her to improve." He walks towards Mari...

Scene switches back to Aki and Riko... Aki pulls apart from Riko and stops kissing...
Aki:"I did not do what I promised (that is to keep to one kiss)... I seriously very much want to kiss you..." Riko blushes.

Riko:"It is good you can't do without it..." Aki is surprised at Riko's honesty. He sighs... (I think he is going to have a serious issue in controlling).

Scene switches back to Mari. Mari faints in Shun's arms.

Narration: Live broadcast studio is about 6 km from my home. It takes about 14 mins to reach there by train. At the same time when Mari faints, and my friend makes a move for my sake, I'm at home indulging in kissing Riko.

Takagi telling the reporters :"It is low blood pressure. Not to worry."
Reporter:"Is she pregnant?"
Takagi thought reporter was talking about Mari having Shun's child and he told him the thought is too ridiculous. Reporter flashes a photo of Mari with Aki at the restaurant and asks why they have a meeting in such an open place. He asks:"Isn't that Crude Play's Aki?"

In a serious note, Takagi tells the reporter that the truth of matter is simply that Mari fainted and Shun moved in immediately to help her. He tells the reporter that he is relying on him to report this.

Scene switches to Shun and Mari at the hospital.

Mari: "This is the worst..." Mari tries to light her cigarette but she can't. Shun offers to light hers using his.

Shun:"Are you still going out with him?"


Shun:" Let's get married?"

Mari tells him in a serious tone that she refuses to talk about her private life. Shun replies that she seemed very scary. Mari retorts that since Aki likes her, she cannot be that disagreeable. Shun reminds her that currently, Aki has "mushroom" in his life and she is his new girlfriend. Mari insists that she is the one Aki loves.

Shun grabs Mari by the hand...

Scene switches to Shinya and the rest of Crude Play in their vehicle. Shinya tells them that Aki's face is likely to appear in tomorrow's paper if not for Shun who appear to help Mari. One of them asks why. The other explains that a photo of Mari and Aki meeting was taken and Takagi san didn't try hard enough to stop the reporter from reporting.

Shinya thinks that things will get interesting as there will also be rumours about Shun and Mari. He thinks that rumours will fly thick in the air as Shun, a member of Crude Play with Mari is more sensational than Mari with an unknown man. However, Shinya thinks that this, (Crude Play's Frontman's love affairs) will have an effect on Crude Play's popularity as Shun is the poster boy for Crude Play.

Scene switches back to Shun and Mari. Shun kissing Mari. Shun:"Let's get married."

Mari slaps Shun.

She tells him not to belittle her.

Scene switches back to Aki and Riko. Riko is talking on the phone with her parents. She tells them she is going home now. As Riko is talking, Aiki silently apologises to her by putting his palms together. (I like the wink)

After Riko hangs up, Aki apologises to her again. He tells her he will send her back and explain to her parents.

Riko suddenly shouts:"It is unnecessary!"

Confused, Aki asks why.

Riko: "What to say? I'm late because we kissed?"
Aki:"I can't say that. "
Riko:"Then what are you going to say?"
Aki:"I want to greet them formally and say that I am Ogasawara and I am dating your daughter. Ogasawara Aki."

Finally, I got this out. Thank you 腐女子for correcting my mistakes.
Many things happened in this chapter. Most importantly, Aki has told Riko who he is. I wonder whether Mari is pregnant and with whose child. I hope she is not or this can get quite complicated. Moreover, Aki's identity will be made known to the public. How will he deal with that? Also, I wonder what feelings does Shun have for Mari. I don't understand and see the need of him kissing her. Perhaps he is angry with her insisting that Aki likes her and not wanting to face reality or see him as a potential partner?

Tell me your thoughts.

My Creation

Summer sales and colourful, bright ensembles have tickled my creative juices. My recent shopping spree yields pretty pieces that beg for accessories to enhance them.

Beading, and making jewelry is one of my many hobbies. : ) Thus, I sat down and created this pretty ring. It reminds me of the sea and the beautiful corals. Sigh... this is indeed a therapeutic exercise. : ))