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Friday, December 24, 2010


Dear All,

Here's wishing you a wonderful holidays. I will resume my hobby of summarizing the mangas after the holidays.

Have a great time. See you soon.

"For God so love the world that He gave His only begotten son that whomsoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life." John 3:16

Monday, December 13, 2010

Mishounen Produce Chapter 16

Hi All! I apologise for the long break and inactivity. Been very, very busy. Thankfully, my busy days will be ending soon. I'm so looking forward to the Christmas and New Year holidays! Yeah!!!

I have so many summaries to clear. I will start off with Mishounen Produce.

Chapter 16 begins with Kako's classmate pointing at photos of Kako that appeared in some magazine. They were asking who is this Kako and that she is beautiful. One of them mentioned that the girl in the photo shares the same name as their classmate Kako who is a nerd. At that moment, Kako appeared and interrupted their conversation. She wanted to get to her seat and one of the boys was sitting on it.

Roi stared at Kako. He couldn't believe his eyes...

He expressed his shock. He wondered how it was possible for Kako to transform to such a startling beauty. He asked whether Kako was interested to be an artiste (performer/actress)... Suddenly, Kousei appeared and hovered protectively over Kako. He told Roi not to touch Kako.


Kako thought that all she had done thus far was due to Kousei. She turned towards Roi and told him she would see him tomorrow and that she had to leave now for a selection interview. With that she left and ignored Kousei.

Kousei muttered that he would not allow her to go for the selection interview...

Roi:"Kousei, you have kept her locked up in a cage. Although, I can understand how you feel, but..."

Kousei:"But Kako can be happy like that..."

Roi:"She seemed placated but if she is unhappy, she will retaliate..." Roi told Kousei that he seemed rather childish...

Next Scene switches to Kako at the selection interview location. She was told that she was to participate in this selection interview for a"Miss Young Princess". She was to think of an item to perform. When her name was being called, she was to stand in the middle of the stage and perform her best. She was asked what was her talent.

Kako wondered what is her talent. She searched her bag and produced several comic books. Needless to say, that was not accepted as a talent. Kako had difficulty coming out with something she was good at...

Slowly, the other contestants streamed in. Kako could not help but made comparison. She was beginning to feel nervous.

Kako encouraged herself so that she could do her best and impressed Kousei. Kako realised that she was supposed to act as a princess from her favourite manga series "Rorebara"...

Kako was trying to psyche herself up for the role. She reminded herself that it was very much like how she prepared and trained Kousei for his various roles and projects. As she was doing so, she suddenly had a vision of Kousei calling her childish...

Kako tried her best to distract herself by making herself think of her good points. Without knowing, she spoke her thoughts outloud:"My good points..."
Shinobu san who was in the same room:"Isn't it too late to think about your talents?" Kako was surprised to see her. She asked her why she came and whether she came to observed as she was last year's Miss Young Princess. Shinobu was upset that Kako called her "last year's Miss Young Princess". Shinobu decided to hurt Kako...

Shinobu:"If you don't know what your talents are let me help you. None. You have no talents. If you don't know it yourself, how can others help you!"

Kako told herself not be swayed by Shinobu's cruel words. An announcement was made to commence the selection process...

Kousei arrived at the set and was looking for Kako. He was determined to stop her from entering the selection process...

Suddenly, he saw Kako crouched in a corner with her head down. He was shocked. At the same time, Kako's name was called out. It was her turn for the screen test.

Kousei:"What happened? What are you doing?"

Kako told him she could not think of any talents. She believed she has no talents... She said that it is no wonder she could not find any talents. She said she didn't even like herself because the person she loves said that she was childish. She asked Kousei:"Being like that, how am I suppose to have confidence?"

Kousei grabbed her and dragged her out towards the stage where the selection process was being conducted.

Kousei:"Please don't cry , Miss..."

Kousei:"I have locked you in this small world is because I wanted your smile to belong to me alone. I am sorry. You are very beautiful."

Kousei:"You being like that, you are already very beautiful." After saying that, Kousei slowly exited from the stage

Kako wondered whether Kousei is reading from the manga script...

Kako replied:"I... I'm not special and I don't have special talent and there is nothing on me that is like a princess but..."

Kako continued:"I like shoujou mangas and I love the Prince who helped me. This love I have is real and I am very confident of my love."

Kousei at the backstage commented to himself:"Am I a child?"

That ends Chapter 16. Sigh... I wish Kousei would come right out and tell Kako his feelings for her. Well, saying that she is beautiful and telling her that he feels possessive of her is enough for now but my patience is wearing thin... and Kako can be so dense...

Monday, November 29, 2010

Tonari no Kaibutsukun

I've not blogged about comics for quite awhile! Can't believe how terribly busy I've been. So many things to share about and so little time. ^^

I apologise to all who have been waiting for updates on the various series. Will try to get them out when I'm less tied up.

Having said that, last week, I was near the bookstore with no intention to buy new comics cos there are a few comics sitting at home waiting for me to summarise. Before I knew it, I found myself paying for a new series. Sigh... I could not help it cos this series is so interesting!!!

Tonari no Kaibutsukun. This series is relatively new. It is in its fifth volume in Japan. I have in my hands 4 volumes. Yummilicious!

I love the story. The mangaka, Robico has a humorous way of relating the story and the drawing is beautiful.

Mizutani Shizuku, our female lead, is a straightforward, cold-hearted kind of girl who speaks her mind not caring whether she will hurt a person's feelings. She cares only about her grades and her studies. She was bribed by her teacher to deliver lesson notes to Yoshida Haru, our male lead. (Teacher promised to get Shizuku a book she needed). Haru was in school for the first day and subsequently was suspended because he inflicted serious bodily injuries to a group of students. Shizuku was unaware of Haru's existence even though he was suppose to sit beside her.

Upon hearing that Shizuku was from his school, Haru jumped out of the window (from the 3rd floor!) in a bid to escape from her. He assumed that the class teacher has sent her to get him back to school. When he later found out that she was to deliver lesson notes to him and not to convince him to go back to school, he thought she was a kind classmate who (on her own accord) was concerned about him. (It is hilarious to see the assumptions Haru made....^^) Anyways, he was touched that Shizuku considered him a friend (again, Haru is assuming she cared, in actual fact, she was bribed by the class teacher). At first, Shizuku has no interest in talking to Haru, it is all very one-sided. But later on, through her observations, Shizuku realised that Haru is a very simple-minded, innocent person whose actions are misinterpreted by others. In school, people see Haru as an ultra delinquent who is very violent. In actual fact, Haru is scared of school because he could not understand why people don't like him.

During her visit to deliver the lesson notes, Shizuku realised that a group of deliquents were taking money from Haru by pretending to be his friends, she told him they were not his friends. Haru was so upset, he dumped his drink on her. Later on, Haru found out that Shizuku was right as Shizuku stood up for him against the delinquents and told them off. Haru was so touched he declared that he is in love with her! Haru is even willing to go back to school as long as Shizuku is nearby. Shizuku is convinced that Haru has misunderstood his feelings for her.

I love the humor in this manga. ^^ Apart from that, I like the way the mangaka explained the characters' background. Each character has an intriguing and touching past. I was laughing and crying as I read through 4 volumes in one sitting.

I love a manga with a cold-hearted heroine and a troublesome, innocent hero. What an interesting combination!

Mangafox has uploaded 5 chapters of it. Once I find the time and if you are interested, I will summarize the other chapters.

Friday, November 12, 2010

迷雾中的蝴蝶/Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru Chapter 19

Hi Fans,

I apologise for the long wait. Very busy schedule... Anyway, let's begin...

Chapter 19 continues from Chapter 18.

Shinya takes the opportunity to tell Riko that Shun is not dating Mari. Aki is the one who is dating Mari. He asks whether they are shocked to hear this. Riko stares blankly ahead as she recalled what Aki has told her sometime ago in passing.

Riko recalls that Aki had mentioned to her that he kept company with a woman who sings.

Suddenly Riko bursts out laughing. Everyone stares at her in shock. She apologises to everyone. She tells them its nothing. Thinking to herself, she feels that that is what Aki would have done.

She thinks again that it is Aki. She realises that she has confirmed that Aki was dating Mari. Tears begin to flow.
Shinya is caught off guard again seeing her cry and he extends his hand to comfort her. Yuu puzzled by her behaviour asks why she is crying...

Riko sudddenly shouts for Sou. Sou responds and hugs her and explains to Shinya:"Please don't mind this." He explains that Riko is too happy.

Shun realises that Shinya is looking into the room and he closes the door...

In the room, Aki who has overheard the conversation thinks that Riko has cried and he's the one who made her cry...

Riko recalls the lyrics of the love song Aki has written. It is about his love for someone. Riko cannot help but feel pained as she thinks about that song and the meaning of it. She is sure that the song is written for Mari. It is a song about how much he can't help loving Mari.

Back at the recording room, Shinya passes a can of drink to Riko. He asks her whether she is ready to sing. Riko replies that she wants to sing. She is thinking that she needs to get rid of that song that is playing in her mind.

She wonders then, will her love for Aki disappear. Riko begins to tear thinking of that and she thinks that will be unpleasant... Suddenly, Shinya reaches down and takes away her guitar.

Shinya volunteers to play any of Riko's favourite song for her. Riko blushes and is surprised that that Shinya wants to play her favourite song for her. She is so taken aback she wonders out loud what should she do... Riko closes her eyes to think of a song she likes...

An image of Mari comes into her mind. Shinya tells her that one of the songs he likes is Cindy Lauper's "Time after Time". He asks whether Riko can sing that song. Riko replies that she is familiar with the melody but she can't sing it in English.

Shinya asks her to sing Andou Yuuko's song "Texas". Riko begins to sing...

Scene switches to Aki and Shun. Aki uses the analogy of going to the toilet to pass motion as a way of describing his songwriting process (makes me think he doesn't quite like his talent).

Shun digresses and makes an observation. He tells Aki that it could be observed that Aki loves Mari...

Shun asks Aki where he gets his inspiration from whilst penning his songs. Aki claims that the content and feelings in his songs are not recognizable. He goes on to say that as for that song, it was not describing Mari. But still during that time when the song was written, he loved Mari. And he recalls that as a bitterly shameful incident.

Scene switches back to Riko and Shinya. Shinya is still playing the melody and having Riko singing along.

Sou makes a comment that Riko's mood improve when she gets to sing and she looks so happy. Yuu stares at him. Sou wonders why.

Yuu is jealous of Shinya's abilities...

Well that concludes Chapter 19. Shinya seems to have achieved his intent of separating Aki and Riko. I wonder why Aki chose not to approach Riko when he found out that she was crying. Also, Yuu seems more aware of the danger Shinya can post. Hopefully Yuu will cause some trouble between the two.


I was re reading the manga again slowly and carefully and I realised that the song Riko recalled and the one Aki was talking to Shun about is the same song! Both of them talked about the "wearing duffle". I think the song is written for or inspired by Riko!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mishounen Produce Chapter 15

HI all Mishounen Produce fans,

We have waited long for Mishounen Produce. It was a about a 2 months' wait as the mangaka took a break. Chapter 15 continues from Chapter 14 which ended with a cliffhanger. Kousei and Kako were out on a date and they saw a huge poster of Kako with Tomoe at a shopping mall. Let's pick up from there.

Kako and Tomoe stared at the huge poster that was hanging from the walls of a shopping mall. Kako is shocked. She comments:"That poster.... Isn't that me?!"

Scene switches to Kako recollecting the past. She remembers about Kousei and herself as childhood friends. They were from a very remote village and they were the only children in that village. She remembers being emersed in her comics even then and Kousei would come around and ask her out to play.

She thinks to herself that she is so much in love with Kousei and she cannot stop her feelings. Their relationship has only recently progressed from childhood friends to being mutually in love with each other.

Scene switches to Kousei in assignment having his photo taken. The editor is swooning as he stares at Kousei. He expresses to Kako that Kousei is looking very good. Kako sighs, looking stressed...

The editor wonders why Kako seems worried and is sighing... Kako is surprised that she has expressed out her internal turmoil outwardly. She thinks to herself that since they found out about the poster, Kousei has been in a difficult mood. Kako tries to be as professional as possible and not to think about the incident. She follows Kousei after the photo-taking session and expresses to him that he has been working hard. Kousei ignores her... Kako is jusrt by Kousei's response, she thinks about the poster and wonders how did the photo taken during the interview turned out to like that.

Kousei breaks the silence and asks her:"When did you take that photo? I am surprised you have kept things from me. I thought you are mine."
(Kousei is possessive!!!)

Kako blushes hearing Kousei saying that she is his. At the same time, she tries to explain about the poster. They are interrupted by 2 ladies. The 2 ladies:"Isn't this a coincidence to meet you here!" Both Kako and Kousei stare at them and cannot recognise them. The 2 ladies are upset that they cannot recognise them. They explain that they are the popular idols and actresses. Moreover they are in the same class with Kako. Kako cannot help but comments that they are noisy as usual.

One of them walks up to Kako and says that she is the same as ever, looking like a country bumpkin. She further says that Kako and Kousei look like an odd and mismatched couple. Kako thinks to herself that she is a country bumpkin and Kousei is this star but she tells herself to ignore her comments as Kousei accepts her as such.

Suddenly her phone rings. Tomoe Senpai is on the other line. Kousei overhears Kako greeting him over the phone...

Tomoe asks Kako whether she has seen the poster. Kako exclaims that she has seen it and is about to ask Tomoe to explain what happened. Kousei takes the phone away and speaks to Tomoe. He asks Tomoe to explain what had happened and how did he force Kako to have her photo taken...

Scene switches to Bright Productions Co. Ltd. Tomoe, Kousei and Kako are sitting down and talking.

Tomoe says to Kousei:"You said that I've forced her and made her have her photo taken, didn't you know that Kako has joined our production company?"

Both Kousei and Kako are rendered speechless upon hearing that.

Kousei looks at Kako, apparently still in shock. Kako fumbles and tries to explain herself. "I have been wanting to find time to talk to you about this. I came over to Bright Productions with the intention to understudy to be a manager. Tomoe Senpai after asking Kousei to join, out of convenience asked me to join too."

Kousei comments that it seems like many things has happened without his knowledge.

Tomoe looks on at their interaction...

Kousei asks Kako:" As a manager, you need to have your photo taken and made it into a poster? You look forward to doing such a job?"

Kako turns to Tomoe and replies:" I understand what I should do." Kako tries to reject Tomoe's offer for her to join the company.

Kousei looks at Tomoe and says:" About joining Bright Productions, I reject and Kako rejects joining your company too."

Tomoe observes that they seemed to have a close relationship. However, Kako has already signed a contract and she cannot resign. Moreover, her contract with Bright Productions is not as a manager but an artist/performer.

Both Kako and Kousei look at the contract. Kako asks why is the word "manager" struck off and is replaced by the word "artist/performer"?

Tomoe smiles at them and tells Kako that she has told him she could do anything. He has taken it to mean that she is willing to do anything so he took the liberty to change manager to artist/performer.

Both Kako and Kousei are shock.

With his back turned to Kako, Kousei asks Kako whether she had said such things to Tomoe. Kako replies that she did but she didn't know things would turn out this way. Kousei says that he believes her as he doesn't think she would suit being an artist/performer...

Kousei looks at Kako and asks her:" Isn't it right? You are not suitable for such job, so you don't have to do such a job."

Kako agrees weakly...

Tomoe, hearing that comments that Kousei should not have stopped Kako. He should have supported a girl who wants to look beautiful to do so. If it were him, he would have done so. Tomoe turns to Kako and tells her that she has an assignment today.

With that, Kako is dragged away to prepare for her assignment.

With Tomoe and Kousei being left alone. Tomoe tells Kousei:" In general, when you see a girl who wants to be beautiful, you should encourage her. Generally speaking."

Kousei replies:"But when she is someone I love, I don't like her to be taken away by some strange man."

Tomoe:"Then join the company so that you can keep a look out for her." "You can no longer hide this secret princess."

Kako is thinking that Kousei has never once commented that she is beautiful.

In the make-up room, Kako remembers that as a young child she has approached Kousei when she put on a new dress and asked him whether she looked beautiful. He would replied that she is being childish and turned his head away promptly. The make-up artist encourages her to change her looks so that Kousei can see her differently and win his approval.

Kako thinks about having Kousei seeing her differently and saying that she is beautiful to her. Kako cannot imagine Kousei saying that she is beautiful. She has no confidence...

Meanwhile, Kousei cannot locate Kako...

Tomoe turns up at the make up room and encourages Kako. He tells her that because she has her head down, she does not realise her potential.

The 2 ladies, Kako and Kousei met earlier turn up at Bright Productions to catch a glimpse of Tomoe. They are surprised to see the transformed Kako.

Kako apologises to Kousei for keeping her meeting Tomoe and joining Bright Productions a secret from him. She tells him that as Kousei is working hard to be an accomplish star in Japan, she wants to work hard too so that she can be a suitable partner to him...

She asks him whether he thinks she is suitable. With a pained look, Kousei touches her face and tells her that she is not suitable...

Kousei goes on to tell her that she is being too naive (same word as childish but I believe the meaning Kousei is trying to get across is naive). This is the exact word Kousei said to her when they were younger when Kako asked about how she looked in her new dress.

With tears in her eyes, Kako turns and runs away.

She runs past Tomoe and tells him that she wants to be an artist/performer. In her mind, she tells herself that she wants to be closer to Kousei.

That ends chapter 15. I am a Kousei fan. Although he is not apt at expressing his feelings to Kako, I believe he loves her and is trying to protect her. He knows that she is not suitable to be in the limelight and has been trying to shelter her. I believe that he has been working hard to be an accomplished star/performer so that he can help fulfill her dreams. If only, he has expressed himself more clearly to her...

Tomoe, on the other hand, is milking the situation to his advantage. I am still not clear about his intent. To get Kousei to Bright Productions, or because he is interested in Kako...

What do you think?

Shiro no Eden Chapter 6

Hi All,

Shiro no Eden is going to be the new series I am summarising. Quite interesting storyline (enough complications to have the story turning out differently). Mashiro, the female lead of the story is an insecure and sheltered child. She feels unloved at home. Mom remarried and her current family consists of Mum, Step dad and Step brother. Mashiro craves for mum to tell her she loves her and hugs her but instead mum tells her to be a good girl. Mashiro tries her best to be a good girl so as to win mum's love. Her step dad, who heads a cram school, doesn't seem to express affection towards her and appears to be a strict disciplinarian. Her step brother seems to ignore her and says curt words to her. However, unknown to Mashiro, her step brother seemed to like her but in a bid to control his feelings towards her, he treats her badly. To get better grades so that her family will approve of her, Mashiro spends most of her time studying. Thus, she is a loner and no one tries to include her into their social circle.

When Mashiro was young, she met Ai (male lead, I think) who gave a her a magic candy when he saw her crying. He told her that if she wished upon this candy her wishes will be fulfilled. She met him again and realised that he is teaching in a cram school. He reminded her that studying should be fun and enjoyable. Seeing how the people in the cram school interact and have fun, Mashiro badly wants to join them. Finally, she convinced her stepdad to let her go on condition that she pays for the cram school fees and keeps her grades up.

In Chapter 4, Mashiro realises that she loves Ai. Ai, on the other hand, thinks that he is not deserving of being loved (hmmm... I wonder why).
I'm starting with Chapter 6. Translated chapters 1-4 are available at Otakuworks.com. I'm missing Chapter 5. Hopefully, story gets clearer when Chapter 5 turns up. ok let's start with what I have...

Title for this Chapter is "Ai's Sudden Change. Mashiro being exposed to darkness and temptation."

At the side of the page, a caption:"Ai, the wizard of Oz, the Woodcutter of a Tinplate. The Woodcutter of a Tinplate has no heart."

The chapter begins with Mashiro at the door in Ai's room. Ai tells her to come to him. Ai with her head lowered remain standing at the door. She wonders how she should answer him. She doesn't understand.

Ai:" What an idiot." As he puts on his pants, he chides her for not taking the opportunity to run out. He tells her that since she came here on her own, if something happened, she cannot complain.

Mashiro:"I...because I understood..."

Mashiro is thinking of that day, the reason Ai refused her bluntly.


Mashiro:" I..., even if a teacher does anything, I wouldn't dislike it!"

Ai stretches out his hand. Mashiro closes her eyes. Ai leans threateningly towards her. Closing her eyes, Mashiro exclaims that Ai has not be having things his way.

Mashiro opens her eyes and looks at Ai and Ai returns her look. He tells her it is because women are liars. Mashiro is surprised to get that answer. Ai pushes her out of the door and tells her again to leave and go home.

Mashiro asks what happened that he felt such hatred. She wonders whether he being alone wishes for some change. Ai said no. In reality, he had been alone.

Looking at her with a sad smile, he tells her that he is sure that nothing can as it is an impossible habit to break. With that he closes the door at her.

Next scene switches to the school trip. Mashiro and her class are on the train going on a school excursion.

During the trip, Mashiro looks sad and in deep thoughts as she thinks about her conversation with Ai. Some of the girls notice her keeping to herself begin to talk about her always doing that.

Sakki (Ai's younger brother) notices her and stands up to talk to her. Suddenly, Kayo pushes Sakki away (Kayo likes Sakki and does not like it that Sakki notices Mashiro). She tells Mashiro to make an effort to socialise with the class and be more inclusive. Mashiro disagrees and replies that she is making an effort. Kayo is shocked and tells Mashiro that her attitude is bad. Another friend steps in to explain that Kayo is trying to help her to mix with others more. Mashiro tries to explain that she has something on her mind... Kayo shouts at her and asks her what it is...

Blushing, Mashiro confesses that she sort of like Takano Sensei... The girls are surprised and ask for details. The girls crowded around Mashiro.

One of them expresses that they thought she cares only for her studies. The class teacher notices that Mashiro is being surrounded by a group of girls and is looking happy. He walks up to them and tells Mashiro that it is good that she is mixing well with the classmates and she seems happy doing so. Mashiro, with tears in her eyes, expresses that she is extremely happy. She thinks that things has begun to change for her... She thinks it must be the working of the magic spell cast by Takano Sensei...

Mashiro is at the temple, writing her wish. She sighs. Sakki notes and comments that she is still sighing.

Sakki tells Mashiro that his brother has a history of problems with women as they will start to demand more from him. He does what he likes and is difficult to influence. Sakki tells Mashiro that he doesn't want to see her get wounded in the process.

Sakki leaves Mashiro and she picks up an amulet and writes her wish on it.

Mashiro rejoins her classmates. She notices that Kayo puts an enmusubi (a love knot; it is like a talisman intended to help ensure love) into her purse.

Scene switches back to Sakki. He looks for Mashiro's anmulet. He flips it to see the wish she has written on it. It says:" Wishing that the Wizard will be able to change."

Suddenly, Kayo realises that she has lost her purse. They are supposed to meet their teacher at the designated place. However, Kayo wants to go search for her purse. Mashiro decides to help her despite Kayo's protests.
Mashiro smiles at Kayo and tells her that it is better for two to look for it than Kayo doing it alone. Kayo remains ungrateful towards her for extending her help.

It starts to rain. Kayo is thinking of giving up but Mashiro insists in persisting as she knows that there is something important to Kayo that is in the purse (the enmusubi). Kayo is somewhat touched at Mashiro's concern.

Mashiro jumps into a huge drain... Kayo asks whether Mashiro is ok...

Mashiro finds the purse and hands it to Kayo. Kayo opens up her purse to check on the enmusubi. She tears and holds it in her palm...

Scene switches back to the two girls back with the teacher.

The teacher gives them a scolding for missing the meeting time and making the class wait for them...

Later on in the bath, Kayo thank Mashiro for being sensitive to her needs and come to her help. Mashiro tears when she was being appreciated.

Mashiro makes a phone call to Ai. Sakki who happens to walk past thinks that she is calling home but is surprised to overhear her talking to his brother instead. Mashiro tells Ai over the phone that he had said about somehow being lonely is something that happens. She wants him to know that during those times when he feels lonely, she can be with him.

Ai wonders what she is talking about and hangs up on her.

Sakki is surprised by what Mashiro says to Ai.

This is an interesting chapter. I wonder what prompted Ai's detached reaction towards women in general and in particular towards Mashiro. I wonder what is the story behind his behaviour. I wonder whether Sakki likes Mashiro and what role he will play. I like it too that Mashiro is beginning to like herself more and finding friends at the same time.